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This enigmatic utterance is expected to explain what happened to the ship and its crew. It is already hackneyed. Yet Reeman uses the device twice in this one novel! The title In the King's Name seems to be little more than a label. We would expect a ship of the British navy to be acting in the name of the king.

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We do not see that Onward and her crew have any questions or concerns that their action against slavers and mutineers is anything but the right course of action. Their enemies are the blackest of villains, unprincipled and ruthless, but the Onward crew are gentlemen to the core.

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The blurb promises much but it seems to belong to another novel. The First Mate resents being passed over for promotion but keeps that to himself. The Second Mate is diffident because he was promoted from the deck crew. The Third Mate is a bully and a curmudgeon but harbors no lust for power. He does not rouse the crew to mutiny. The midshipmen dream of being captains one day but are just boys. When we meet the mutineers, their behavior is unexplained and unless I missed something, the attack on The Moonstone is also never explained. Reeman has a skillful use with language.

Minor sentences liberally pepper his narrative. This can add to the suspense: "It was unnerving, with the sky almost hidden by the land as it crept out of the dimness like a groping arm. Or a trap. As with other writers of series, Reeman has his characters allude to events in earlier novels, such as the death of Sir Richard Boiltho. It always seems to me that on these occasions the narrative gives way to advertising his earlier novels to new readers.

There is also my bete noir, the subplots that go nowhere, such as the hint that Adam Bolitho's young wife is in love with the best man. It is a subplot that having been introduced is then abandoned as Lowenna waits at home in Cornwall and Adam carries out his duties in Sierra Leone and that subplot just diverts attention from the main story.

There are also curious pieces such as the description of the crew raising the anchor at Freetown. An interesting description of a difficult action but coming close to the climax, it all seems rather unnecessary. Whether Douglas Reeman does something with the story of Lowenna Bolitho in later novels I can not say. This may have been his last. In the King's Name seems unfinished and an unworthy ending to a long career as a writer. Jan 30, Jim rated it liked it Shelves: historyl-fiction , naval-fiction.

This is the very last of the lengthy some 28 books Bolitho series by Alexander Kent. Regrettably, I found it somewhat disjointed and certainly disappointing. Onward gets in several sea battles, an This is the very last of the lengthy some 28 books Bolitho series by Alexander Kent. Onward gets in several sea battles, and Bolitho and his crew come to the assistance of a British official who has established a new British enclave when his militia mutiny against him.

After having read the entire Bolitho series, I feel sorry for the author, who has since passed away. I cannot help but feel that he was not able, even in , to apply the skills and story-telling that were so excellent throughout the rest of the series. Mar 08, Brandon rated it did not like it. Very confusing story.

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It seemed like several stories about different characters were placed together in a "day on the ship" setting. Issues brought up in the very beginning are never again addressed. This is Kent's last book, and I found myself finishing it out of duty to the others in the series I had read, not out of interest in the plot. Oct 19, Lewis F. One of his very best I will have to admit that I was truly "hooked" on the series. Recommended to everyone who has the slightest of interest in this era, the old navy, and the trials of the times. This series is one of the best Very good read.

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Enjoyable and gripping from them first to the last book. He puts a face to a time that we would never know otherwise. Magic After 27 reads my interest has not waned. Good mix of human interest and action. Sorry to be close to the end. Dec 29, Jim rated it really liked it.

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I recently retired after 40 years in the book industry but I volunteer at our local library. To say I was surprised is an understatement. I had read 27 FIVE years ago and had thought the series was done. I heartily recommend this series. Agis IV? Agesipolis — Pelops Machanidas regent? Lyle, Emily B. Miller, Dean A. Parke, H. Thomas, C.

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How do you pronounce all these other names? Where do they come from anyway? If you find this interesting, you might be interested in the late Prof. Jarnish is just Anglo-Saxon and all Jarnish names are real A-S ones, or occasionally Norse but sometimes with spelling tweaked in favour of pronunciation.

Frex Ayl rather than Aelle. The names are supposed to be easy to say. But I want to say them properly! How do I do that? R is rolled. Was it all a roleplaying game and you wrote it down? There was once a Prince Valiant game produced by Chaosium, in which I ran a complicated Arthurian campaign.