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Russell Kirkland, sostiene que es un empaquetado de ideas provenientes de alguna comunidad rural. No puede ser nombrado porque no tiene otra cosa de la que distinguirse. Bailar su ritmo. Sin ofrecer resistencia. De hecho el Tao Te Ching ama la Naturaleza desaforadamente. El Tao Te Ching, a diferencia de Confucio, que venera a los sabios emperadores del pasado, acusa a esos mismos sabios de haber falseado, con virtudes artificiales, la primitiva sencillez natural. Hay una parte del Tao Te Ching dedicada a los gobiernos. A ese libro no le gustan la ciudades, ni las multitudes, y mucho menos los gobiernos.

Volvamos a la humildad. Es un concepto decisivo en el taoismo. Se trata de una humildad muy diferente a la del cristianismo. Rico es el que sabe contentarse. Conciencia total.

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Identidad infinita. El hombre que tiene Tao no se vale de ellas. El imperio es un aparato muy espiritual. Cogerlo es ya perderlo. La flexibilidad y la blandura son cualidades de la vida. No hay regla. La rectitud se vuelve extravagancia y lo bueno monstruosidad. Sin mirar por la ventana se ven los caminos del Cielo. Las aportaciones de Russell Kirkland. Mi padre escuchaba.

Libre ya de esta vida. Creo que ese consejo es clave para entender el vaciado del que habla el Tao Te Ching. No sentido como sagrado. Lo fabuloso de la vida este camino que ahora piso es su plasticidad. Fe en esa cosa inefable, descomunal, omnipotente, que llevamos dentro ese Tao sin forma que es capaz de automodelarse en infinitos mundos. Esa cosa capaz poetizarse de cualquier forma: de ser cualquier Logos. Ninguna de ellas puede vivir sin la otra. La luz se vuelve oscuridad y la oscuridad luz.

El infierno se hace cielo. Y el cielo infierno. Punto medio. Evitar los extremos, los excesos. Estos conceptos alcanzaron un lugar decisivo en el pensamiento de Zou Yan a.

La idea fundamental de este libro fundamental es la de cambio. Todo cambia sin cesar.

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Con este libro, dentro de este libro, he vivido momentos decisivos en mi existencia. Y viceversa. Hasta el infinito. Esto no debe olvidarse. Antonio S. Cua, Routledge, Cambio permanente. Y reglado. El sistema Yin-Yang permite sobrevivir en un cosmos de palabras, pero no permite ver. Para ver hay que estar en silencio. Ser el silencio. Esa mariposa descomunal. We all contemplate, astonished, bewildered, also fascinated, the incessant turns of our inner and outer realities.

We all have suffered the shocking mutations of our own soul and of the souls of others: the good-natured turns out to be a devil, and the devil, suddenly, looks at us with infinite tenderness. Nature, at times, loves us and raises us with its beauty, and, at other times, it crushes and denigrates us without mercy. The slopes of the mountains of the soul are lit and also darkened under a sky that can not be quiet. The stupid suddenly becomes a mighty sage, and the wise, or the saint, suddenly behave in the lowest, ugliest limits of the human condition.

Change, contradiction, interpenetration, complementarity of opposites. I believe that we are dealing with a single but also bicephalous word that, according to Chinese tradition, symbolizes the internal machinery that moves the world. And that intimate dance reflects a terrible but also fertile tension. We are not facing two opposing forces, but complementary ones.

Neither of them can live without the other. They never grow or decrease together: when one of them expands it is because the other one is reduced. But these expansion and reduction immediately triggers a change to its opposite: what goes up starts to fall if it reaches its maximum, and what goes down, when it gets enough denigration, begins to ascend.

Light becomes darkness and darkness becomes light.


Hell becomes heaven. And hell heaven. Everything is permanently turning, changing. So, installing in its consciousness, through the word, always through the word, the metaphysical reality of this eternal dance, Chinese wisdom may be able to combine hope any hell will transmute into paradise with prudence beware, you should consider that everything will change; take precautions, do not relax too much in boom times.

Middle point. Avoid extremes, excesses. Be wise…. In the beginning of that chapter the great philosopher deems China as a top civilized country, and does so primarily on the grounds of its high -and permanently increasing- population: millions in Today that population has reached 1. I also find remarkable the relative self-sufficiency of China.

Perhaps China was always, in general, communist and bureaucratist. Except for the irruption of Buddhism that Indian program , I do not see that this fabulous living system segregated by the Yellow River has opened its consciousness to concepts such as freedom or creativity. In the amazing I Ching or Yijing according to the pinyin phonetic transcription we find a very efficient use of two types of strokes: a The broken stroke or two consecutive strokes that would correspond to the Yin concept perhaps due to its similarity with the vagina ; and b The continuous stroke, which would correspond to Yang perhaps because of its similarity with the penis.

This concept reached a decisive place in the thought of Zou Yan BC. In this work a model of totality is shown in which the Earth, the sky and the human being are intimately connected. Everything changes. And that change would be produced by the interaction of the Yin-Yang opposites. The I Ching is a strange, beautiful and abyssal being that has been part of my life for many years. I use the translation of Richard Wilhelm, with the brilliant introduction of Karl Jung.

With this book, within this book, I have lived and leaded decisive moments of my life. The introduction made by Jung is part of the masterpieces of the philosophical art. I think that, for the subject that concerns us now, there are two fundamental symbols: Qian and Kun. The first is pure Yang, is active and refers to the sky. The second is pure Yin, which is passive and refers to the Earth. We can think of the duality between the Mediterranean goddesses of the Earth and the gods of heaven.

We can also think of the purusa-prakriti duality of the Indian Samkya. But from the Chinese worldview at least that which is implicit in the Yin-Yang doctrine , it is not possible to speak of dualisms: within the goddesses of the Earth there would be gods of heaven. And vice versa. All together, interwoven, inter-fertilized. It is a symbol that shows polarity and movement; and that also appears, with few morphological differences, in the Celtic, Etruscan and Roman cultures.

As far as China is concerned, I believe that a great philosophical expressiveness has been achieved by including within each color a circle of the opposite color, which, according to the Chinese sages, could always be subdivided into another diagram of two interlaced colours. And so on to infinity. To infinity. This must not be forgotten. I suggest these two internet sites:. This last site is edited by Victor H. Permanent and also metaphysically regulated change. But, if we do really philosophize if we do really think we discover that change is impossible, illogical.

In fact, everything that happens seems to be impossible maybe because everything that happens is purely magical, the masterpiece, the outcome of the unlimited power and creativity of a prodigious magician. In any case, in order to just testify about changes, an observer should remain immutable precisely the one who affirmed that something has changed… the one who is supposed to have noticed that the reality surrounding him has changed. But that observer, according to the Chinese tradition, at least as far as I get, and, even according to the current world view of Physics, is also constantly shaken by the great dance that moves everything.

Therefore, there would be no place to locate even to think a fixed point from which to affirm that, a few minutes ago, there was not a hawk in the sky and now there is. Change is fantasy chemical-biological fantasy, for those who do not want to abandon the neurophysiological worldview. And there, only there — in that fantasy- it is possible to visualize the tension of complementary opposites. However, this tension seems to me finally linguistic like everything that can appear in sentences : the Yin-Yang presupposes a certain structure of words. It is said that Yang would be the luminous slope of a mountain, and Yin the shadowy one.

The opposite of something requires assuming the ontological reality of that something.

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Think of the possible tension between God and the Devil which requires a theism , or of the tension between matter and antimatter a tension only possible if the models offered by current Physics are assumed to represent reality. They are artistic needs. They are necessary for it to happen -for us to feel- a world in our consciousness. In meditation state we are aware of our infinite quietness and unchangeability. We become aware that we are that immobile Being which Parmenides considered the true, only reality. I do not see in Chinese philosophy-sotoriology a quest for transcendence.

The Chinese sage wants to optimize his stay in immanence. The Chinese seek accommodation in a changing cosmos that changes according to an order that the wise must detect, but not modify, erase or re-create. In general, system-escapes are not sought, but optimization in the system. Confucians seem to be willing to incorporate human society and even its bureaucracy into a cosmic and sacred whole. Taoists, in general, seem to reject that radical pure-human-socialism, but they also seem to aspire to a fusion with a kind of cosmic-natural-metaphysical bureaucracy. In both cases, individual freedom seems to be meaningless.

We are facing legaliform metaphysics. Buddhism -that Indian sotoriology- would perhaps be the only form of freedom of freedom in the absolute sense that the Chinese spirit would have known.

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It could be said that Chinese wisdom is an imposing Apara-Vidya [See]. I mean the opposite of the whole model of totality that that symbol wants to subject. The Yin-Yang system allows human being to survive inside a cosmos, inside a cosmos of words, but it does not allow to see beyond. In order to see beyond the theatres of our consciousness we have got to be silent. To be the silence. In any case, I hope to have time enough so as to contemplate with calm the majestic flutter of Chinese civilization: that huge, astonishing butterfly. Lo mundos. Entremos ahora en un fabuloso laberinto de espejos.

Veamos lo que dicen los siguientes pensadores individuales cerebros individuales sobre el cerebro:. La paradoja del cerebro. Urbana IL: Universidad de Illinois, El cerebro: Maturana dice que la rana no puede ver a todos los animales no ve los que son especialmente grandes y lentos. De hecho, es posible que en un futuro muy cercano surja un nuevo modelo de cerebro. Imposible de ver. Impossible de imaginar siquiera. Y yo dentro de ella.

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Es suficiente. It is supposed to be the crucial but also imaginary organ of this sculpture of Rodin. As physical, tangible reality, the brain is the most sophisticated and dazzling object of the known universe. Cuando una mujer se rebela contra las normas que la oprimen, cambia algo para todas. El movimiento empieza en una, pero las consecuencias son para todas. En diferentes momentos de su vida su aspecto la ha atormentado, inspirado, enfurecido, cerrado puertas y abierto otras.

Sin lugar seguro Mariana vive sola en una casa en Tijuana y de vez en cuando le alquila habitaciones a turistas o viajeros. Toy Story A veces encuentras paz en los lugares menos esperados.

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La noticia le dio la vuelta al mundo. Era el primer haitiano en Coihueco; el primero de muchos. Hombre vs. Pero para dos combatientes la guerra fue el inicio de una amistad inesperada. Somos fabricantes Los Hermanos Zampelunghe decidieron intentar lo imposible. Y lo lograron. Los datos de la ciencia indican que el ser humano ha sido creado un animal vegetariano.

Todos los datos de la ciencia racional y la conciencia moral indican que los seres humanos deben consumir una dieta vegetariana y debe dejar de torturar y matar a los otros animales si quiere sobrevivir y seguir evolucionando en el planeta. Albert Einstein: Yo soy, por principio, un ferviente seguidor del vegetarianismo.

El progreso espiritual nos demanda que dejemos de matar y comer a nuestros hermanos las criaturas de Dios….