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It can be hard getting that wimpy thread to push through the teeny, tiny eye of a needle. The primary problem is that the thread is limp. It droops and bends and splits, and generally behaves like it has a mind of its own and is actively resisting you. It can be so aggravating. A video recently went viral on YouTube — did you see it? They made it look so easy. Actually, it IS possible. It also takes a LOT of practice — and sore palms. A needle threader is a small, flat object with a thin, wire loop. Hold the flat end of the needle threader with one hand, and the needle with the other.

Push the wire loop through the head of the needle. Keep the loop in the eye of the needle, and push the end of the thread through the wire loop. Pull the loop out of the eye of the needle, and it takes the thread with it. Instead, I wet my fingers. Or, barely touch your forefinger to the surface of a glass of water, and touch your thumb to transfer some of the water.

Also this is but a very important first step. The research indicates that the cell itself may hold some memory of two things: 1 the patient has ME or at least a severe disease. Now number 2 may be a major thing: would it point to a cellular basis for PEM? In ME patients this should take a long time too. If so, diagnosis could be based on both the impedance going up within x time when stressing the cell and going only slowly down after y time when removing the stress. Good point. I imagine that if it was all up to the CCC criteria or other criteria the number would drop quite a bit.

Because we have no biological marker Ron had to find the best patients he could to assess the nanoneedle. I was surprised that even after doing that he got such a good result. I imagined that different pathways would be operating in different patients…. The next steps will be very interesting. We have no data at all on how other diseases will show up on this brand new instrument. Great blog, thanks Cort. So the logjam is the current nanoneedle setup, interesting. Do you know if the NIH grant application in June is for developing the new high-throughput platform?

If so, any idea of timescale for the decision from the NIH? Like you, I think this has special promise and would appeal to donors. I would certainly be willing to donate myself.

A needle you can thread with your eyes closed

I agree with Simon that this is very interesting. It seems very high-priority to me, and time is of the essence for all of us. Great question. I have been wondering about that as well. I will try and find out.

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Regardless they are moving forward with the needle — not as fast as they would like — as Rahim reported that at this point — resources are a big limiting factor — and they have not begun creating a new more high throughput machine. The nanoneedle work looks as though it might offer the holy grail of a diagnostic bio-test, which would be transformational — and so speed would seem to be of the essence. Clearly a very small sample leading to a p that is close to 0.

But any result, no matter what the p value is, provides some information. Further, the.

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One could just as well use. What would be cool is to take this to Workwell and be able to correlate a positive result with a certain level of disability as demonstrated by the 2 day test. My doctors just refuse to engage with this illness at all. Then I made a link to this blog and some of the comments I made on it. While that may sound a trivial or philosophical question, it remains largely unanswered. The problem with this option is that it is very hard near impossible to make a good guess of the accumulative effect of exhaustion on the fatigue of the cell themselves.

It would have to know very well in what condition all parts and subparts of the body are and how exercise affects them. If so then the nerve system still could only get a very rough view of fatigue at the scale of part of organs. This could be done by producing chemicals inside the cells for every activity that consumes energy. Activities that are more intense produce these chemicals at a significantly more then linear higher rate. In that way, when the cell has been asked to produce a lot of energy recently the levels of these chemicals inside the cell rises.

Now the last option with some tweaks is quite an interesting one. This control mechanism is used extensively in both engineering system design as well as throughout nature itself. It is a very simple and robust design. There exist plenty and plenty of chemicals like this. The key point of this tweak would be that spreading through the cell walls the chemicals would be a process of diffusion. Now these chemicals potentially spreading through diffusion would again make for a simple and robust system. That is a clear advantage as if cells are exhausted they could easily lack the energy to transport these signals across cell boundaries.

Like say by the liver clearing out constantly part of the signalling components. If the levels of these chemicals would become excessive in many parts of the body it would inhibit both glycolysis and mitochondrial output of massive amounts of affected cells throughout the body. This mechanism resembles a lot what seems to be already at large scale working in ME. If much of our symptoms align with having such a protective an essentially necessary system, it may be at work already.

I believe the same chemicals that are at work in healthy individuals may be at work in ME too to a large degree. Many patients may disagree as ME exhaustion is way and way beyond what any normal fatigue ever is. Being able to remember and compare how I feel now to back then even if over a decade ago is a feat that helped me a lot in my battle against ME. Note that I absolutely do not say both feel the same, they are in totally different orders of magnitude but still appear to have similarities and be on a linear scale.

A bit like sensing a feather with touch senses and being hit by a hammer on the finger both use the same mechanism but are on a totally different scale. Amount, time and extend of the signalling. When being healthy and getting a nasty bout of flue, one starts body-wide with low levels of these fatigue signalling chemicals. So only a small part of the body would produce these fatigue signals and it would not accumulate on top of already high levels.

Still, as a healthy person experiences during the flu it can deplete energy levels of the body a lot. Likewise running a marathon without proper training largely will deeply fatigue the muscles and motor cortex. But again one would start from low levels of fatigue signalling chemicals. Yet running a single marathon can badly fatigue an untrained person. Something likewise holds for studying twenty hours apiece before an examination. It can deplete a person for days. Your body constantly produces it in order to recruit immune cells to repair the damage.

Muscles produce myokines whenever you move. They take humoral path to brain and produce general feeling of fatigue. Or take neural path via receptors to generate specific regional fatigue sensation. You use your brain, does damage and immune system gets to work to make necessary repair resulting in fatigue sensation. The physical inflammation could be getting translated to the same brain mechanism to cause the fatigue sensation. Lactate could be another signaling molecule and trigger more immediate fatigue sensation, in both in mental and physical exertion.

There could be more than a few signaling molecules, who knows.

Threading the Needle - THE EASY WAY! For the Spring Forzathon Challenge - Forza Horizon 4

But as diffusion works to transfer chemicals from higher to lower levels, the amount of these signalling chemicals would be even higher in the cells located near these most constricted blood vessels. The reverse of that would happen in the liver. In the cells of the liver the lowest amounts of these chemicals throughout the body would be seen by far.

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The liquid in these cells would be a lot cleaner then that in the blood leaving the liver due to the nature of the diffusion process. Human bodies may seem frail compared to steel machinery, but they have one astonishing feat. They can do a variety of hard to anticipate tasks for decades with remarkable little wear and tear except for aging. Hip replacements are a new thing on the timescale of human history. This is a clear point where ME can start and lock in. An additional big source of these chemicals and not taking sufficient rest is problematic and kick-starts ME. Think of having a bad life long gut issue.

When this issue is for instance a food intolerance the person could have been largely unaware of this hidden weakness. This problem may be worked around mostly until adding an acute flu onto it makes pulling out of the combined assault is too much to do. One often at best gets a small and quickly stagnating improvement as long as one keeps doing the changes.

This model of chemicals inside the cells would help explain this one.

Threading the Needle: Nanoneedle Scores Big in First ME/CFS Test

When finding a new thing that helps and keep doing it lifelong, all cells see lower levels of these inhibiting chemicals inside them. That means all cells are put a little bit less deep into hibernation. Most likely you are more able to do an activity a bit longer if you are willing to do an activity. Having this readiness by itself requires higher metabolism and consumes part of the saved energy. Of coarse living the the dire conditions ME creates for years or decades can create plenty of permanent secondary and tertiary damage but IMO ME does not require any damage to be permanent.

This also ignores the fact that people with pre-existing conditions that can create permanent damage may have been doing so for much of peoples lifespan. Think of having moderate fever as being helpful to fight of the flu, but then examples better suited for ME. Can you direct me to articles for individuals like me who are alone isolated with no fame Ily who have to deal with cfs entirely alone. I have been doing this alone for thirty years but now that I am 72 it gets harder and harder.

I have to drive myself to the emergency room thanks. I know this does. Not fit with this article but I need to know. Great article Cort. Sure brought out the heavy thinkers who have experience and substantial insights to contribute. Excuse me for going off Topic a minute. Or any of the other Goldstein treatments? They have found that Ativan is the one thing that can rouse Whitney temporarily. It has been done with athletes by taking blood every hour for several days and they showed that inflammatory cytokines spike up in waves for several days.

It could be that just walking from bedroom to bathroom may be resulting in the same pattern, albeit in much lower intensity, and severely ill CFS patients react violently to it. The thinking behind this is amazing and resonates with my research and my personal experience with this disease for the past 30 years. It comports well with the multiple cause scenarios that we see, especially the virus connection and the immune system abnormalities.

If this device proves to be near as useful as we hope, it will get funded. Take note Obamacare fans. Social medicine is not always your friend.

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But here in the U. If it takes charitable donations or a GoFundMe campaign to get R done, fine. Sign me up. In any case, this is very exciting and I , for one, will be closely following it. This could be huge. Your e-mail address will not be published. Pamela A Lewis on May 7, at pm. Matthias on May 7, at pm. Cort Johnson on May 8, at am. Erik Johnson on May 8, at am. Krugeree on May 11, at pm.

Aidan on May 8, at pm. Chris on May 9, at pm. Piki Verschueren on June 22, at am.

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Neilly on May 7, at pm. Consider this and the current day controversies over mammograms … Reply. Of course He does bless us with good things in this life too, but the greater treasure is eternal life. And He took on earthly poverty for one reason…so that you and I could become rich as children of God in Christ with an inheritance will never perish spoil or fade.

And so when we understand that everything we have is from the gracious hand of God, our money, our houses And when we consider the question our young man asked Jesus, we see that our eternal salvation is also none of our doing, but it too is a gift from the gracious hand of God through faith in Jesus Christ who died for our sins and rose again for our eternal salvation.

Today's passage is the conversation Jesus had with the disciples immediately after that encounter. What they saw as an advantage was now a liability according to Jesus. Kind of sounds like some rich TV preacher with a private jet might have come up with that one. But we cannot avoid this saying. It is very simple. The eye of a needle is very small and a camel is very large…there is no way to make a camel go through the eye of a needle…it is impossible.

So what now…are we all doomed? So where does that leave us; well, what is impossible for us is possible for God. The Bible tells us that we are born dead in our trespasses and sins.