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To ask other readers questions about Return to Darkness , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Dec 08, Nick Cato rated it it was amazing. The backstory: Dr. Michael Cayle--who has moved his family from Manhattan to a small town in New Hampshire--becomes a slave to a race of small creatures known as Isolates.

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They hold his wife and daughter prisoner as they force Michael to heal their sick and mend their wounded in their underground lair. The creatures have control of everyone in town, and five surrounding towns are also under their spell, making escape impossible. Michael about to committ suicide, when the thought of his wife and daughter out there in the woods convinces him to go on with the hellish ordeal. His wife--having been raped by an Isolate and given birth to a demon baby in the first novel--now has Isolate DNA running through her veins.

The only way for Michael to get his family back is to have a different person sacrifice an animal to the creatures A family of four move in to the neighborhood, and before long Michael plans ways to get one of them to take his place. But the father is a drunk lunatic, his wife and teenage son no better.

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The eighteen-year-old daughter Shea, however, takes a liking to Michael, and before long helps him find his daughter while he helps her to get revenge on her father who has raped and abused her since she was a child. What follows is a bloody horrific time as Michael--with increasingly poor health due to struggles with the Isolates--plots a way to escape the cursed town with his daughter, all the while wondering what to do about his possessed wife and his feelings for the young girl who risks life and limb to help him. Laimo gives the "ancient evil in a small town" thing a fresh kick in the pants here, delivering a sequel that's every bit as frightening as its predecessor.

He has an utterly long hair and a sturdily built up body — the latter can be explained by the fact he has been pumping up iron with a devastating conviction throughout the years inside. No room for weakness here, literally. He is doing time in isolation at the time of the visit because of a certain incident.

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What are your values of life and would you rather die than break them? Everyone have their values. It can be anything from normally accepted social norms to deep convictions based on lifestyle. Mine would be that I view the world as a jungle and you can use all necessary means in order to survive. Survival is after all quite important, both physically and psychically. My value is to stay alive, in a somewhat proper condition. Would you say then your life has been constant development physically as well as psychically?

I tend to have a very pessimistic way of looking at life. Sometimes I think my life has been one step forward and two steps back. I have my own ability to get stuck in shit, so to say. But of course my life has been constant development, both physically as well as psychically. If I realized something else would be the case, something had gone wrong. Anyway, since my imprisonment I have opened my mind and started to look at other things in my life.

I was too narrow-minded and ignorant when I was outside. Just a stupid little kid who thought he knew things about life. Anyway, everyone has a past. It seems like if the prison sentence has changed you as a person to a rather high extent. Am I right? Yeah, it has certainly changed me a lot. I have learned a lesson or two about life and it has made me rethink many of my previous views and attitudes.

Everyone would benefit from a year or so in prison, I really mean it. Is there anything you regret doing in the past? There are always things I rethink over and give a lot of thoughts, but as a principle I never regret anything I have done. Black Metal as a movement has been infected for several years now by an unserious bunch of pathetic loosers. How do you feel about the whole thing now?

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  • In the beginning — after my arrest — I was still very hooked up on the Black Metal movement and back then it was obvious for me that Black Metal was the last thing I had left, but I have of course somewhat changed my views in the recent years. The point is gone and it serves no purpose, really. The best aspect was probably that we created something new and we created shockwaves in the politically correct, conformity-oriented established world of music, not only nationally but internationally. The world had never seen anything like that before and it did not only affect musical milieus, but also other parts of the remaining society.

    Creating a wave, that somewhat is still rolling.

    See a Problem?

    Yes, the wave of heathendom is still rolling rather efficiently in Norway. There are numerous Anti-Christian bands constantly releasing strong albums and as I have gathered, even churches are still burning. Do you think there is an end to this? Well, seriously, the burnings have decreased very much now, as good as no burnings have occurred the last year Still thinking back, what comes up in your mind as the best and worst memories of your life?

    A very difficult question to answer really, perhaps because my best memories include my worst memories and vice versa. I have a lot of bad memories from the early times of my arrest of course like the custody, the trouble of accepting my situation and such, but there are also a lot of good memories from that, too. Some of my best memories are from my time with Emperor, what we achieved when I was in the band, the records and such. Emperor were always looked upon as a bunch of extremists caught up in the primitive ways of Satanism.

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    Today the band have risen to be one of the leading metal acts of this decade. The band started out playing primitive and straight-to-the-core Black Metal. From the beginning it was clear that no compromises would be made. Just about all reviews and feedbacks on the album were highly positive, which, of course, pleased me very much as this was the last release I would appear on with Emperor because I was arrested about a month after the recordings was finished. Some people say today that Emperor have sold out and become rockstars and all that shit.

    People are basically stupid, and trying to explain something for the common man is a waste of time. Just hang your head against the wall and you will achieve better results.

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    End of story. Just out of pure curiosity, is there any particular Emperor track that means the most to you and brings up the old gloriful memories alive again? Man, I totally love that song. Too bad there never were time, money or possibility for a video of that song. It would have been beautiful, really. How about occultism and Satanism?

    The Darkness: A Series That Needs to Return

    Once there was a time you were, may I say, possessed by these themes. Does either one play a role in your life anymore? They did once, or probably, I thought they did. There was a time when I was kinda into all that, although I might have felt it as an obligation as well, and I was reading everything I could about it. I still have interest for the dark side — especially those of man — but Satanism and occultism as thesis, ideologies or ways of life are not really on my daily agenda.

    Today I read more about man and what motivates him to do what he does. Furthermore I prefer reading a lot of history and I study the history of religions at school, which indeed, includes a lot of occultism — especially from the history of Christendom and Middle Eastern mythology. I had developed the habit of conversing with my Heavenly Father while driving. As I prayed during this car ride, my mind was enlightened, and a new hope was placed within my heart. I realized that my life was glowing and getting increasingly brighter, just like the eastern horizon. The darkness was dissipating, and my sins, which were as great as that full moon, were descending.

    They were not yet gone, but I knew that they soon would be if I continued my sincere repentance. I had hope that someday my life would be as bright as noonday.