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The images were created by the Sinagua people between AD. This large panel has two turtle-like figures towards the top, which are identified as being symbols of the Water Clan--the official sun watchers of the Sinagua. A man named Kenneth Zoll observed the progress of the sun across the petroglyphs over the course of a year, and he makes a convincing argument that the site was used as a solar calendar for agrarian and ceremonial purposes.

His book and website are called Sinagua Sunwatchers--learn more about the Sinagua, the V Bar V site and archaeoastronomy by clicking here.

Sinagua sunwatchers : an archeoastronomy survey of the Sacred Mountain Basin

Here's another photo. I'm drawn to the large birdlike figures. Maybe it's the Bird Clan? I don't find a reference to these in Zoll's book, but Bird Clan works for me! Posted by Cynthia Anderson at AM. Sunday, November 21, Montezuma's Well. We had an early Thanksgiving get-together last weekend with my parents and brother in Prescott, Arizona.

We took an excursion one day out to Cornville, which is in the Verde Valley area between Prescott and Sedona. We ate lunch at the Manzanita Inn, a popular spot with excellent crepes, sandwiches and burgers--worth a stop if you're in the area. Above: Steve, Bill, Mom, and Dad. After lunch we headed to Montezuma's Well, just a short distance away. It's a gigantic natural cistern that has been there since prehistoric times, filled by over a million gallons of water a day from underground springs.

Ken Zoll - Prehistoric Astronomy of Central Arizona

They say it was actually once a cavern and the roof caved in, exposing what you see here. An outlet sends copious amounts of water into Beaver Creek and keeps the water level constant. The cliff dwellings along the top are relics of the Sinagua culture.

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These stairs lead down to an Indian cave dwelling. There was also once a thriving pueblo on the rim, see photo below. The setting is completely unspoiled with sweeping views--it's part of the Montezuma's Castle National Monument but 11 miles away. Thursday, November 11, Park Therapy.

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