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He must have Moral character and honesty. He must be well prepared with his subjects. He must have a good knowledge of his subjects.

Physically and mentally fit for the job. He should be active and smart in the classroom. While teaching he should use so many support materials. The support material should be prepared himself. The pupils should be joyful in the class. A good teacher of children understands childhood in an engaging way.

She understands that childhood culture is more universal than adult culture, and therefore easier to engage with any place any time. Everybody will have their own opinion on this because it is impossible to please everybody at the same time. It is very difficult to say what a good teacher is when I am still a student and have seen my share of what a teacher should do.

I think that the qualities that a teacher should maintain are the abilities to relate to their students on their on level, make learning fun and easy to understand, be nice so students will listen, make the kids look forward to entering the classroom, and above all Once we love, enjoy and appreciate the individuality of each and every child in our classroom - everything else falls into place.

A good teacher takes cognisance of the fact that they are role models for children remembering that we teach more by what we do than by what we say! This is a challenge for the best of us!!!! A good teacher is someone who can learn from his students, who can learn with them, and for them.

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He also must be honest in his relationships with students, and proud enough about his own value to work, from there, on helping his students to build their own self esteem. One who has no bias, no fixed point of view, open eyes to see and explore life and learning itself, is the best teacher for he is a child too! I have been reading through this column - "What makes a good teacher? The teacher should be loving, know the children personally in order to help them with their problems. To win their confidence should be the teacher's first aim - though strictness has to be in its place. A good teacher still remains a human being like you and me so that it is obvious that the qualities listed above are useful to keep in mind to be or become a good teacher, but they are only few of the qualities teachers need to "survive" in their everyday life.

A good teacher needs besides a lot of other important features to provide feedback and consequences to students. It makes no sense if a teacher tells a pupil to leave the class five times. Advice can only be useful if they are taken seriously. Apart from that a good teacher, of course, has to be humorous, friendly but not too friendly , and well prepared for the lessons. And it is important for a teacher to find the right way between passion for his subject and the interests of the class.

In brief, a teacher needs self-confidence and knowledge about her subject s , but the most important thing is that a teacher has to enjoy what she does! She has to be enthusiastic and she has to have a true interest in her pupils!!! A teacher should have various qualities. A teacher should be a person you can always speak to and be able to give you some advice in case you need help.

Besides,he must have up-to-date knowledge of the subjects he is teaching. I want to be a guide for "my children": I want them to look to the world, ask themselves questions, see that they can do something, be surprised and curious to learn, grateful for what they have and have respect for eachother and for others There are so many things that we can do.

A good teacher is the one who: is a master in the subjects taught. One who doesn't 'teach' but instead is willing to 'learn' with the child and from the child. A good teacher is the one that has excellent end results. A good teacher never forgets what it is like to be a learner - vulnerable, anxious and dependent! Remembering this, a good teacher looks at a student and sees "only the soul of a human being". A student is a teacher's equal - both leading each other to grow in knowledge, both learning about 'self' and not playing a power struggle for today, both smiling in satisfaction for a job well done!

One who is child friendly, caring, kind hearted, humble, patient, who has the fear of God, who is always ready to give a listening ear, who is not jealous because most teachers are always jealous and envious of their students , a motherly love.

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I feel there should be a rule and punishment for teachers who maltreat and call children names. Teachers are suppose to be children's best friends instead they are their worst enemies. In fact, some children refuse to go to school because of their teachers. Children are not suppose to learn with fear. I work with a children NGO and they children complain a lot to me about their teachers. A real friend is someone who knows all about you and still he loves you.

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A good teacher is a good friend. A good teacher is someone who teaches us like children with love. A good teacher does not dictate what is written on the book or the curricullum. A good teacher shows the whole wide world to the students. Today's child will be a man of tomorrow. Teachers must be a symbol of kindness and love.

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I think a good teacher must guide the student throughout his needs, both textual and personal. He should love, serve and honour the child. A good teacher is like a loving parent Everyone in the world is a teacher in a sense. We all teach something to someone at one point in our lives. Adaptable people don't blame.

To adapt to something new you must forego the old. Without curiosity, there is no adaptability. Adaptable people learn—and keep learning. Curiosity enables growth; it pulls you along, as opposed to willpower, which pushes you forward. Willpower only lasts so long as you like being pushed. Does anybody like being pushed? Communication is at the heart of everything we do, and adaptable people realize the impact their words, tone and body language have on others which is why they plug-and-play according to the personalities involved.

No, not systems of stars or galaxies was I way off on that one? What I mean is adaptable people see the entire forest rather than just a few trees.

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They have to, otherwise they would lack the repertoire of context from which they base their decisions on to adapt. The more context you have, the more choices that position you toward change. I'm a principal and senior advisor at N2 Growth, a completely integrated service firm where we serve senior leaders and their teams by way of executive search, leadershi I write about leadership, adaptability and high performing teams.