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You are now able to connect directly with your suppliers through external assignments. With Verse Solutions External Assignments, users can eliminate gaps in communication by tying suppliers directly into the Corrective Action process. Linking External Supplier Assignments to the Corrective Action process allows users to specifically outline the mandatory details needed to send to specified suppliers. After this is done, the user is able to receive notifications of any actions taken and will be able to enter the information directly into a secure record.

This allows the information from suppliers to be directly connected to Corrective Action processes and keeps users notified in real-time. External Supplier Assignments allow collaboration to become a part of your internal compliance processes. This phase allows you to configure the forms, fields and data elements you want to share with the supplier, only. Once completed, the supplier will receive an e-mail notifying them that a pending action is waiting for them in your Verse system.

Once the supplier receives the record they will have access until the form is returned. The display of the form and fields can be configured, so that they will only have access to that singular form, which is protected from the rest of your solution. The supplier can then fill out the necessary information needed. Once they do and hit submit, the information is automatically routed back to the sender and populates in the SCAR form.

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The supplier will no longer have access to that form. The External Assignment for suppliers is part of the Verse Solutions product, and is available for unlimited use. You can send as many SCAR assignments to as many suppliers as you need, with no impact on your licenses, usage of current package. Sets the dataset field type to be used as the citation date for the given dataset if the dataset does not include the dataset field type, the default logic is used.

The name of the dataset field type should be sent in the body of the reqeust. Note that the dataset field used has to be a date field:. Restores the default logic of the field type to be used as the citation date.

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Same as PUT with :publicationDate body:. If Dataverse does not properly detect a file type, specifying the content type via API like this a potential workaround. Example python code to add a file. This may be run by changing these parameters in the sample code:. The example below shows both uses.

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The people who need to review the dataset often curators or journal editors can check their notifications periodically via API to see if any new datasets have been submitted for review and need their attention. See the Notifications section for details. Alternatively, these curators can simply check their email or notifications to know when datasets have been submitted or resubmitted for review. There is a way to do this outside of this interface, however. First, the curator creates a JSON file that contains the reason for return:. In the example below, the curator has saved the JSON file as reason-for-return.

The review process can sometimes resemble a tennis match, with the authors submitting and resubmitting the dataset over and over until the curators are satisfied. If the dataset is not locked or if there is no lock of the requested type , the API will return an empty list. If the dataset is not locked or if there is no lock of the specified type , the API will exit with a warning message.

Note that the API calls above all support both the database id and persistent identifier notation for referencing the dataset. Please note that these dataset level metrics are only available if support for Make Data Count has been enabled in your installation of Dataverse. Please note that in the curl examples, Bash environment variables are used with the idea that you can set a few environment variables and copy and paste the examples as is. To confirm that the environment variable was set properly, you can use echo like this:. Calling the destroy endpoint is permanent and irreversible.

It will remove the dataset and its datafiles, then re-index the parent dataverse in Solr. This endpoint requires the API token of a superuser. Files can be added via the native API but the operation is performed on the parent object, which is a dataset. Please see the Datasets endpoint above for more information.

This is done by passing the constant :persistentId where the numeric id of the file is expected, and then passing the actual persistent id as a query parameter with the name persistentId.

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Restrict or unrestrict an existing file where id is the database id of the file or pid is the persistent id DOI or Handle of the file to restrict. Note that some Dataverse installations do not allow the ability to restrict files. Attempt to ingest an existing datafile as tabular data.

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This API can be used on a file that was not ingested as tabular back when it was uploaded. For example, a Stata v. Dataverse uses a variety of methods for determining file types MIME types or content types and these methods listed below are updated periodically. If you have files that have an unknown file type, you can have Dataverse attempt to redetect the file type. Replace an existing file where id is the database id of the file to replace or pid is the persistent id DOI or Handle of the file. Requires the file to be passed as well as a jsonString expressing the new metadata.

Note that metadata such as description, directoryLabel File Path and tags are not carried over from the file being replaced:. Provides a json representation of the file metadata for an existing file where id is the database id of the file to replace or pid is the persistent id DOI or Handle of the file:. The current draft can also be viewed if you have permissions and pass your apiKey :. Note: The id returned in the json response is the id of the file metadata version.

Updates the file metadata for an existing file where id is the database id of the file to replace or pid is the persistent id DOI or Handle of the file. Requires a jsonString expressing the new metadata. No metadata from the previous version of this file will be persisted, so if you want to update a specific field first get the json with the above command and alter the fields you want:. Also note that dataFileTags are not versioned and changes to these will update the published version of the file.

Starting the release 4. The following API will retrieve and permanently store the sizes for any already existing saved originals:.

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Otherwise it will do so for the first N such datafiles. Remote vs. For security reasons, builtin users cannot be created via API unless the team who runs the Dataverse installation has populated a database setting called BuiltinUsers. You will need to know the value of BuiltinUsers. KEY before you can proceed. You can download user-add. Place this user-add. Note that both the password of the new user and the value of BuiltinUsers.

KEY are passed as query parameters:. Explicit groups list their members explicitly. The request body is the same as the create group one, except that the group alias cannot be changed. Thus, the field aliasInOwner is ignored. Bulk add role assignees to an explicit group. The response contains the version and build numbers:. Get the server name.

This is useful when a Dataverse system is composed of multiple Java EE servers behind a load balancer:. CORS Lists brief info about all metadata blocks registered in the system:. CORS Return data about the block whose identifier is passed. This is the administrative part of the API. For security reasons, it is absolutely essential that you block it before allowing public access to a Dataverse installation.

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Blocking can be done using settings. See the post-install-api-block. Sets setting name to the body of the request:. List the authentication provider factories. The alias field of these is used while configuring the providers themselves. Add new authentication provider. Enable or disable an authentication provider denoted by id :. The former endpoint, ending with :enabled that is, with a colon , is still supported, but deprecated. The body of the request should be either true or false.

Deletes an authentication provider from the system. The command succeeds even if there is no such provider, as the postcondition holds: there is no provider by that id after the command returns. Creates a global role in the Dataverse installation. Only accessible to superusers. Optional parameters:. List user whose identifier without the sign is passed:. If a user has created multiple accounts and has been performed actions under both accounts that need to be preserved, these accounts can be combined. One account can be merged into another account and all data associated with both accounts will be combined in the surviving account.

This action moves account data from jsmith2 into the account jsmith and deletes the account of jsmith2. Allows them to log in with the new identifier. Toggles superuser mode on the AuthenticatedUser whose identifier without the sign is passed. Note that identifier can contain slashes e. Private URL users start with. There is a known issue that once a link to a dataverse or dataset is created, it cannot be removed apart from database manipulation and reindexing which is why a DELETE endpoint for saved searches is neither documented nor functional.

Execute a saved search by database id and make links to dataverses and datasets that are found. The JSON response indicates which dataverses and datasets were newly linked versus already linked.

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Execute all saved searches and make links to dataverses and datasets that are found. Validate the dataset and its components DatasetVersion, FileMetadatas, etc.

This API streams its output in real time, i.