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In much of the West, overdose deaths have been flatter as the epidemic has raged in parts of the East and Midwest. That geographical pattern may be a result of the drug supply.

7 months after 10 deaths in Delhi’s sewers, AAP govt’s promises remain hollow

Heroin sold west of the Mississippi tends to be processed into a form known as black tar that is difficult to mix with synthetic drugs. The heroin sold toward the east is a more processed white powder that is more easily combined with fentanyls. While deaths from opioid overdose are rising across most of the US, and especially in the East, a few New England states with aggressive drug treatment programs have seen reductions in the overdose death toll: Massachusetts, Vermont, and Rhode Island.

The numbers are still preliminary, but suggests that investments in public health and drug treatment might save lives.

The scale of the epidemic is daunting. The roots of the problem run deep: a broken healthcare system, fractured communities, crumbling social infrastructure. Decades of cracking down on drug trafficking have failed to stem the tide of suffering and death.

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Here in the Hudson Valley, and elsewhere around the nation, a new philosophy is beginning to take hold: one with an ethos of care and community, not crime and punishment. An excerpt:. Over the past fifteen years, Sam has been in and out of treatment, in and out of jail, and back and forth to medical appointments.

Tracee Wilkins and the News4 team covering where you live

Who will take him to probation meetings? He has no car and there is no public transportation. Since then, the Kingfisher Project has been telling the stories of local people caught up in the opioid epidemic, seeking to honor the dead and support the living. But one of the most hopeful spots is here as well: the little upstate New York village of Chatham, in Columbia County.

Colour tests show promise in battle to halt pill deaths

However, it can have more serious consequences among those with pre-existing medical conditions, pregnant women and those with a weak immune system. PHE insisted the health risk to the public remains low and said people should only seek medical attention if they develop symptoms. Copyright c Press Association Ltd. Related Items. Schools admissions changes will see most vulnerable secure place more quickly. Two-year-old who needed major surgery after stepfather attack to live with father.