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From job seekers and youth to veterans and adults, we listen and we help. Our team works with each participant individually to find a path forward.

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Our services include skill assessment and training, access to resources, helpful workshops, job coaching, employment availability and more. We even work with employers offering workforce training and hiring incentives. Support the Crossroads journey to bring self-sufficiency to people with disabilities. Number of sq. Our Mission: Helping people with disabilities or other challenges prepare for employment and self-sufficiency.

The AbilityOne Program uses the purchasing power of the federal government to buy products and services from participating, community-based nonprofit agencies nationwide dedicated to training and employing individuals with disabilities.

Willie and Eugene are transported back to Mississippi, where they start walking again, talking of cities they plan to visit. The script was an original by John Fusco, who had long been interested in blues music. He worked as a blues singer and musician but had been warned by a doctor to rest his voice. In his girlfriend, who was working at a rest home, told him that an old black man with a harmonica had been admitted. Fusco went to visit him and on the way dreamt up a story about what would happen if the player was a legendary blues player.

This gave him the idea for the story. Coincidentally, Johnson was inducted to the inaugural class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in January , while the film was in production. It was only his second screenplay. Producer Mark Farliner acted as Fusco's independent adviser on it and later helped get it made.

Jami Gertz was cast as the female lead. She has to put Macchio through the experience of falling in love, and then she has to leave him, to strengthen his character for the movie's final showdown. I decided to go with her, and I was amazed by how strong she seemed on the screen. Hill was aware of some surface similarities to The Karate Kid : "You boil it down, and it sounds like a young kid and a wise old guy and their showdown with evil," said Hill.

I knew my most difficult task would be creating real, believable scenes between Macchio and Seneca. They had to be real characters; with an ongoing reality level, to work at all. You have to set the stage, or when your movie shifts gears to fantasy, you lose your audience.

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Shooting took place on location in Mississippi as well as Hollywood. Blues legend Frank Frost makes a cameo.

The filmmakers shot sad and happy endings and both were tested with audiences; the happy ending was chosen. Ry Cooder said he spent a year working on the soundtrack. Farliner said, "This is as tricky a picture to market as anything.

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I was the first one who tried to sell the story. I know how tricky it is It could be a classic crossover movie.

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But you could blow that opportunity real quick with a bad campaign. According to Ry Cooder, the film "went down the tubes". Roger Ebert in his review stated that the movie "borrows so freely and is a reminder of so many other movies that it's a little startling, at the end, to realize how effective the movie is and how original it manages to feel despite all the plunderings. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Written and performed by Muhammad Mundir. Music production by Aaraashi K Area We are hiring for multiple positions.

Search Site only in current section. Advanced Search…. Crossroads is a video advocacy initiative aimed at developing and strengthening the advocacy and documentation capacity of migrant workers, refugees and stateless persons and their support organisations. Sekolah Harapan Bangsa School of Hope.

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Malaysia December 18, Crossroads Trailer. International December 18, Stateless on the Streets Tak Bernegara di Jalanan. Introduction Introduksi. Here to Help Disini Membantu.

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In Search of Shelter Mencari Naungan.