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It is also a very predictable scene for the reader. There are also times Michael means to tell Tory of her changing mortality, only to conveniently find excuses time and time again to not tell her. Michael is sexy, and although I do have complaints, the story has substance. The romance is written well and I liked the idea of Asmodeus hunting her.

I think maybe in a longer setting, it would have been better this book is only 70 pages. There is a good foundation, I just think the actual plot needed to have more time to evolve. Rating: 2. Apr 24, Calisto rated it it was ok Shelves: annoying-tstl-die-already-heroine , good-plot-stupid-characters , wanted-plot-beta. Tory, a soon to be powerful witch, is being hunted by ubber evil demon, Asmodeus. So she accidentally summons Archangel Michael for protection she meant to summon a different angel. Now he will move heaven and earth to kill the demon and protect her.

I cannot express how disappointed I am. This story started out great! Like 5 stars great.

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I was ready to send text messages in the middle of Arrrrrhhhhhhhhggggg!!!! I was ready to send text messages in the middle of the night to my friends, great. Then it just falls apart at warp speed. Tory is great until she has sex with Michael. Who would have thought that a personality is so linked to maidenhead? Michael was frakin awesome in the beginning, all cranky and rude and self-righteous, only to become a sensitive, googly-eyed, 'My Love!

I wouldn't say he goes from ubber alpha to sensitive beta because that would be insulting beta heroes whom I adore. He actually becomes a perfect example of why ubber alpha heroes need to show their love rather than speak it. Despite the problems I had with this story, I'm very curious about this author's other works and will definitely try them. Dec 30, Vina Raintree rated it liked it Shelves: adult , angel , fantasy , sexy.

Sep 03, Teiamarie rated it liked it Shelves: angels. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Lots of potential but it seems to fall short. The story started out wonderfully but it never seemed to reach the level of character development that allows the reader to connect with the characters and actually start caring about them.

I realize that it was just a novella but it was still very short. The Archangel Michael has the potential to be such a powerful character and really should have a full length novel of his own. Michael is beyond sexy and he's summoned by Tory then all of a sudden h Lots of potential but it seems to fall short. Michael is beyond sexy and he's summoned by Tory then all of a sudden he's completely in love with her. How did that happen? It was like flicking a light switch!

The same goes for Tory and her almost instantaneous feelings for Michael. The love scenes were fast and steamy but the language and references to Michael's anatomy were a little crude and frequent. I would have liked to see their feelings for each other develop more on an emotional level, maybe increase the length and intensity of the love scenes. The fight with Asmodeus also felt rushed. I was expecting more. It was a dangerous situation for Michael but it was over almost as soon as it started. I'm still sorting out my feelings on this on but if Madelyn ever decides to turn it into a full length novel I'll definitely give it another go.

Dec 05, Kelly rated it liked it Shelves: read-in For starters, I think this cover is sexy in an understated way. Unfortunately, that was just about the best thing about this story. I liked it well enough, I guess, but I never felt the connection with the characters that I felt in the other two Angels and Demons stories. Is it because the other two focus on dead sexy demons and I have a thing for demons? I just know that I had a tough time getting into this one. I can't even pinpoint why I feel slightly dissatisfied. I liked Michael and h For starters, I think this cover is sexy in an understated way.

I liked Michael and his dirty talk.

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I liked Tory and her can-do attitude. I just I don't know. Saare nailed it with her review on this, My Avenging Angel. Victoria, hunted by the demon Asmodeus who will achieve his freedom upon her death, is pressed by her spirit guides to summon an angel for protection. What she gets is Michael in all his stupid-people-hating glory. Now, by honoring a vow to keep Victoria safe, he believes himself to have found a chance a J. Now, by honoring a vow to keep Victoria safe, he believes himself to have found a chance at redemption.

Alas, he is in no way prepared to have found a mate of his own. He was arrogant and yes, he was crude but that did little to dissuade the blossoming affection I had for such an emotionally pained and strong character. So when I came across this book, I can't help by be intrigued.

I'm supposed to be studying for my exams but I just couldn't resist I'm glad it was a short read. Nevertheless, I was not disappointed and glad I took the break to read this. Who would have thought angels could be this hot? Michael is a bad-ass angel and didn't belive in love, but all of it changed when he met Tory.

Although Tory, may appear to be weak, her actions are just as expected and may even showed a hint of strongness. Both of them sizzles the pages out of this book. Warning: It is indeed an adult read, but worth it! A good, short, and extremely romantic hot read! View 2 comments. May 21, Parajunkee rated it liked it. Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am. That's how I'm feeling after reading this smoking novella by Madelyn Ford.

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Nicolas Winding Refn Says He’s Working on Tokyo-Set Spy Film, THE AVENGING SILENCE

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Agent Of Change. Shaun Kilgore. Posted on Wednesday, January 11th, by Jack Giroux. Refn will again follow a man of few words with his next film. The spy was one of the leading spies in Europe. An injury inflicted to his vocal cords during a failed mission six years ago left him mute, forcing him to leave his profession.

Now, six years later, he is sought out and put on confidential assignment by a former Yakuza, now a retired Japanese businessman in exile in France, to track down and kill the head of the most dangerous Yakuza family in Japan. Afraid of flying, our spy anonymously boards a cargo ship headed for Tokyo.