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I am reminded of how many different kinds of relationships there are: family, friends, colleagues, community, religious affiliations, pets, teachers and schools, and how much care and skill these relationships need in order to be healthy, enriching and long living.

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Like a garden, they need regular tending, yet the fruits of these relations cannot be compared to any other physical matter on this earth. Those who have experienced loss of relationships know how easy it is to take people for granted and how much someone is missed once they are gone… had they only known. Of course we all realize no one is perfect, just as no relationship is perfect, but I share the view that every life has meaning, whether or not we know what that meaning is.

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Indeed, we may spend many years unlocking the mysteries of who we are — and who we are to each other. My life would not have been nearly as enriched without them. Some I have met close to home, others in faraway places. Once again, I wish to thank all of you who have generously shared your thoughts and time with regard to my music and performances, and I treasure the mutual interests we share through the music.

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All songs are great. Catchy groovy and dance beats along with strong and sharp sound design. Very solid material. Careful Remixes, etc. Rabit knows how to make it stranger.


Camille A. The Resistance by Replicant. Darkwave synth that directly addresses our modern dystopian political environment, with proceeds going to the Voting Rights Project. She's Gone by S.

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D Sudden Axis Disorder. Dark post-punk with irresistible melodies, big synth washes, and punchy rhythms, designed for the modern goth club dancefloor. An irresistibly catchy, dreamy pair of songs that straddle the line between Italo and coldwave perfectly.

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Atomic Eyes by The Rain Within. Just what your Thursday needs: Tight synth lines draped in retro '80s glory. Explore music. Sangron Volume 1 by Various Artists. Daniel Pekel.


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