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Charlie Chasers: History of USAF AC

Dayglo orange later yellow bands were applied to the nose, wingtips and booms. While the nose colours remained for each squadron, the codes were changed to provide squadron identity as follows: No. Lloyd Aerofax, - the only authoritative C publication in print! C NW obviously!

71st Special Operations Squadron Homecoming

Photo by Paul Weston. C '' on its ferry north, to Alaska. Photo copyright Paul Weston. He agreed to having some of the C images shared here on my website; seems to me photos fade soon into oblivion on social media.. John: 'Pilot error, flight crew selected gear up during the takeoff roll.

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Hot dogging it. Now we see, after many years in the desert sun, 'NR; reappearing. Which is thought to be without much certainty I must stress the C '06' preserved at Greybull's Museum of Flight and Aerial Firefighting External links: N on Mojave Weblog Feb. Charles 'Chuck' Lunsford 76 succumbed to cancer; he passed away on 21Sep I will miss our regular correspondence on the C and less mundane subjects. I learned much from him and shared the information on the C Information Pages , esspecially at a time when so little on this aircraft had been published in writing.

Rest in peace, old friend. Update Jan. My website is www.

Charlie Chasers : History of USAF AC-119

To email me, click on the image and write the correct adress as given below replace -AT- by the symbol. Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is because spam has increasingly become a problem. With the arrival of the CG Flying Boxcar for 15 Wing a 3rd squadron was formed to share the type with 20 Smaldeel, and this was established on 01Apr as 40 Transportsmaldeel, based at Melsbroek. Following the pattern set by the other 2 squadrons of 15 Wing, a Sioux indian head was adopted as the unit insignia, but circled in green. Between and the 'green' Sioux was used by the Transport Flight at Kamina, Congo, but 40 Smaldeel was re-formed in June and once again claimed the insignia.

AC-119G Shadow/AC-119K Stinger Gunship

With the arrival of the Hercules, the Boxcars were placed in storage and 40 Smaldeel disbanded on 31Jun The unit was later made a helo Smaldeel under a different insignia. Jackson Midland Counties Publications, Melsbroek, some history of the 15 Wing. In , the 15th Wing of Evere moved to Melsbroek where the buildings and runways, established during the occupation by the Germans, lend themselves for development of a modern airport and which could be adapted to the needs of the increased flight operations.

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  • The infrastructure in Evere had become inadequate, not least due to the lack of a paved runway. That year 2 DC-4's were acquired to be used for flights to the colonies. They were the first of a total of 46 aircraft in use for tactical airlift of 20 Squadron. For this purpose, a third squadron, no. The remaining DC-3 Dakota was operated by 21 squadron. When the Oxfords and Ansons were to be replaced in , the 21 Squadron received 12 Percival Pembrokes.

    Charlie Chasers: History of USAF AC-119

    These aircraft especially the ones with a glass nose were put to good use for aerial photography and calibration, in addition to the transportation of light cargo. Meanwhile, it was found that the DC-4 were insufficiently equipped for the task for which they were purchased, connecting Belgium with its colonies.

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    • The Flying Boxcars were decommissioned between and and disposed at the aircraft park of Koksijde. The DC-4's had been phased out in And the Pembrokes and DC-6 were phased out that year too. After the independence of Belgian Congo on 30Jun, the Europeans in the Congo began a mass exodus.

      Tensions escalated as the Belgians began to intervene in the Congo. A force of Most of the occupants, paratroopers and crew, perished. CG CP was destroyed during an exercise, when it was struck by a live phosphorous mortar shell on 23Jun, fired by a British Army unit.