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Jarvis Cocker

Keri seems like the type of biker who would obey traffic signals and do the turn-y motions with her arms instead of plowing through people trying to walk here. When you're a supermodel but your pup is like "We all know who really runs the show, Helena. Young Ronald Reagan could get it, especially in a setting as barf-inducing-ly picturesque as this.

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Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Road Trippin' Through Southern California. Splash News.

Kendall Jenner. Natalie Portman. Do people in L.

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Hugh Jackman. And on the unreal-er side of things, here is Wolverine just gone for a dip. Jackie Kennedy. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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Princess Anne. Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid. Milla Jovovich.

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Tag yourself. I'm the left-most very good boy who's too hyper to walk himself. Lea Michele. Amanda Seyfried.

David Beckham And Other Celebrities Who Love To Fish

Gavin Rossdale. Vanessa Hudgens. Wouldn't want to cramp now, would we? Also, what is the light in California?? Celebs: They're just like us! Innovation Are you ready for the International Physics Olympiad?

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Take a seat in the world's first all-electric plane Stephen Hawking's prediction confirmed, thanks to lab-created black hole. Apple and Pear's house salad dressing. Lifestyle For the Israeli women's football team, the journey is uphill and filled with optimism Three lessons I learned from my cousin, Albert Einstein American-Israeli equestrian becomes fashion icon on her way to the Olympics.

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