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This is a truth that our X-rated society rarely recognizes and hardly ever acknowledges: the flames of truly enjoyable and meaningful sex derive their heat not from wanton sensuality, but from the gentle, human touch of tender romantic love.

The bottom line is this: physical intimacy is an incredibly important component of any marriage. You probably realize this already, and that's why you're feeling a bit deflated after taking the Online Marriage Assessment and realizing that you could use some improvement in this area. Thankfully, there are some practical things you can do to help correct the course.

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The first order of business is to gain a deeper understanding — or at least have a refresher — about God's design for sex. We'll explore that in the next article. Then, we'll consider the issue of communication between husband and wife. Many of the obstacles you're facing can be overcome if you'll just make the commitment to sit down with your spouse and talk about the sexual aspect of your relationship. And finally, once you've gotten in the practice of talking honestly and openly about your sex life, you'll want to have a game plan for tackling the barriers and problems that may be impacting that aspect of your relationship.

Does all of this sound like a lot of work?

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It's not. But even if it is — it's worth it! With prayer and perseverance, you and your spouse can work together on making your sexual relationship the enriching, rewarding, fulfilling and healing experience it was designed to be.

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We'll get started in the next article by exploring God's design for sex. Marriage can have its twists and turns, but the detours don't have to lead you off course. The 12 essential elements outlined in the Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage are biblically based and chart the course for a romantic adventure that will last a lifetime. Focus on the Family has resources and counseling to help you and your family.

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You can contact us Monday through Friday from 6 a. There's something fleeting about the excitement of a new relationship.

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But regardless of how much the flames have died down, couples can revitalize their sexual relationship and build deeper passion. This popular book offers a "how-to" approach when it comes to loving your wife. Experts in the area of sexual understanding, Clifford and Joyce Penner will help change your attitude and tactic when it comes to sex. The phrase "yada, yada, yada" is used to indicate that something was predictable, repetitive or boring.

But the Bible intended to communicate something very different through the Hebrew word yada. Dealing With Common Challenges in the Bedroom.

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Series About: Sex and Intimacy. I have tried to break the habit, but going cold turkey affects me negatively and I find myself in an almost drunken stupor. I loathe my body and feel nothing during sex. I lost my virginity at 27 and not in a good way. Now I have huge trust issues, and my efforts to fix my problems have just made things worse. My partner cannot achieve orgasm and I have lost all confidence in bed. We love each other, but I feel the problem is down to my poor performance although he assures me this is not the case,.

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I want to sleep with as many women as I can — even though I could lose my girlfriend. The thrill of the chase is like an addiction. I really love her and want to be with her, but I live in constant fear of being cheated on. My girlfriend wants a polysexual relationship. What should we do? We have been together for more than a year and we love each other.

She says she is also in love with another person, but I just want to be with her. My sexless marriage is draining the love it once had. I feel too unattractive to have the sex life I dream about. As a gay man, I have major body image issues that are holding me back from having the satisfying sexual experiences I seek. I have had this problem for 12 years and nothing I have tried — from medication to yoga and therapy — has helped. It is ruining my relationships with women.

Since having surgery to insert a mechanical valve, I am extremely self-conscious about the noise it makes during intercourse.