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And I know there's enough dictionaries floating around up here to probably fill the room up, so you can check that out. It means a sacrifice. It usually means a sacrifice of an animal. So we'd like you, if you'd like to do that, so people ask you "Have you been to the trial," tell them that you've been down or heard about the hecatomb, because that's what it is.

It's a public sacrifice. It's a situation where they're trying to unjustly, illegally try our Chairman. We look at it as a manifestation of the Dred Scott Decision. We look at Chairman Bobby as being the manifestation of Dred Scott in And we look at Judge Hoffman as being a manifestation of Judge Taney in Because in Dred Scott was a negro, a former slave--he was still a slave, because we're slaves--who went into court and evidently had some type of misunderstanding about what he was in American society, where he fit in.

So he went to the Supreme Court to have Judge Taney answer him and try to clear up some mistaken ideas that he had floatin' around in his little old head. Ang Judge Taney did just that. Judge Taney explained to him very clearly that, "Nigger, you're nobody, you're property, you're a slave. That the systems--the legal system, the judicial system--all types of systems that are functioning in America today was set up long before you got here, brother. Because we brought you over to make money to keep what we've got going, these avaricious, greedy businessmen, to keep what we've got going, going on.

And Dred Scott couldn't understand this. There was a big rebuttal. And at that time, Judge Taney made a statement that has become famous. And that statement, maybe not in the same words but through actions ant through social practice, is being manifested down at the New reigstag Building at Jackson and Dearborn.

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It's being manifested through Judge Hoffman by saying the same thing that Judge Taney said in When he told Dred Scott that "Nigger, a black man in America has no rights which a white man is bound to respect. And we understand. You know a lot of people have hang-ups with the Party because the Party talks about a class struggle.

And the people that have those hang-ups are opportunists, and cowards, and individualists and everything that's anything but revolutionary. And they use these things as an excuse to justify and to alibi and to bonify their lack of participation in the real revolutionary struggle. So they say, "Well, I can't dig the Panther Party because the Panthers they are engrossed with dealing with oppressor country radicals, or white people, or hunkies, or what have you.

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They said these are some of the excuses that I use to negate really why I am not in the struggle. We got a lot of answers for those people. First of all, we say primarily that the priority of this struggle is class. That Marx, and Lenin, and Che Guevara end Mao Tse-Tung and anybody else that has ever said or knew or practiced anything about revolution, always said that revolution is a class struggle.

It was one class--the oppressed--those other class--the oppressor. And it's got to be a universal fact. Those that don't admit to that are those that don't want to get involved in a revolution, because they know that as long as they're dealing with a race thing, they'll never be involved in a revolution. They can talk about numbers; they can hang you up in many, many ways, but as soon as you start talking about class, then you got to start talking about some guns. And that's what the Party had to do.

When the Party started to talk about class struggle, we found that we had to start talking about some guns. If we never negated the fact that there was racism in America, but we said that when you, the by-product, what comes off of racism, that capitalism comes first and next is racism. That when they brought slaves over here, it was to take money. So first the idea came that we want to make money, then the slaves came in order to make that money.

That means that capitalism had to, through historical fact, racism had to come from capitalism. It had to be capitalism first and racism was a by-product of that. And they said niggers over there never will be wearing the type of garb that some of these Africanized fools over here wear. And if you want to dress like some African people, then you oughta dress like the Angolans or the people in Mozambique.

These are the people that are doing something. You need to dress like people that are in liberation struggles. We know that political power flows from the barrel of a gun.

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It has to be true. Check the people who went back to 11th century culture. And then write any Black Panther Party, anywhere in the United States of America, anywhere in Babylon, and ask them how many times the pigs have attacked them. What sense does it make for us to open up a free health clinic where the only prerequisite that you got to have to receive free medical aid is the prerequisite that you be sick.

And you all people come from Chicago. People talking about the Party co-opted by white folks. No does everybody know where 16th and Springfield is at? And that free health clinic was put there because we know where the problem is at. We know that black people are most oppressed. We know that they both have names longer than my arm. And both of them supposed to be so intelligent and so smart. And they know better. So stages, they don went through them. Ron Karenga has more degrees than a thermometer.

And how do they fool you? Because they pick the leaders they want. Look in the papers. But they endorsed, they joined, they supported what fascists were doing at the time. And a lot of people think now that their hands are getting dirty. We call them ideological servants of United States fascism. I think that what Malcolm says is important.


Now think back. Those students were laughing at Malcolm. Can you dig it? They were laughing at Malcolm. Regis Debray, he says the revolutionaries are in the future. That militants and pork chops and all these people, radical students, are in the present, and that most of the rest of the people try to remain in the past. But we know that when Malcolm left, the well almost ran dry. Huey P.

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We call it testing it with objective reality. You see what I mean? They talked us into buying candy bars and throwing the candy away and eating the wrapper. And see, this is a shame. They can sell a one-legged man probably 24 tickets in a asskicking contest, and he knows he has no business being there. See what I mean?

"God Dammit, Louis"

Because as soon as you walk out there, a whole lot of objective reality will vamp down upon your ass and rape you of whatever you have. So whenever this happens, this is when people get a whole lot of mistaken ideas. The only way that anybody can tell you the taste of a pear is if he himself has tasted it. And we deal with what reality is, whether we like it or not. You look and see how tings are and then you deal with that.

We have an undying love for all black people. You hear me? Now what happened? The man that testified against Chairman Bobby in the Conspiracy Trial down in Chicago was a black man. The man that has Chairman Bobby on a murder trial in Connecticut is a black man. The man who murdered Malcolm X is a black man.

You understand? Because Doug and them they criticized us for our liberal stand. They call it liberal.

So they let nobody in their hood but black people. Anybody ever hear about Gloves on the South Side of Chicago? And a lot of niggers is going to school now trying to make a name. A lot of your kids will be calling themselves Huey P. Newton, III. You see, ask the pigs in California.

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Ask them! You see that? Hand me one of them posters, Brother. The one right there. Take a look at this.


And I think the Sister can verify that these are the baddest. These are the movie stars for Babylon, Godamnit. Fuck John Wayne and all this other shit. You ever had the occasion to have a doctor come to your house, or a plumber comes to your house? Suppose a plumber came to your house, he opened up his bag and he had stethoscopes and thermometers and hypodermic needles and syringes. Brother, you got the wrong tools. Suppose somebody came to deliver your baby and he had plumber's tools?

I know you Sisters would scream bloody murder. But we rarely realize that while the price for assertiveness in the USA may not be physical execution, it is execution in every other sense. American women, whether they exemplify success or struggle desperately to survive, are all subjected to merciless hatred, resentment, fear, denunciation, excoriation, retaliation, intimidation, deprivation and inquisition. Women are the permanent unrecognized undercaste of U.

And the proof of that transparent fact is that almost nobody recognizes it! The condition of women dominates the news, but no political conclusions are drawn. In my closest comrades and I stunned the radical movement by launching a faction fight against my then-husband. He had violated every socialist standard of conduct by denying me the right to an uncontested divorce and child custody.

He had provoked a courtroom scandal, accusing me of bad motherhood, over-attention to politics, bad wifery, adultery, and the usual crimes of my gender. Because I labeled his behavior as political treachery, my ex became a martyred hero to most of the Left. It should tell you where I stand on the matter of whether Mike Tyson, because he is a Black man, should be excused for behaving like a demented monster.

I am sick and tired of Rights, Lefts, and Centerites apologizing for men who brutalize women on the grounds that these men are otherwise politically effective and inspirational. But feminists, take heart. There is going to be a new global upsurge of women like you have never seen, one that will engulf every economic relationship, every institution, every government.