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Minute Math: Multiplication and Division. Test your third graders math skills with this one minute exercise to see how fast they can complete multiplication and division problems.

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Circus Color By Number. Find what is hidden in this color by number worksheet! Color-coding answers can help your child practice and memorize division facts and practice creativity. Kids complete each equation on this third grade math worksheet by determining whether an equation is multiplication or division and writing in the correct sign. Color By Number Division. Challenge your third grader with some basic division problems and then use his answers to complete a color-by-number division masterpiece! Fun With Division. Make math practice fun with this division sheet! As she solves the problems, your child will uncover a hidden phrase at the bottom.

3rd Grade Math Worksheets: Division

Dinosaur Fact Families. Did you know numbers make up families, too? Use this multiplication and division fact family worksheet to help your 3rd grader with fast math skills. Word Problems: Division. Use this worksheet to practice long division with one-digit divisors. Division: Word Problems Part One. Solve division problems using one of four strategies: by drawing an array, by drawing equal groups, using repeated subtraction, or with a multiplication sentence. Snail Division. Young mathematicians can complete these division problems alongside a friendly snail.

Practice division with this snail-themed math worksheet. Division: Arrays for Division Part Two. In this activity, practice drawing an array for each division problem, then record the quotient on the answer line.

Distinct models of division

Division: Arrays for Division Part One. Division: Repeated Subtraction Part Two. Practice this important skill by using it to solve division problems. Inverse Equations: Division. Guide your third grader in learning the inverse relationship between division and multiplication with a few practice problems. Valentine's Day Division 2. Prepare your third grader for Valentine's Day with these festive division problems, a great way to help her review her multiplication tables.

Ocean Animals Word Problems. If your child seems to be drawn to the call of the ocean, these worksheets are the perfect way to practice solving word problems. Valentine Division. Make division practice a bit more fun with this Valentine's Day challenge! Match up each equation to its answer to help the doves deliver their letters. Division Challenge: Level 2.

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Your math whiz can level up their math skills with this division worksheet! These division problems have two-digit divisors and some three-digit dividends. Division: Let's Be Fair! The characters in these word problems want to share their items, equally, among friends.

Kids divide to solve the problems on this third grade math worksheet. Division: Finding the Quotient!

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This third grade math worksheet explains division and lets kids try their hand at a few division problems. It also defines division vocabulary words. This is a great way to teach division. I love the muffin tins and beads. It can be so easy to overlook the value of simple manipulatives when teaching our children these concepts, but it makes so much difference. Thank you for sharing! Wow — so many great ideas here. My 6 year old is intensely interested in division — I am pinning this post to get her more resources to explore on her own.

Thanks for sharing with Afterschool. What an awesome selection. Love all these fun, hands on way to learn division!!

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Math Worksheets 4 Kids. Kids Learning Station. Free Math Worksheets. Tons of cool math printables from Practical Pages. Math Facts Cards from Donna Young. Math Basics: Division. Learning Basic Division. What Is Division in Maths.

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These videos cover a number of math topics and simply teach the lesson. The good thing is that they are videos which means they can be watched over and over again. These quizzes range from multiple choice math quizzes, gap fill quizzes, matching exercises, hotspot quizzes with graphics and more for interactive math practice.

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Teach math by playing fun interactive math games for children. Kids learn by playing. Math can be fun. Long division exercise 12 Long division exercise 13 Long division exercise - with remainder 14 Long division exercise - with remainder 15 Long division exercise - with remainder 16 Long division exercise 17 Printable Exercises. Video Lessons.