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Lovin' Cup Lyrics - Ford Blues Band feat. Robben Ford

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Back to top. Lovin' Cup is a strain noted for its trouble-free growing pattern with high yields, colorful blossoms and wonderful aromas. The terpenes come through very nicely on the flavour as well. The effects are very powerful on the Lovin' Cup.

Lovin' Cup: The Taste of Music

The most indica leaning pheno is a recessive Blueberry plant which is extremely sedating, has a quicker bloom time and denser buds. The Ms. Universe phenotype is on the opposite side of the spectrum with more of an uplifting high and has a bigger yield but takes a little longer to boom.

Allow this pheno some room to stretch, she likes to get big! Lovely plants with a wk bloom time, and mid october outdoors in the northern hemisphere.

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Genetics: Shishkaberry x Ms. Universe Please Note: This content is for informational and educational use only.

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First, it was generous as far as chicken soups go: lots of tender meat, a few vegetables, a little bit of rice and enough black pepper to keep you awake but not enough to start you sneezing. Portobello mushroom, good. Spinach, fresh. Provolone, extremely hot and melted. Tomato, very thickly sliced. The spicy and sweet red pepper stuff smeared on both slices of bread, absolutely the most memorable part of the sandwich.

Potato chips and pickle, a good filler for some, but for this eater, a bit of a snooze. It's the lunch menu minus the cold sandwiches plus appetizers and a seven dinner entrees that range from a cozy pork schnitzel with mashed potatoes and gravy to a seafood and sausage soup with French bread.

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Over the years, I've visited Lovin' Cup often enough to rank the reasons why I return. While the food is good and the beer and wine are interesting, I'm more captivated by the feel-good vibe a combination of friendly staff and friendly customers and the live music. The grab bag of local talent comes out of the woodwork this Monday as the fifth annual Lovin' Cup Idol launches. Hours: Noon to 10 p. Sunday; 11 a.