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Thirty-four bat species are currently present in Italy, belonging to 11 genera and four families.

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Measurements are given in millimetres and grams. Figures in brackets express the minimum and maximum values observed, whereas the remainder are those commonly encountered. The measures provided for each species have been selected to give the reader an idea of actual bat size.

Head-body length : from end of muzzle to anus, tail excluded. Tail length : from tail insertion to tip. All European bats have a membrane including their tail either completely, as for most species, or partially as in the European free-tailed bat.


Forearm length : from elbow to wrist, it is well observable on closed wings. Wingspan : the distance between the ends of the wings held open. Weight : in grams.


Such structure has an adaptive value since it helps convey the ultrasound emitted through the nostrils. Most European bats belong to this family which includes eight genera and 28 species.

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Common bats mostly emit ultrasounds from their mouth, with some exceptions e. Their muzzle shows no noseleaf. Present in Italy and Europe with only one species. Like common bats, their muzzle has no noseleaf and ears bear a tragus.

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Ears are very small and their third finger has a very long phalanx which renders the wing typically long and narrow. Their distinctive character is the tail which is free from the wing membrane for a minimum length of 1. The description of the species was made possible by the participation of several authors.

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Linee guida per il monitoraggio dei Chirotteri: indicazioni metodologiche per lo studio e la conservazione dei pipistrelli in Italia. On some Mediterranean populations of bats of the Myotis mystacinus morpho-group Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae.


Since , he performs public space interventions, focusing his research on genius loci and the study of landscape elements. His works have been featured in public spaces, archaeological contexts, contemporary art and music festivals and group shows. In he carried out, together with the Italian Ministry of Culture, the restoration of the Basilica paleocristiana of Siponto, a unique convergence between contemporary art and archaeology.

In he has been included by Forbes among the 30 most influential European artists under It is his biggest artwork to date and also the the largest of the California festival.

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Edoardo Tresoldi gioca con la trasparenza della rete metallica e con i materiali industriali per trascendere la dimensione spazio-temporale e narrare un dialogo tra Arte e Mondo, una sintesi visiva che si rivela nella dissolvenza dei limiti fisici. La fusione del linguaggio classico e di quello modernista ne genera un terzo, marcatamente contemporaneo. Nel si trasferisce a Roma e inizia a lavorare in diversi ambiti.