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Do you sell Light Keeper Pro? This product is labelled as the Light Keeper Pro. It helps to fix burnt out bulbs in incandescent light strands. Sign In. Triangle Rewards. Hot sale. Back to Results. Christmas Christmas Lights.

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Click to agree. Literally Horrible. Pulling the trigger activates a piezo circuit, which sends a high-energy pulse through the set. After about 20 pulses, any faulty shunt should be activated. If you're still having trouble locating where the circuit is broken, try using a voltage detector. There's one built into the LightKeeper Pro, or you can use an electrician's model.

Still nothing? Check the fuse located behind a small sliding panel on the male end of the plug. If it's fried you can check it with the LightKeeper Pro , be sure to replace it with a new one of the correct rating, which should be indicated on the plug. And if all else fails, buying a new string may be irksome, but at least it'll keep some small part of your holidays bright.

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LED Christmas lights are now available in a variety of colors and brightness. There are many benefits to LED lights that make them a great choice over incandescents. They are more energy efficient, last longer, and can be programmed to display different colors and patterns.

LED Christmas lights are also more durable and less likely to break than traditional bulbs. Here are some of our favorite string Christmas lights for indoors and out. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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The Best Fourth of July Sales. Giant Ancient Bird Fossil Discovered. Inside the American Blended Whiskey Revolution. Young men who had seen some sea service were preferred as assistants at the larger stations. Retired sea captains or mates with families were frequently selected for stations requiring a single keeper. The Light-house establishment provided us with detailed instructions on every aspect of our duties.

For example, here is the "recipe" for making whitewash: Slake half a bushel of unslaked lime with boiling water, keeping it covered during the process. Strain it and add a peck of salt, dissolved in warm water; three pounds of ground rice put in boiling water, and boiled to a thin paste; half a pound of powered Spanish whiting, and a pound of clear glue, dissolved in warm water; mix these well together, and let the mixture stand for several days. Keep the wash thus prepared in a kettle of portable furnace, and when used put it on as hot as possible, with painter' or whitewash brushes.

The Uniform On May 1, the Light House Board placed the following uniform regulation into effect: The uniform for male keepers and assistant keepers of light-stations, and the masters, mates, engineers, and assistant engineers of light vessels and tenders, will consist of coat, vest, trousers, and a cap or helmet.

The coat will be a double-breasted sack, with five large regulation buttons on each side--the top buttons placed close to the collar, and the lower ones about 6 inches from the bottom, and the others at equal spaces between the top and lower buttons. The cap will be made of dark-blue cloth, with a cloth-covered visor and an adjustable chin-strap of cloth held by yellow-metal regulation buttons.

A yellow-metal light-house badge will be worn in the middle of the front of the cap. The Light House Board gave us our first uniform when we were hired.