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The myth of a lost city carved of precious jade has proven irresistible to many in Mithgar. Now Aravan, captain of the Elven ship Eroean, has undertaken a quest to find it. With his true love Aylis, the Magekind Seeress, beside him and a crew of men and dwarves, he sets sail to follow the lure of legend. Book 6. But there was more in the bounty than gems and gold, for the treasure was cursed, and in time it brought death to noble and peasant, war between Man and Dwarf, strife and destruction beyond reckoning. Against this unholy alliance, two sworn enemies set forth to find a legendary long-lost weapon: a warhammer of incalculable power that may be the only hope of victory.

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Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. Continue the series. See more. Voyage of the Fox Rider. Book 9. The Mage Alamar has never forgotten the life debt he owes to Farrix, one of the legendary Hidden Ones of Mithgar, who keep to themselves and avoid contact with ordinary humans. Months ago, Farrix vanished—and Jinnarin has been plagued by nightmares of him being in danger ever since.

To find him, Alamar and Jinnarin must embark on a journey across the sea to confront a master of dark magic preparing to open a portal between Mithgar and a destructive Dark God The Dragonstone: A Novel of Mithgar. Book Welcome to Mithgar, Dennis L.

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For as long as she can remember, the Elven Lady Arin has been besieged by visions from the past—or the future. But none has ever left her so shaken as the one that foretells the fall of Mithgar: images of raging dragons and brutal legions laying waste to everything in their path signifying a devastating war that will threaten the land. There is more to the prophecy than a warning—riddles within the vision that Arin must decipher if she is to prevent the forthcoming destruction. Into the Forge.

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A fell and ancient sorcery has thrust the kingdoms surrounding the mighty Grimwall mountains into battle with forces of great evil. When Tip and Beau, two Warrows from the village of Twoforks, try to save a mortally wounded soldier, they inherit a vital mission. Modru, the black Mage, has begun his violent reign over the Free Folk—and unleashed his army of deadly emissaries on the young Warrows. Anyway, my deepest thanks to Dennis for these wonderful tales and ever do I look forward to having them all, that I might bequeath them to those generations behind me! Henceforth, I shall know them as my Draega and mine Vulk!

My 1st edition hardcovers, signed. Thank you Dennis for all of those wonderful years of Mithgar vacations. Dear folks! I have become frustrated. I ordered the Stolen Crown hardcover from Amazon in October It was published in February I just discovered a couple months ago that my copy has a remainder mark on the bottom.

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I can not find a 1st edition, 1st printing hardcover without a remainder mark. Anyone know of a copy or have an extra one to sell? Thank you very much. Apparently the "Olde Cartographer's Shoppe" is down; they were a great resource for us Mithgar fans. For the time being, I uploaded all the maps I had saved to my Facebook.

Please request me as a friend and I'll be happy to give you access. Dennis McKiernan , if this violates any copyrights, let me know and I'll take them down.

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