Manual CLASSROOM ON THE WEB: Math, Algebra, Geometry and Pre-Calculus Tutorials & Games for Grades K-12

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There are a wide variety of lessons and activities available for your child to progress through at their own pace to build early mathematical skills. Dreambox works well for children PreK-8th grade. Twenty-four half-hour lectures, taught by a mathematician who is literally a magician with numbers, shared specific strategies for performing math operations in your head.

You can find this course on Amazon and is even free with a monthly subscription to Great Courses Signature Collection. There are a hundred or more comprehensive skills, organized into categories, listed in each grade level.

[PDF] CLASSROOM ON THE WEB: Math, Algebra, Geometry and Pre-Calculus Tutorials Games for Grades

With over math tutorials and optional printable worksheets, this curriculum is a great option for offering more learning independence for all learning styles. With Free Placement tests available, you can be sure that your child will start at the correct level. The courses are divided into units and modules with online lessons or offline printables available.

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Plato has 6 comprehensive middle school courses students can learn new concepts through themed-based scenarios in hands-on learning activities. What online math course do you use? Share in the comments and let me know why you like it.

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Excellent list Beth! I have not. You could ask there and other techie homeschoolers may have some advice for you. ST math is terrible. My kids get to use it for free at their public school. Instead, you are forced to do things over and over to redundancy death. Differentiated math exercises and quizzes for grades Targeted K math intervention program addresses skills gaps with prescribed modules. Personalized, game-based math app that promotes deeper conceptual understanding.

Develop understanding of basic math facts in young students. Middle school math program using videos, animations and interactive manipulatives. Animated movies, learning games, quizzes and interactive activities covering K-8 and ESL curriculum. Math practice app for grades for iPhone and iPad. Elementary and middle school math problems with instant feedback, solutions, and student data reports.

Adaptive diagnostic tool allows teachers to prescribe lessons, animations in grades Virtual world to teach conceptual math and computational fluency. Provider of open-source STEM content; allows teachers to compile and share custom digital textbooks. College and career standard aligned digital math instruction for K Code Vault Cypher is a mathematics jigsaw puzzle game that helps learners improve computational skills and critical thinking. Adaptive and assignable digital curriculum for most subjects K Curriculum for Grades math that includes multiple visual models, daily discussion, and assessments.

Peer-to-peer mobile learning platform for students to improve their math problem solving skills. Game-based math lessons for foundation skills in grades 3 to 7, developed by a teacher. Puzzle-based algebra game teaches concepts with cards and a box. K-8 math games product that adapts to the learner's level of knowledge. Comprehensive online curriculum for blended learning settings.

Individualized, CCSS aligned modular courses with assessment, tracking, and reporting. Create and experience lessons in virtual reality. Learning that connects students to real-world learning.

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Adaptive platform for learning math focused on personalized study customized by teachers. Stanford developed, open-world, role playing adventure game focused on math fact fluency. Develops custom playlists of eBooks, games, videos and learning materials for the iPad. A Global Math Project interactive game designed to visually teach precollege math. Library of interactive simulations promoting math and science inquiry for grades Browser-based notepad that lets you create, format, and work through a variety of visual math problems.

Math intervention with bite-sized lessons and games to build fact fluency in grades Activities for K-8 fundamental math skills. Math worksheets provided to teachers to measure student progress and proficiency. Curriculum for teaching fractions aligned to over 50 Common Core Standards. Common Core aligned, teacher designed adaptive math app and teacher dashboard for K Full virtual curriculum with online teachers or used by teachers in traditional courses. Program that helps students write math proofs using interactive technology.

Identifies knowledge gaps with pre-middle school math skills needed to work with fractions. Learning tool for Special Education during math instruction. Blended-learning courses and platform that teach students to design and code educational games. Supplemental math instruction intended for station rotation model. Interactive supplemental math program with simulations,tutorials, and progress monitoring. Math curriculum, test prep and tutoring with lessons for 5th grade math - college algebra. Adaptive math program providing instruction, practice and help from live teachers.

Interactive math mini-games featuring virtual manipulatable objects. Adaptive assessment and instruction for math and reading in grades K Math practice website for elementary, high school students through algebra and geometry.

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Series of collaborative and active math games that use the Microsoft Kinect. Online collaborative K-5 supplemental math program.

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Over 5, free instructional videos and , practice exercises on various topics. Course prepares students for college-level math with video, quizzes, online study groups. Adaptive math program assesses strengths and weaknesses and personalizes the curriculum. Automated online math tutoring and analytics tool for K students. Augmented reality activities for math and reading. Math game company featuring both apps and board games.

Web based math instruction and assessment program for grades K Math app with hundreds of interactive problems for K Digital teaching resource for Common Core Math. Math games and quizzes for grades K with integrated analytics and inter-school competitions.

Standards-aligned math lessons using real-world examples. Math app to teach fractions, developed by a math teacher. Math assessment program that builds basic fluency for grades Site for learning math, creating and completing math exericses, and collaborating with other math learners. Comprehensive, standards-aligned Math teaching tool for K students. Game-based math skill enhancement for students. Math and numbers activities for young children. Pre-school and Kindergarten math curriculum for tablets. Track and provide feedback on all aspects of a math problem, including intermediate steps.

Personalized adaptive math tool for K-8 students with over 1, interactive lessons.

Software for reading, writing and math with exercises, feedback and automatic scoring. Complete, adaptive K-8 curriculum in math and language arts.

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Web-based customizable statistics course that complements Pearson's statistics textbooks. Math and reading curricula supplementary tool that incorporates learning through movement. Story-line based mathematical reasoning game. Full web-based curricula for core high school subjects plus LMS. Math app that teaches through visuals and manipulatives. Narrative-based math game for web and mobile that teaches and tracks CCSS-aligned skills for grades K - 2.

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Math curriculum intervention system for students in grades Pre-K to 8. Suite of standards-aligned iOS mobile applications for math and science that promote experiential learning. Adaptive math program has videos, assessments and instant intervention for grades Application that provides instant math help for students.