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Crochet a hat that is as warm and comfy as it is fun to wear! We used three shades of Baby Hugs yarn to give you confidence that you are using the best tested yarn for your child. Pattern is written for child and teen-adult sizes. Create this Christmas tree in no time, with pompoms and an easy-to-wrap star! Skip to main content. Irresistible Pompom and Tassel Projects Members of the Craft Yarn Council share dozens of delightful pompom and tassel projects along with how-to instructions.

Peruvian Style Knitted Chullo Hat Tutorial

Pompom Tassel Charms. Pompom Hat. Tassel Rug. Tassel Tote Bag. Tassel Wall Hanging. Christmas Stocking with Pompoms.

Mandala Pompom Rug. Pompom Chick. Pompom Crocodile. Tasel and Pompom Scarf. Tassel Embellished Purse. Hat Garland These miniature hat ornaments are a perfect project for new knitters looking for a quick and easy holiday craft. Knit a Reflective Hat If you love working with vibrant colors, then this quick-to-knit hat pattern is perfect for you. Sew Embellished Photo Pillows Learn how to print your favorite image onto fabric and transform it into a personalized pillow. Pompom Dream Catcher.

Pompom Paper Lantern. Pompom Pillow. Pompom Rug. Clouds and Rainbow Garland.

Pomfret Hat. Pompom and Tassels Wall Hanging. Pompom Flowers. Pompom Keyrings.


String of Pompoms Scarf. Criss-Cross Tassel Dishcloth Beginners unite! Instead of the traditional rim up, begin knitting your hat from the top down which is pretty much a foolproof method for getting a knit hat to fit. In this hat knitting pattern Allen leads you step-by-step in making this perfectly fit knitted hat, which was named after her son Ryan.

He picked the bold colors in her pattern, but each knitter is free to pick whichever color scheme makes them happiest. It is a close-fitting hat, much like the ones people wore back then.

Learn to Knit an Earflap Cap - v e r y p i n k . c o m - knitting patterns and video tutorials

She also worked the hat inside out, so she could knit more rows than she purled. Adding a three color braided tassel helps bring a flash of color and a bit of fun to this design. By Mary Jane Mucklestone Inspired by one of her favorite knitting books, Andean Folk Knitting, Mucklestone decided to make her very own adaptation of the fashionable earflap hat pattern.

Using a Shetland diamond for the color work motif, this free knitted hat pattern is meant to be done with the stranded stockinette stitch, which creates long floats on the first and last rows of the motif. By Lisa Shroyer Lisa Shroyer has created a fabulously fun easy knit hat pattern.


The earflaps are made by bending the lower edge of the hat with shaping. Decreases along the centerline of the flaps make them curve downward, while increases curve the center back neck upwards. You will notice that the flared effect of the ear flaps, combined with the round crown and strong line across the forehead, gives this hat a military look. Feel free to be creative when picking out the yarn color. This earflap hat pattern can easily be one for the gals, but choosing another color could easily give this hat a more masculine feel.

If you are interested in making a knitted hat that is fun and leaves you with a beautiful result, this is the hat knitting pattern for you.

Hat knit patterns for head circumference 53 - 54 cms ( 21 - 21.5 in )

Although this hat is designed to be worn long after the berries are gone, this should bring back some tasty summer memories. When making this knit hat, Meema made extra-long l-cord ties for fun, but you can always make them shorter. Enjoy making a summer inspired knit hat that will keep you warm all winter long. By Sandi Wiseheart Wiseheart has created the perfect knitting pattern to help guide you in making a design that will keep you warm, while also looking great with your formal attire.

The yarn she uses in this pattern is actually made up of three different yarns: a railroad ribbon, a multi-hued silky twist, and a lovely merino.

She ended up with a simple mobius loop that is both dressy and practical. If you have been searching for fabulous hat knitting patterns, hats are a great place to start!

Learn to Knit an Earflap Cap

Because they are small, they knit up quickly and can make a huge impact on your cool weather wardrobe. We selected this collection of reader favorite hat knitting patterns just for you! Snuggle-up on your couch with all of your knitting supplies and follow one of these 10 free hat knitting patterns. In no time you will have a satisfying end result that will add that perfect accessory to your winter wardrobe.