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The more often tragedy strikes, the longer the heart remains open, the more tender it becomes. Massive suffering is hard to escape these days in one form or another. Through the eyes of the soul, the accumulating experience of human suffering is breaking down barriers and spawning a sense of human solidarity as nothing else has been able to do until this juncture in the evolution of our species.

Through the terrible toll of human suffering, we are gaining awareness of our essential oneness. In the light of the soul, the causes of suffering are also being revealed. In the wisdom teachings, there is one root cause of all suffering: selfishness — self-centeredness born of identification with the outer form. The soul, on the other hand, is aware of the greater life of which it is a part. The global climate crisis is teaching us this outwardly, mirroring in a sense the inner reality. This crisis is the result of our collective karma and afflicts all of us in some way, while forcing us to recognize our interrelatedness.

That recognition, in turn, is causing some to begin to live from a different set of premises. If I am inextricably bound to you, then I am constantly aware that whatever happens to you affects me. As physical beings, we are like individual cells in a living body called humanity.

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According to the wisdom teachings, the soul is part spirit and part matter. It is born of the marriage of the two and, once awakened, it is the conscious awareness that unites the two. Having remained latent within the race through millions of years of evolution, from the time when the first human beings emerged from the animal kingdom, the spiritual aspect of the soul is now emerging into the awareness of our species. It is said that our collective awakening is as significant in the evolution of our species as was the birth of the human kingdom millions of years ago.

For the very first time, as growing numbers of us enter more fully into soul awareness, we are developing the inner resources to subdue the powerful forces of our animal nature—instinct, passion, and all the insatiable desires of the lower self that have governed human history until now.

It is foreseen in the Ageless Wisdom teachings that in time, as mastery of the lesser nature is achieved and human identity shifts from matter to spirit, we will learn to live consciously in the world as souls, reflecting the love and light of the higher Self in every aspect of our lives. With growing recognition of the true Self and the many initiatives designed to nurture it into expression, such a vision becomes fathomable.

Already we see the first stirrings of soul awareness on a wide scale through the acts of kindness, compassion, and love that are regularly broadcast by the mass media and by social media. After eons of separation from one another, we are beginning to knit ourselves together, learning what it means to love one another, and developing the will to love.


The answer to these questions can be seen in the worlds of our creation, both individual and collective. Love that flows from the consciousness of separation is often based on a type of barter: I will love you as long as you in some way meet my needs. Love that flows from the Soul, however, seeks nothing in return; it needs nothing from another.

The love of the soul is replenished from inner spiritual sources that never run dry. It is the nature of the soul to love, as it is the nature of the sun to shine.

The Conservation of a Cornelius Janssens Portrait - Narrated

For most individuals, it takes the rigors of a spiritual path to transform the isolated personality living in a heartless, competitive world into an awakened soul conscious of belonging to a greater life. This new life invariably begins in the heart, with a glimpse of being part of a universe pulsing with order, harmony, and love. To keep the heart open, however, requires learning to dissolve ancient habits of separateness through disciplines learned on the Path.

One of the great secrets of spiritual evolution is that progress on the Path is fueled by love from higher, subtler planes. As we tread this path, consciously transforming ourselves from self-centered personalities into beings whose hearts are becoming as strong as our minds, we are met with love from the inner planes of spiritual Reality. By pursuing the rigors of this path of self-transformation, we enter an invisible realm of life discovered through finer senses. These guides dwell in a subtle realm considered in the wisdom teachings to be a spiritual kingdom. It is the fifth kingdom in nature—beyond the human, animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms.

Disinformation about this higher realm has always existed, but as the soul of humanity awakens and reaches upward, there is a growing capacity to apprehend the reality of a Kingdom of Souls, another name for the fifth kingdom. This kingdom or realm of consciousness is also known as the heart center of our planet—a reservoir of inclusive, all-embracing, universal, spiritual love from which inspiration flows for all human progress. Among those who dwell in the next kingdom are illumined beings called Masters of Wisdom, according to the wisdom teachings.

It is they who have revealed the higher truths that are preparing humanity to enter a new age and a new cycle of evolution, in which the soul will come to flower. They have foreseen that in the coming era, awakened souls will work in cooperation with members of their Kingdom of Souls to create an enlightened civilization and culture. In the future, we are told, some of these higher beings will emerge from their inner dwelling place to lead humanity toward the fulfillment of its divine potential.

Now, having reached the limits of our lesser selves, we are collectively calling forth our higher selves and, in so doing, evoking a growing responsiveness from the planetary center of spiritual love. The beauty of this time is that many thousands of us across the globe are simultaneously breaking free of the confines of our strictly human nature, feeling the stirrings of the soul and intuiting the future it portends.

As souls, we are already one. We know the truth of essential oneness and cannot be divided in consciousness. Our challenge is to dissolve remaining walls of separation by developing the will to love.

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All that differentiates us, in truth, is our karmic heritage: those qualities, characteristics, talents, proclivities, and life experiences for better and for worse that the soul carries from one lifetime to another on its journey of return. Yet knowing that many of us are fighting these battles on the way to creating a new world brings added strength and heart as we journey together. Everything we are learning from those who have had near-death experiences in our time, and from mystics and seers across the ages, points toward a higher realm of being.

We are told that there is scintillating beauty in this realm, there is radiant light, there is truth, and love, and there is joy. It is said that joy will be the prod to spiritual growth in the new era, as the soul gains prominence, as pain has been the prod until now. This is our future, according to the great sages within the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet—those who have preceded us into a higher realm of existence, having completed the human evolution.

Beings who no longer need to re-incarnate in human form, they have paid all karmic debts and have revealed the fullness of their human-divine potential.

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And they transmit teachings that will further planetary evolution. We are told that within the ranks of this hierarchy of love and wisdom there are many great beings whose names are known to us: the founders of world religions, the great philosophers and statesmen, inventors, scientists, artists, and musicians who devoted their lives to uplifting and expanding human awareness. The universal teachings brought forth on their behalf in the past century and a half, collectively known as the Ageless Wisdom, reveal that they have not disappeared from the Earth, nor do they exist in an amorphous heavenly realm.

They dwell on a subtler plane of life, working out a plan to fulfill the purpose of the planetary Logos, the divine intelligence who gives life to our Earth and is the impulse behind great shifts of the ages, like the one we are presently living through. In this critical time of transition between the ages, many things predicted in the modern wisdom teachings are coming to pass. We are witnessing the crumbling of structures born of the dying consciousness of separation, and we are witnessing the rise of the human spirit—the birth of soul awareness.

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It was to prepare us for the Soul to enter the world that many volumes were transmitted by teachers within the spiritual kingdom who sought to unveil the true nature of the higher self of humanity—the consciousness that will infuse the new world—and the requirements for realizing this higher potential.

In the world created by the soul of humanity, it will be evident that behind the visible universe lies an unbroken web of energy created and sustained by divine love. By mastering the will to love, we will become resonant to this higher-frequency energy and, under the guidance of beings within the spiritual kingdom, we can learn to co-create the conditions for a new civilization on Earth.

The Significance of this Moment

One day, if divine prophecy comes to pass and we fulfill our spiritual potential, we may become part of the Kingdom of Souls. It includes essential teachings of the Buddha and the Christ and was updated, starting in the late 19th century, by Masters of Wisdom in preparation for this turning point in evolution.

The Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul, writing through Alice Bailey, stressed the centrality of the awakened soul to the birth of a new era. Saloma Miller Furlong's Blog. I have always wanted to visit The Smokies, ever since I was an Amish teenager. For some reason or another, it never quite worked out for me to visit these ancient mountains until this past weekend. David and I headed off to Asheville, North Carolina without planning what we were going to do during our three-day vacation.

There are pros and cons to being spontaneous, but it left us open to exploring, and we did plenty of that. We decided to take the Blue Ridge Parkway part of the way. We got on in Fancy Gap, Virginia, and took it all the way to Asheville. The sights along the way were just so awesome and stunning. I could not capture the beauty of standing at one of the overlooks with a panoramic view spread out before me, but here are several attempts. Traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway gave us a chance to breathe out in nature without being surrounded by throngs of people, commercial establishments, or traffic jams.

It took us a lot longer to get to Asheville than it would have going a more conventional route, but it was an experience in and of itself. We could get out and enjoy the views along the way. Most people raved about this city. It was quite a shock from our afternoon experience, with throngs of people walking through downtown. Lo and behold, Curate had no more openings for that evening, or for the following evening. But they did have an opening for lunch on Sunday, so I made reservations and waited out on the street for David.

About twenty minutes later he came driving by. He was unsuccessful in finding a parking space. We finally found one in the parking garage. Locating a restaurant with space for dinner was even more difficult. Sunday we went back to Asheville and had lunch at Curate.

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Eating there was an experience. The food is served Spanish style as in Spain , to be shared with the people at the table. David and I ordered three dishes: chicken croquettes, meatballs made from beef, pork, and lamb in a tomato sauce, and lamb skewers with moorish spices and pickles.

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We felt nourished and satiated when we finished our meal. We spent the afternoon walking around the park where they were having a veggie fest. We browsed through the art and crafts tents, then sat near the pavilion, listening to music and watching children playing in the water park. We browsed in shops in town that afternoon, but then decided to go back up into the mountains.

We went south of Asheville on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and again there was just so much to see. As you can see, the clouds gave us quite a show on Sunday afternoon. I can only guess that these were sun rays coming down through the clouds at the same time it was raining in that spot.