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In Democracy and the News, one of America's most astute social critics explores the crucial link between a weakened news media and weakened democracy. Building on his classic media critique Deciding What's News, Herbert Gans shows how, with the advent of cable news networks, the internet, and a proliferation of other sources, the role of contemporary journalists has shrunk, as the audience for news moves away from major print and electronic media to smaller and smaller outlets. Gans argues that journalism also suffers from assembly-line modes of production, with the major product being publicity for the president and other top political officials, the very people citizens most distrust.

In such an environment, investigative journalism--which could offer citizens the information they need to make intelligent critical choices on a range of difficult issues--cannot flourish.

How Brexit ‘betrayal’ left us angry, bitter and ready for a revolution

But Gans offers incisive suggestions about what the news media can do to recapture its role in American society and what political and economic changes might move us closer to a true citizen's democracy. Touching on questions of critical national importance, Democracy and the News sheds new light on the vital importance of a healthy news media for a healthy democracy.

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Hidden deep within the margins of your daily newspaper, a global struggle for free and fair elections is underway. It is time to see the world anew from a pro-democracy perspective…. Click a link to get the latest news and be sure to share your own thoughts. DC on facebook and twitter.

CEO Column: Press Access Is Essential to Democracy

The following list of nations, although not exhaustive, is another great way for you to explore world democracy at DC. Click any country for the latest articles! There is not the slightest attempt to conceal his agenda. It is blatant, bold and belligerent.

A mission for journalism in a time of crisis

And it confirms yet again the way in which he links political interventions to his commercial desires. The similarities between Labor in and the Coalition in are uncanny.

Coalition Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison. And both parties have suffered from disunity and division, although the Coalition is perhaps even more divided than Labor was in on core policy issues such as climate change.

The article can only be described as an ultra-partisan hatchet job. Read more: A matter of mis trust: why this election is posing problems for the media. But the article illustrates how damning it is for diversity and plurality when media ownership is as concentrated as it is in Australia, with News Corp being the dominant player by far.

If the dominant outlet in such a media landscape decides to wholeheartedly back one side of politics, it will undoubtedly impact the tenor of a campaign and skew the information voters rely on to make up their minds.