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And—again—you want to be memorable. So, just like you went with a unique opener , do the same with your examples. Sure, you might still include lists of skills, but break those up with anecdotes or splashes of personality. A couple lines like this will not only lighten up your letter, but also highlight your soft skills. You want your cover letter to stand out for all the right reasons. This article originally appeared on The Daily Muse and is reprinted with permission.

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Marketing Coordinator Resume. Marketing Manager Resume. Mechanical Engineer Resume. Medical Assistant Resume. Musician Resume. Case studies are the most common and most misunderstood part of the consulting interview process.

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Candidates are given an example business problem to solve, with limited time and little information. Consulting case studies are meant to test your business acumen, mental math skills, ability to think on your feet, problem-solving skills, communication abilities, and more. Consulting firms use the case interview because it works. While you can work with us to polish your resume and create the best cover letter over time, there is no walking away and formulating a strategy in the case interview.

Without expert preparation, it is very difficult to ace the case. Management Consulted offers consulting case prep, resume edits, case study examples, practice cases, and more. We offer a holistic approach to consulting prep — from networking to resumes, from the fit interview to the case interview, to help you land your dream consulting offer.

The most common mistake we see prospective candidates make is focusing all of their prep on reading case interview books and practicing on your own. Contact Us to Get Started! Just got off the phone with McKinsey and have been offered an Associate position!!!!!! Thank you so much for working with me over the past few weeks! Andy, Double Black Belt. You guys are undercharging for this kind of work.