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The privilege of voting , or of having a voice in sending some man to some place. The German peasants have an awful dread of the officials , and the very circumstance of officials being at the polling-booth to receive their votes is quite enough to keep them away. If the Prussians be really sincere in their constitutional tendencies , they ought rather to employ persons expressly to get up a little political enthusiasm , and even offer a bounty to every elector coming to tho poll. It sang the praises of. Germany and the glorious prospects of constitutional Prussia , yet the , authorities thought it too violent in tone , and forbade its distribution.

What grounds can the authorities possibly advance for this interference with the smallest right of a representative system? Tho Prussian Government has sneaked into favour with the people of England under the pretence of being liberal , tolerant , constitutional ; but what is the fact? The press is fettered as much as in France or Russia , and the people themselves ten times worse.

The poor German can hardly go to bod or get up -without a police certificate. But in forbidding the circulation of election addresses , what object does the. Is thore any danger of an outbreak? Ia it presumed that the framers of tho addresses have some sinister motive in tho background? The men who have issued these addresses have always made it their boast never to step beyond the limits of tho constitution ; these men are the most moderate of the noncontents ; they are few in number , and deserve to be encouraged.

The malcontents—the rebellious—may bo counted by millions. Tho present Government pf Prussia Is not taking the wisest meana to impart confidence in the stability of tho existing order of things. Their interference with the press and elections at this time is a confession of a spirit of rebellion socking to exert itself in the country.

Thore is a spirit of rebellion , and a bitter one ;.

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If I were to repeat the nowapapor reports upon tho state of the King of Prussia ' s health , and tho progress of , the regency question , my letters would only bo mado up of assertions and contradictions. Not a word that is uttered ; by tho Gorman journals ls to bo credited , for tho simple reason that they are not permitted to publish the truth , oven i ' f they could ascertain It.

Consequently , should the question be referred to the Chamber , the Court party will carry out their views , for the Liberals will be most assuredly iu the minority in tho next election.

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The Prince is the man of the people ; in him they place their frail hope , while the Court party is held in utter detestation. The Prince has but to speak , and the Court would be scattered in an instant ; but no violent measure will be attempted , and it was probably to bush such an expectation that the Prince alluded to " the dangers attendant upon the ideas of , which are not eradicated but only kept in check.

The National Zeitung has been again confiscated , as li kewise the Vossisscke Zeitung , which , by the way , is the oldest. An article upon the Regency led to its seizure. This is presuming a little too much upon the blindness or stolidity of their countrymen. Do tho authorities really fancy that the people have neither eyes nor brains?

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Why , every one who reads knows that this question of the Regency has been under consideration for these twelve months past , during which time the journals haye hardly dared to utter their views upon it , and when they did venture , they expressed their sentiments so moderately , so timidly , with reference to the authorities , and so respectfully when mentioning the King , as to bring themselves into contempt with tho people , who dotcst both authorities and King.

When the Government talks of tho journals encroaching upon sacred ground , it is an insult to common sense , for the press is allowed no voico at all. The Danish question is known to bo still pending , but every avenue to information respecting the transactions of the Federal Diet is hermetically sealed. There aro rumours afloat that Denmark has lately mado some concessions.

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This rumour has originated from tho circumstance that at the last sitting of tho Committee tho Danish Ambassador was present , and Prince Mottornieh hastily sent for from Johanniaberg. There has been a great deal of visiting going on lately amongst Emperors , Kings , and Princes , which is looked upon as boding no good for civil liberty bore. Tho chains of despotism are being daily tightened more and more in every diroction. The Congress which was advertised to moot at Gotha has commenced Us patriotic labours , and with an ordorlinoss and dignity worthy of tho objoct which tho members have in vlow.

Tho first subject discussed was that of tho Guilds , tho ovila of which havo boon thoroughly oxposnd in a work just published entitled " IPrelholt dor ArboW Freedom of Labour , by Dr.

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It would inako an Engllxh working man open hia oyos very wide to road of tho present condition of tho Gorman working man. This poor oroaturo' is obliged to serve an apprenticeship of a certain number of yoara , nt the expiration of which ho Is forced to travol from town to town , In a proscribed direction , which ho daro not deviate from under penalty of Imprisonment. At every town he comes to ho has to present himaolf at. Nineteenth-Century Serials Edition Facsimiles.

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Untitled Article a country house , besides his earnings , and he aaked the girl to write him an account of her means. Formications are also to bo subsequently constructed : tt Uoulogno and Calais. Germany ' admiring a splendid piece of sculpture ; on another occasion he is enraptured with a masterpiece of painting , or attending divine service , or enjoy ing the retirement of the domestic circle , and so forth.

Many stories are in circulation about his doings , but it would be improper to repeat them , for he is kept so close that no one can see him—as , indeed , he ought to be ; not even his most intimate associates are allowed access to him. MacIvor is particularly adept in depicting sibling dynamics and women's relationships. He premiered a new play, entitled Confession , about three generations of women, at the Mulgrave Road Theatre , and workshopped a follow-up called Redemption at the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal.

The third play in the trilogy, Communion Tarragon is also a story of three women: a dying mother who believes in nothing, her estranged daughter who has embraced fundamentalist Christianity, and a mediating therapist who loses faith in therapy, as they struggle to understand each other and themselves. It is one of his more powerful and moving works. MacIvor's plays are often highly metatheatrical: the characters observe their own performances.

In A Beautiful View the two women whose relationship is constantly shifting and redefining itself, know they are on stage, and are aware that they are enacting the past, and moving towards an inevitable conclusion. For MacIvor, however, the words are paramount: he writes text in order to ignite performance.

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  • It was subsequently produced at Prairie Theatre Exchange in October to enthusiastic reviews. MacIvor has commented that it constitutes his " Norm Foster " play. The Best Brothers premiered at the Stratford Festival in , with MacIvor as the controlling, uptight brother, and John Beale as the feckless, irresponsible brother, mourning in very different ways the death of their mother, crushed by a Brazilian gay man in a fall from a float in the Toronto Gay Pride Parade.

    The real battle, however, is over which brother she loved the most, and who will inherit the destructive dog she came to love. MacIvor's most recent trilogy of monologues, entitled I, Animal , were written for performance by other actors.

    Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia - Healey, Michael

    They explore the nature of being human in terms of animal behaviour: a black nurse from Halifax takes his dog for a walk, while strenuously defending his violent defence of his sexual orientation as "queer", rather than "gay"; a boy in a hoodie who has become a social outcast in his school is used by cheerleader for sexual games; and a divorced woman wearing Prada in an airport, who has left a young lover when their holiday goes awry, calmly states her preference for a palomino.

    In Arigato Tokyo Buddies in Bad Times, March , a Canadian author on a book tour in Japan is involved in a complex sexual triangle with his young interpreter and her brother, a Noh actor. The play explores the cultural differences between East and West in terms of attitudes to love and sex.

    His monologue, Who Killed Spalding Gray? Daniel Brooks. It was published by Playwrights Canada in Two friends played by McIvor and Andrew Moodie reunite after thirty years and disinter a surprisingly fraught personal history.