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These are very nosey animals who love to watch and follow humans and other animals. Funfact: Did you know that Emus sleep sitting down and only sleep for short periods before waking up! This means that they have a series of short naps through the night.

Learn Farm Animals Names & Sounds For Kids - Finger Family Song

Name: Andy Origin: Andes Mountains, South America Diet: Herbivore: they like to eat grasses, leaves, weeds and shrubs Height: centimetres tall at their shoulders Weight: lbs. Facts: 1. Alpaca fleece is softer than cashmere or angora and warmer and lighter than wool. They make a humming sound when communicating with each other, this sound is like a musical purring, alpacas make a high pitched tooting sound when in danger 3. There are two types of alpacas: Huacaya and Suri alpacas.

These are distinguished by their fleece. Huacaya alpacas have a dense, crimped, woolly, water resistant fleece and Suri alpacas have a fleece which grows parallel to the body in long, separate locks. Alpacas do not bite and they have no upper teeth, only lower ones! FunFact: Did you know that an alpaca has three stomachs. These are the only deer which are native to Ireland and their Irish name is FiaRua. The male deer is called a stag, a female a hind and a baby a calf.

These animals have an even number of toes and a 4 chamber stomach. Stags grow antlers in the spring and lose them at the end of winter. Antler size depends on age, health and nutrition of the deer. Funfact: In spring the Red Deer grows a soft skin covering on their antlers, called velvet, for protection. Diet: Herbivore, mainly grasses.

Llamas are very clever animals and can learn simple tasks after a few repetitions Llamas are members of the camel family. They have padded hooves and a water storing stomach. Llamas have a very gentle temperament, are very curious and are intelligent. A baby Llama is called a Cria pronounced cree-ah. Funfact: Today llamas are used in North America as livestock guards especially for guarding sheep. Falabella horses can reach up to between 28 and 34 inches high. These are one of the smallest breeds of horses in the world and have a frame which resembles a Thoroughbred or an Arab.

These are very affectionate horses and can only be ridden by the smallest of children. Funfact: Many people train these horses to drive carts. A jennet is a female donkey, a jack is a male donkey and a foal is a baby donkey. Miniature donkeys are herd animals and love the company of other animals.

Miniature donkeys make fantastic pets especially for children. A miniature donkey must be less than 36 inches. Funfact: Did you know a donkeys favorite pastime is rolling on the ground tall. These are very strong, hardy animals; this is mainly due to the fact that they had to survive harsh conditions and little food on the Shetland Isles. During the Industrial Revolution in Britain they were used as pit ponies were they hauled carts of coal underground in the mines. Shetland Ponies are very strong for their size and can pull double their own weight.

Shetland ponies are very intelligent and good natured, but can often become cheeky when over spoilt. Funfact: Did you know that Harry and Alfie here at the farm are retired circus ponies. These horses are usually less than inches tall, which is measured at the last hairs of the horses mane, their withers.

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Falabella horses are a breed of miniature horses. These animals are often kept as family pets due to their friendliness and how well they interact with children. The average lifespan of these horses is years. Funfact: Some miniature horses are used as assistance animals for the blind.

Origin: The domestic goat was domesticated from the wild goats of southwest Asia and central Europe. Diet: Herbivore Facts: 1. These animals are closely related to sheep and goats have been used for their milk, meat, hair and skins all over the world, yet more recently they have become popular as pets. A male goat is called a buck or a billy, a female goat is called a doe or a nanny and a baby goat is called a kid. Goats are very inquisitive animals and will inspect any new object which comes into their pen, they will do this through sniffing, chewing and tasting the object.

Funfact: Did you know goats are very intelligent and love to test fences and gates in order to escape from their pen? They have even been known to climb trees! You'll never have to guess as to which group name is correct again. And if you do, just say "a group of Your friends and even teachers might give you weird looks if you use them in speech. This list is, however, essential if you are writing and want to use words with more flare.

If I left out anything, please let me know in the comments below.

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Animal Poems!

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As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. To provide a better website experience, owlcation. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Sam Mendoran more. What do you call a group of? Interesting Fact Some of these animals are solitary, so it is ironic that they have group names dedicated to their kind when they are rarely found in groups.

List of Bands with Animal-Themed Names

A Mutation of Thrushes? Reptiles, Fish, and Amphibians Barracudas: battery Cobras: quiver Crocodiles: bask Eels: bed Fish: draft, nest, run, school, or shoal Frogs: army Herring: army Iguanas: slaughter Komodo dragons: bank Rattlesnakes: rhumba Salamanders: maelstrom Salmon: run Sardines: family Sharks: shiver Snakes: nest, pit, den Stingrays: fever Toads: knot Trout: hover Turtles: bale or nest Vipers: generation.

A Generation of Vipers? Bugs and Other Things Bees: grist, hive, or swarm Butterflies: kaleidoscope, flutter, or swarm Caterpillars: army Clams: bed Cockroaches: intrusion Crabs: cast or consortium Flies: business Grasshoppers: cloud Jellyfish: bloom, fluther, or smack Lobsters: risk Locusts: plague Mosquitoes: swarm or scourge Octopuses: consortium or rally Oysters: bed Snails: rout, walk, hood, or escargatoire Spiders: cluster Squid: audience Worms: bunch. Interesting Fact Collective names are not unique to animal groups. Sign In Join. Connect with us. This website uses cookies As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things.

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