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This was also included on the compilation album, WOW Hits The idea of the song and chorus existed for over 4—5 years prior to the actual release.

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He has said it was barely done in time for Portable Sounds as well. That year the song received a total of more than 23, plays on the Christian CHR format, and over 29, plays on the Christian AC format.

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The song was received relatively well by music critics. Allmusic reviewer Rick Anderson said that the song felt "perfectly natural — though he does sound a bit too much like a Sting imitator during the reggae interlude near the end of 'Made to Love'. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Retrieved Jesus Freak Hideout. Banister March CCM Magazine.

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Archived from the original on July 9, January 31, In turn, Hazel was the kind of kid who licked the ketchup off the memorial meatloaf as soon as her parents left the room. She carefully grooms her target, a student named Jack, and then engages him in a queasy, compulsive affair.

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Hazel has just run away from her husband, a billionaire tech C. The first neural-networked couple in history. Byron is probably going to murder her, Hazel muses, with the ruefulness of a person who has just found out that a restaurant is out of guacamole. He has invested a lot of money in her, and running away will deeply inconvenience him. The unlikely pair met after Byron gave a commencement speech at the college that Hazel had formerly been enrolled in: her friend Jenny, a student reporter with the flu, asks Hazel to interview Byron in her place.

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She offers advantages over human women. I can die on Diane all I want. But the sex with them was effortless; he never had to fake arousal.

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He liked to consider himself a feminist in this way. Nutting gets enormous mileage out of the labyrinthine ways in which her characters redirect their romantic impulses.