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I have a Student version of the program. Happy 14th birthday, Raven! In keeping with tradition, started by George II in , Raven will be celebrating its official public birthday, turning 14 on the weekend of 1 September To celebrate, it will be sporting a commemorative birthday avatar for a few days But who or what is Raven? Where did Raven come from? Fluffy Because of vague similarities to Kerberos, an early prototype was codenamed 'Fluffy' after the three-headed dog in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 1 , which was popular at the time.

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And then Cersei dies by rubble with Jaime. Varys told Tyrion in his final moments he hoped he was wrong and that Dany would be a good and just ruler. You be the judge of that. After Episode revealed to everyone that Cersei tricked Tyrion into believing she would send the Lannister army north, Dany seemed undecided on whether or not she can trust him to advise her further.

But she did want him safe and decided he must remain in the crypts of Winterfell during the fight because she still needs his mind. Though the crypts ended up not actually being that safe. He looked pretty shellshocked by her decisions to ignore the bells, but he had sworn his allegiance to her many times over now and watched her burn Varys for treason.

But there is always a chance she got pregnant earlier. We are assuming back home to Winterfell, but unclear right now. And speaking of Winterfell…. This one will not have a final answer until the very end. But we are keeping a running tally here. But also, what happened to the Iron Throne when the Red Keep was destroyed? It seems Arya is continuing to do what Arya was already going to do, which is head south to try and kill Cersei, so she missed Sansa immediately telling Tyrion that Jon is really Aegon.

Well, he was after taking some hits during the Battle of Winterfell.

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So now this is a no and now Dany and company have just one remaining dragon to try and win this whole thing with. No, this is a hard no now, because Brienne and Jaime finally consummated the relationship fans have been shipping for many seasons. Tormund was slightly devastated, but he consoled himself with a Winterfell servant girl, and now is taking the free folk and Ghost!

What he plans to accomplish by going back down there is currently unknown. However, Cersei refused to surrender to Dany and Dany refused to surrender to Cersei, so Missandei was executed by The Mountain, right in front of them. Arya Stark. Now that the Night King is dead, we may never have a solid answer as to why he was marching the other White Walkers and his Army of the Dead south.

Where did she go? When is she coming back? She helped everyone out until they won and at dawn, wandered out front, took off her necklace and turned into her true, much-older self, and died.