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For many years, the history of Byelorussia under Nazi occupation was written primarily from the perspective of the resistance movement. This movement, a reaction to the brutal occupation policies, was very strong indeed. Still, as the author shows, there existed in Byelorussia a whole web of local institutions and organizations which, some willingly, others with reservations, participated in the implementation of various aspects of occupation policies.

Crime Patrol - ক্রাইম প্যাট্রোল (Bengali) - Ep 372 - Kings & Pawns (Part-1)

Focusing on the attitude of German authorities toward the Byelorussians, marked by their anti-Slavic and particularly anti-Byelorussian prejudices on the one hand and the motives of Byelorussian collaborators on the other, the author clearly shows that notwithstanding the postwar trend to marginalize the phenomenon of collaboration or to silence it altogether, the local collaboration in Byelorussia was clearly visible and pervaded all spheres of life under the occupation.

Replete with stunning photography of historic objects from the Museum of Islamic Art collection, this book also sheds light on other, equally venerable board games: backgammon, pachisi ludo and gyan chaupar snakes and ladders. With a variety of game pieces, boards, chess manuals and illustrated manuscripts, it brings to life the vibrant artistic production associated with the games we all love.

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Kings & Pawns: Board Games from India to Spain by William Greenwood

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Playing Black against King's-Pawn Openings (1.e4)

King's Pawn Games are further classified by whether Black responds with Openings beginning with 1. Openings where Black responds to 1.

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The rare instances where the opening does not fall into a more specific category than "King's Pawn Game" are included in codes B00 includes the Nimzowitsch Defence and unusual moves after 1. Nf3 Nc6 3.

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The Black responses which are given one or more chapters in the Encyclopedia of Chess Openings ECO are given below, ranked in order of popularity according to ChessBase. A few of these are not entirely obscure, and have received extensive analysis.

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The remaining replies to 1. MCO does not cover them, considering them so bad as not to merit discussion. Some have exotic names, they are listed below along with instances where they have been used by strong players.

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