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Australian Tanks in World War II

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ALL 48 English Publication Year. Display 1 - 20 from 48 results. Against the backdrop of the sweeping conquest of Western Europe by Hitler's mighty Panzer Divisons in WWII, Australia produced 66 cruiser tanks - the Sentinel tank - but none ever took the field of battle. The story of Australian tanks in WWII portrays governments under pressure and bureaucratic bungles that saw opportunities lost and precious resources squandered when the nation was under greatest threat.

This careful dissection of government process in the crucible of war is a rare gem in an age when most wartime histories focus on the front-line soldier.

Fallen Sentinel

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Local courier delivery with tracking number or collect from 90 lockers islandwide. Add to My List. Added to Cart. Under a blanket of mist and heavy monsoon rain, amid the mud and shattered rubber trees, a dispersed Company of men held its ground with courage and grim determination against a three-sided attack from a force of 2, Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army troops.

When the battle subsided, 18 Australian soldiers lay dead and 24 had been wounded. Battlefield clearance revealed enemy bodies with captured documents later confirming the count at over enemy killed and.. Australian Military Operations in Vietnam. From to Australia joined the United States in fighting a communist inspired insurgency war in the jungles of South Vietnam against infiltrators who sought to overthrow the local government. Over 50, Australians served in Vietnam, lost their lives, and the conflict ended ignominiously in the insurgents' victory.

Although now in the past, the Vietnam War resonates with lessons for the Australian Army as it strives to defeat not Communism but Terrorism. Australian Military Operations in Vietnam highlights some of the successes and failures of an earlier generation of officers for the benefit of today's leaders.

Fire Support Bases Vietnam is a meticulous documentation of the construction, location and role of fire support bases during the Vietnam War, compiled by Vietnam veteran Bruce Picken. Often makeshift bases hacked out of primary jungle, these artillery gun areas provided essential support to infantry field units during operations in South Vietnam. In its simplest sense, a fire support base was an often hastily constructed fortified artillery base position, usually sited forward close to the center of the area of operations in support of task force, battalion or company operations.

The role of the fire support base was to bring artillery and mortar fire within ran.. On September 11, , the world changed forever when ruthless Al-Qaeda terrorists launched an aerial attack on the United States of America.

Rare Australian Infantry Weapons & Vehicles 1917 to Present

Oblivious to the world's terror, Kay and Kerry Danes sat half a world away, secure in an Embassy after a terrifying month hostage ordeal in communist Laos. As fear gripped the globe, Kerry an Australian Special Forces soldier, comforted his wife Kay, as they struggled to come to terms with their hellish ordeal of torture, mock executions and the helplessness of leaving behind 58 political prisoners of a long forgotten war. The couple's hopes focused only on seeing their children again. In the years after regaining thei.. Dust, Donkeys and Delusion examines and clinically debunks the myth that has grown up around Private John Simpson Kirkpatrick, the so-called Man with the Donkey', the quintessential Australian hero' of Gallipoli.

While the various elements of the Simpson myth have now become popularly accepted as history', Dust, Donkeys and Delusion shows clearly, based on historical documents, both official and unofficial, that almost every word ever spoken or written about Simpson following his death is false.

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Gallipoli: An Australian Medical Perspective. To be successful, a modern army needs logistical support to survive - to arm, feed, transport, and care for its soldiers.

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  6. As history shows us the maintenance of health in any army, is a key factor in warfare. In many respects the Gallipoli campaign was a doomed undertaking. The seeds of ultimate defeat in December were the risks that attended a hugely ambitious, complex, and large-scale amphibious operation - the landings on well-defended shores on the Gallipoli peninsula, under cover of darkness.

    Communications at the time were primitive, while general staff officers had little understanding of their own army's medical assets or the needs of a large medic.. Historically, prolonged campaigns have been frequently lost or won because of the greater fitness of one of the combatant armies. In the twentieth century, infection was still a major problem, leading to withdrawal from Gallipoli, and the near defeat of the Allies due to malaria early in the Second World War's Pacific campaign. Malaria emerged again as a major problem in the Vietnam War.

    The Australian Army Medical Corps, founded in , learned from past medical experience.