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Processor The ultimate O. Auto tuning intelligently pushes the system to the fastest clock speeds while maintaining stability.

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Turbo Key boosts performance with just one touch; while TurboV offers more options to advanced overclockers to achieve world O. Auto System Level Up to Tuning is an intelligent tool that automates overclocking to achieve a total system level up.

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This tool also provides stability testing. Even O. After the easy setup, Turbo Key can boost performances without interrupting ongoing work or games, simply through pressing the button. All it takes is one click in the TurboV EVO interface and Turbo Unlocker automatically and dynamically adjusts each core frequency to speed up performance based on actual system load.

Turbo Unlocker gets you in touch with more performance exactly when you need it. User-friendly UI facilitates flexible frequency and voltage adjustments. Its ability to deliver multiple overclocking profiles also provides rapid and stable system-level upgrades. Unleashes ultimate memory performances with independent power to core components, while providing fast transient response and stability for the CPU under heavy loading or overclocking modes.

Any Memory is A-OK!

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This remarkable memory rescue tool requires a mere push of a button to patch memory issues. Get your system up and running in no time!

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This special design prevents expensive devices and the motherboard from damage caused by power surges from switching power supply PSU. The brand new 2 colors features 0-dB thermal solution that offers users a noiseless PC environment. The Paten Pending 2-colors design within the beautifully curved fins upgrade the visual enjoyment for the motherboard users, it also effectively cools down hot airflows generated by the north bridge chipset. Control up to 6 characters from various futuristic backgrounds to investigate strange happenings in the mines.

Interesting skills and plot make up for the boring and repetitive combats. Screenshots from MobyGames. Zyco 2 points Commodore 64 version. Great game! Most immersive game experience of my life together with Elite. Wish I could go back and rediscover this one. Jim 1 point. Mines of Titan is definitely harder if you level up too quick.

Some enemies are different and hit harder than Mars. LordofEntropy 1 point.

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I definitely remember it as Mars Saga. Martin Hansen 0 point. Ikon 1 point. This is Mines of Titan, based mostly on Mars Saga. The inner, rocky planets are Mercury , Venus , Earth and Mars. The outer planets are gas giants Jupiter and Saturn and ice giants Uranus and Neptune. Beyond Neptune, a newer class of smaller worlds called dwarf planets reign, including perennial favorite Pluto. Explore in 3D—Eyes on the Solar System Eyes on the Solar System lets you explore the planets, their moons, asteroids, comets and the spacecraft exploring them from to Ride with the Curiosity Rover as it lands on Mars or fly by Pluto with the New Horizons spacecraft all from the comfort of your home computer.

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