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The group subsequently returned home with Mega Man in critical condition and Dr. Wily claiming that Ra Moon had manipulated him. Mega Man was eventually repaired, and Rush joined an expedition back to the ruins-right into the heart of the Temple of the Moon -to verify Dr. Wily's story. With the evidence seeming to support Wily's claims, the team returned home. Wily's Mesa lab, Rush stayed behind, and eventually aided Mega Man as best as he could at Light Labs after they were caught in a fight with the Wily Walker when they inadvertently activated it.

He later delivered a capsule to Mega Man prepared by Dr. Light just as Mega Man finished modifying Bright Man's light source to become weaponized under instructions from Dr. Cossack, covering his eyes as Bright Man unleashes the attack, shutting down the Wily Walker. Rush, now modified with Rush Space, transported Mega Man to outer space after getting a report from Agent Krantz that four asteroid mining facilities were knocked offline as a tip to where the renegade Robot Masters went.

However, their victory was short-lived. After learning that Light Labs' communications were cut, they rushed back on Rush Jet mode, eventually discovering the reason when they see Light Labs in flames. Before they could investigate further, however, they were shot out of the sky by Break Man. They then tried to fight Break Man, but the latter had the upper hand and Rush ended up downed, though Break Man conceded to sparing Rush at the Blue Bomber's request.

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It felt so good doing this again after so long. As she went through details of the guiding agreement she used the time to get a closer look at her prospective, no, her FUTURE client. Brown hair, pale, skinny though not totally unathletic. And he said he was from Austin University. An academic? Not the usual adventurer type at least.

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Even back in her geologist days the academics that came to Mars were the outdoor type, more used to going outside poking at rocks than staying inside a lab. This Max Wright looked very much like an indoor academic. Could be a problem when they get down to the caverns, but she was sure she can work around it. She had to. So many people come to Mars not knowing what's involved in cave diving. Too often the people she'd talk to didn't even have the most basic of equipment, nevermind the knowledge to use it. Six months ago she would just 'recommend' these people to her less picky colleagues and move on to the next prospect, but she doesn't have that option now.

Are the aliens crawling out of their tombs? That's an interesting thought. The Martians coming alive like zombies to chase away the humans robbing their ruined cities. Would make her trips a lot more interesting. Too bad the truth is a lot less exciting. She explained that the firearms were for a much more mundane threat: other people.

She never had a problem herself, but she'd heard stories. Besides, she found that people were a lot less nervous exploring the unknown when they have a sidearm. Nervous people make mistakes, and there's little room for that in the caverns. Uh oh, she didn't want to scare him. Too bad they got too greedy. She told them not to go too deep with too many people, the caverns were too dangerous for that. She stayed out of those expeditions and turned out to be right.

When she finished talking Max looked a lot more gloomy. He was staring at his hands and twiddling his thumbs. Flora felt nervous. Did she scare him off? What did she say?

POWER RUSH Vs TIME SKIP! Jiren's Power DESTROYS EVERYTHING In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2!

She hoped he wasn't going to be like this on the descent, indecision can be fatal underground. Who was she kidding, she can't be picky anymore. She needed this client, indecision or no. Max sat there, head down and completely focused on his thumbs. After a minute she couldn't take it anymore. She had to ask, "So are you still in? You seemed to zone out a bit there. I can't back out now.

So when do we start? Definitely an indoor academic. She saw enough of them back at university. Not the best material for cave-diving, but she HAD to make it work. At least he seemed to be very eager now, much unlike his thumb-twiddling just a moment before.

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She explained that it will take a week to set up for the descent, and most of that will be taken up buying and organizing supplies. Better to buy it here than at Base Camp: they charge through the nose for even the basics over there, something that she was keenly aware of from her failed attempt to rescue Jake. She doesn't want to scare him off by pushing too hard. He's really in a hurry, she thought; most people try to know more about their guide before committing to an advance.

It looks like her luck's finally turning. I'm looking forward to working with you, Max. Flora breathed a sigh of relief and let her body go loose as she sat down. Finally, a client! Not the best one, perhaps, but taking him to the Artifact Cities and back with a good haul would be enough to restore her reputation. Then everything will be back to the way it was, and she can be a proper guide again.

She looked up at her terminal and saw a MarsCorp recruitment ad for their surveying expedition. Flora just smiled and turned it off. Not yet, MarsCorp. Not ever, if she could help it. Flora spent the rest of the day preparing for the descent: checking equipment, updating cavern maps and looking up transportation to the borehole. She took her pressure suit out of storage for the first time in months; it still felt right when she put it on.

The O 2 and CO 2 systems were working fantastically, the assistive motors on its joints kept up with all her movements. There seemed to be a slight efficiency loss on the power transfer from her backup batteries; not a big deal, but she made a note to have that looked at before the expedition. Rock With Me. Safe With Me. Forever With Me.

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