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His hard pecker entered her like a red hot poker, and she had a convulsive orgasm the moment her pussy engulfed his straining dick! She groaned loud and long while she rode his hard cock to orgasm after orgasm while Dr.

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Jenkins sucked on her over ripe pink nipples. Rex glanced over to see that the doctor had another raging hardon sticking straight out of his groin, so he reached out and felt the thickness of it in his hand, and all at once had the overwhelming urge to put it in his mouth, so to doctor's utter delight, his thick pecker was now being sucked on in the teenager's virgin mouth! It was only a matter of time until all three of them were caught up in a torrent of sexual relief, with Rex, taking a full load of cum down his hot throat, while he himself filled nurse Boyd's burning vagina with a nut sack full of hot jism!!!

Nurse Boyd was in another world, that of an older woman who has the luxury of having a hard young penis to do with as she pleases, that being to use it in her warm vagina, or use it as a pacifier and suck it until it sends it's hot seed into her waiting mouth! To her there was nothing like the feeling of having a hard young penis inside of her, and that was one of the main reasons she stayed working for Dr.

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Jenkins, working here gave her the opportunity to suck and fuck a variety of young men, some of them being extremely well hung!!! This young man Rex, while he didn't have the biggest cock she had ever had, it was certainly one of the hardest, and at this very minute it was making her have a very hard orgasm as she rode the wonderful stiffy to a crushing climax! Unfortunately it was getting late, and the doctor had several other appointments waiting in the outer office, so Nurse Boyd and Rex slipped back into their clothing while Dr.

Jenkins finished filling out the athletic exam forms. He handed them back to Rex and said, "You're in perfect condition, young man, I hope to see you again next year!

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We're getting closer and not I but Shila gave me a deep kiss. I also kissed her back and started kissing on her neck You may not duplicate or copy any portion of this site without permission. Check also our Tube. A Sex Stories. Erotic Stories. Review s 15 Add review. Author: Stephanie Sarg.

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Rex waited in the examining room nervously waiting for Dr. Dickens and his naughty nurse, Kat finds herself strapped to the exam table and probed in ways she never imagined. Will she convince them to stop the procedure, or will she be forced to endure The Doctor's Virgin Cure?

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Story 2: The Doctor's Lactation Cure - To pay her college tuition, year old Megan Mathis gets a part-time job as a lactation surrogate. But when the hormones she's given to induce lactation don't produce any milk, she goes to see sexy gynecologist.

To get Megan's engorged milk glands flowing, Dr. Dickens recommends a rough and invasive procedure that involves multiple orgasms and milking of her swollen breasts.

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Explicit themes include domination and submission, patient bondage and humiliation, anal play, lactation sex, multiple orgasms, milking of a reluctant patient by a sexy doctor and his very hands-on nurse, a young woman's first gynecological exam and a virgin cure you'll never forget!