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She's exhaling, melting her way back down. When she reaches about 90 she'll point her toes, circle the legs around and bring them together to do it again. Inhaling to Exhaling up and over. From here she flexes, separates her feet. It's about hip distance. Now, notice when Amy lowers her feet she doesn't change her back here. You don't want to collapse on your back. So if you're not ready for that flexibility, don't do it. Let it be later. From there she exhales and rolls her way down-- smoothing out the spine, binding pelvis.

And circle around. Let's do it again-- inhale. You're seeing Amy go all the way to the ground or almost. That's how Joseph did it. But it's something you want to build to. So don't hesitate to stop when you get to 90 degrees. Circle and close and one last time. Exhale up and over. Flex and separate. Lowering the legs and now, even though she's rolling away, she's drawing energy out her feet, reaching away. In almost every class you're going to see this reversed. So she'll finish that close.

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Now, with the toes still pointed, she's going to inhale and open the feet. And you'll notice Amy is not whipping her legs over, right.

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You saw that control. That's a real big benefit of this exercise. You want to make sure you're not tossing yourself over.

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She flexes her feet on the way down this time. Oh, isn't that a lovely stretch. Point, circle. Open around she goes over with her feet apart. From that horizontal position flex stretch then lower and exhale down. We're going to give you one more of those. And by the way, it's not just the abs. There's some sense of wanting to hang on a little bit with the back of the legs. So even as Amy does this, and she lowers her legs down together, there's this gentle sense of engagement through the hamstrings.

That's something to work on later, but it's something to think about. And then fold your knees at the end. That's the Roll Over. This exercise is going to be for, once again ab Read More.


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Have an account? Please Log In. Trial Offer 15 Days Free. Toggle navigation. Please Disable Ad Blocker Although we never show ads of any kind, ad blocker extensions keep our video player from tracking video views. Exercise Roll Over 3 mins - Exercise. Share Social Media Loading Description Muscle Focus: Abdominals. Objective: Strengthen abdominals and increase spinal mobility. Start Position: Lie flat with legs together and arms by your side.

Draw abdominals towards the Mat. Movement: Inhale as lift your legs to 90 degrees. Exhale as your reach the legs up and over to achieve a C curve in the spine. Separate your legs, flex your feet, and lower them to the floor. Roll through your spine to the Mat and circle your legs down around and together. Repeat and reverse the opening and closing of the legs. Precautions: Avoid rolling over past your shoulder blades, and maintain a lift in the lower back by reaching your sits bones towards the ceiling. What You'll Need : Mat.

About This Video Level Advanced. Deliberate Pace. Log In to track. Related Content. Return to Life: Mat Exercises. Go to this Program. This Video. Muscle Focus: Abdominals. Jan 01, Roll Over. Watch Next. Objective: Pelvic stabilization Nov 12, One Leg Circle. Objective: Abdominal strength and sta Rolling Like A Ball. The question has inspired debate among musicologists for years. Sometimes our eyes roll.

Baby milestones – when babies sit up, roll over and crawl

Other times we cringe. Whether we're 16 or 36, it's always the same. Parents are downright embarrassing. And, to add insult to injury, we've compiled a list of some of the words our parents say that we hate most. Love you guys! Origin of roll-up First recorded in —55; noun use of verb phrase roll up. Compare heave def 14b , pitch 1 def Verb Phrases roll back , to reduce the price of a commodity, wages, etc.

Origin of roll —; noun in senses referring to rolled or round objects Middle English: scroll, inscribed scroll, register, cylindrical object Old French ro u lle Latin rotulus, rotula small wheel, diminutive of rota wheel see rotate 1 , -ule ; in senses referring to motion derivative of the v. Can be confused role roll. British informal a cigarette made by hand from loose tobacco and cigarette paper. Australian in the 19th century a mass meeting of workers on an issue of common concern.

Australian archaic the attendance at any fixture they had a good roll-up. US slang an amount of money, esp a wad of paper money. See also roll in , roll off , roll on , roll out , roll over , roll up. Word Origin for roll C14 rollen , from Old French roler , from Latin rotulus a little wheel, from rota a wheel.