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Published by Booksurge Publishing, United States Language: English. Brand new Book. This book follows the misadventures of the author, Josef Bastian, as he humorously documents his working life all the way from high school into his professional career. Seller Inventory APC Condition: Used: Good. Light wear to boards.

Light toning to pages with marks to page ends. Good DJ with little edge wear and light toning. Delivered from our UK warehouse in 4 to 14 business days. Published by BookSurge Publishing. About this Item: BookSurge Publishing. Seller Inventory ING From: G. About this Item: Hutchinson , Karton, mit Anstreichungen. Gewicht in Gramm: Published by The Adizes Institute About this Item: The Adizes Institute, Shipped from UK within 10 to 14 business days. Seller Inventory LQ Published by Hutchinson, London About this Item: Hutchinson, London, Sprache: Deutsch Gewicht in Gramm: Seller Inventory M Published by Adizes Institute Publications About this Item: Adizes Institute Publications , No Jacket.

First Edition. Edges of pages a little marked. Seller Inventory AAV From: Worpsweder Antiquariat Worpswede, Germany. Mit 19 Abbildungen. Gut erhalten. ISBN Item added to your basket View basket. Proceed to Basket. View basket. Continue shopping. He becomes famous around the world and leaves Bikini Bottom to find more fame.

SpongeBob and friends try to stop him. Colin celebrates his first birthday. Patrick and Mindy try to give a first word to Colin, as stated in the Atlantean royal tradition. Krabs buys Universal Studios and makes an expensive movie starring SpongeBob. However, a problem ensues when Universal Studios runs out of money and the movie becomes a box office bomb. Evil Day comes, and Plankton writes a new song titled E. Sandy gives birth to a son, named James SquarePants. However, a witch named Monkoni reveals that James is destined to conquer Atlantis.

SpongeBob decides to give a considerable distance between James and the city of Atlantis. Mindy and Colin pay a visit to Patrick, and they stay inside his rock-shaped house. Krabs suffers a massive heart attack, and decides to temporarily give the Krusty Krab to someone else. Flonty creates a football club, the Krusty Cheetahs, with the help of his friends and witch Monkoni, who is now SpongeBob's personal advisor. The club becomes famous as it wins many national competitions. Squidward sues Mr.

Krabs for giving him insufficient wages, creating a media frenzy in Bikini Bottom, especially when SpongeBob, now realizing his boss' greediness, defends Squidward. Monkoni participates in the Guantanamo Witch Tournament and wins after beating other witches, receiving million dollars. SpongeBob gives the money to Octavius Rex, who opens a foundry with his help. Nico is sent by Plankton to assassinate Mr. Krabs and give the Krabby Patty secret formula to him.

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It's Plankton and Krabs' 80th birthday. SpongeBob and Squidward are tasked to make a giant birthday cake with candles; Plankton contacts E. Puff loses her driver's license due to careless driving and Sergeant Roderick is once again assigned to Mrs. Puff's boating school to teach Puff how to drive properly. Plankton becomes the evil ruler of the Earth, and sends evil monsters to eat Bikini Bottomites. Sandy accidentally turns SpongeBob into a frightening zombie.

Nico joins a talk show, Night with Jungo Marmet, and becomes so famous that she is offered a contract from Hollywood. Plankton takes over Bigshot Records, and forces musical groups to sing his evil songs under the threat of death. Sandy tells his friends a story of dust monsters attacking San Antonio, Texas, and eating humans and animals. The whole world is covered by total darkness, and all trees and plants go down. Strange monsters began appearing, and SpongeBob and Patrick go into investigation mode.

When SpongeBob gets all the candy from people in Bikini Bottom, this angers the ghosts deeply, as they often go into houses and steal candy. But the punishment is Welcome to the bloodiest Pineapple of Horror yet None of the romance, dark secrets, jokes, or monsters are ever cut though. While fooling around in Jellyfish Fields, SpongeBob and Patrick discover an ancient scroll which activates the reader to communicate with the dead.

But what does this really mean? SpongeBob and Patrick mess with the ancient scroll, which spawns scary ghosts and monsters, and Bikini Bottom falls into chaos. It turns out that Mr. Krabs is the only one who is able to stop the chaos, because of a special connection between him and the scroll when he was a young pirate.

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After defeating the ghosts and monsters, Krabs realizes that the gods from Mount Olympus sent the scroll to SpongeBob and Patrick, to signify the return of King Arthur and Merlin, who are sent to fix Bikini Bottom's chaotic condition. As a punishment, SpongeBob and Patrick will fall to death, but the gods provide clues to stop the fall. After a great effort with some help from the dead SpongeBob and Patrick communicated with before, the punishment is stopped.

However, due to an incident involving Krabs and Neptune regarding the legality of Patrick and Mindy's marriage, Krabs curses Atlantis to have night 9 hours longer than usual. The dead ones come to SpongeBob and friends, and reveal that the ancient scroll is actually a warning to Neptune's hidden dislike to Patrick, and that Krabs is destined to change Atlantis' environment as a result of Neptune still disliking Patrick, despite various warnings from other gods. The ancient scroll also serves as a teaching for a leader to trust and serve his or her people.

Krabs holds a talent show in the Krusty Krab, with the one who can make the scariest Halloween prank winning. Nico goes to the Archimedes Science Academy in Ukulele Bottom, but is horrified when the university uses Halloween-themed science. A massive landslide and earthquake causes Bikini Bottom and Atlantis to collide. Nico and his new Atlantean friend Mordecai Sesoro try to separate the two cities with SpongeBob's help, along with dark magic and Zeus' thunder. After Atlantis and Bikini Bottom are separated, Mordecai opens a new movie theater in Bikini Bottom, but an encounter with ghosts affect his mental stability and leads him to feature in scary, outrageous movies.

Plankton employs ghosts, monsters, and scary shadows to destroy the Krusty Krab, kill Mr. Krabs, and take the Krabby Patty secret formula to him. After being kidnapped, Patrick becomes the driver of GhostTaxi, a Halloween-themed taxi company owned by ghosts. SpongeBob and friends, and the producers of SpongeBob's Greatest Adventures, must face many ghosts and monsters under the command of Plankton. They must also save Plankton's cousin, Clem, who is thrown to prison by Plankton.

SpongeBob is exhausted after too much fighting ghosts and monsters, and he becomes very sick. When vicious ghosts attack Bikini Bottom along with Plankton's evil robots and giants, SpongeBob and friends are forced to stop them. He enlists SpongeBob and Monkoni's help to get Pearl back. SpongeBob makes a documentary of him with Patrick and Squidward in a neighborhood, SpongeBob's Great Life, and wants Mordecai to play the movie in the theater.

However, Squidward wants a documentary of him and his neighbors from his point of view, My Annoying Neighbors, to be played by Mordecai, too. After disagreements about the ideal microprocessor for a unit of Cray Jaguar supercomputer, a civil war erupts between Rock Bottom and Bikini Bottom, another of Plankton's evil plans. During a clarinet concert, a jealous Plankton steals Squidward's stage and becomes famous after using Squidward's clarinet. After failing in the American Pirate Test, Patchy thinks that he cannot be a pirate and instead becomes a superhero, ending up replacing Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, who are increasingly frail due to old age.

SpongeBob and Sandy go back in time to see how Mr. After mistreating his fairy godparents, Timmy Turner is forced by Jorgen von Strangle to give his fairies, Cosmo and Wanda, to Patrick for 6 months, despite Jorgen's own concerns that Patrick will make disastrous wishes similar to when Cosmo and Wanda were given to Patrick before as depicted in episode Patrick starts making dumb wishes which endangers the whole world.

Pearl sues Mr. Krabs, her own father, for mistreatment in his house. SpongeBob and Squidward reluctantly support Mr. After telling Patchy to prove himself a real pirate and sending him back to Encino, California, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy reappear through The Adventures of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, which returns in a triumphant comeback after being in hiatus from Krabs wants to be seen as a real and better pirate, as compared with his appearance in the original Grandpappy the Pirate episode.

SpongeBob decides to put the scariest and goriest stuff he can think of in this episode, and here it is! A slightly edited version is shown on Nick Nite and channels like that. A heavily edited version is shown on channels such as Nicktoons. Squidward and Squilliam compete to be the best person in Bikini Bottom, and SpongeBob must help them both! Flonty and Nico fill up for them. A German consortium makes a new Nazi propaganda movie, and when Mordecai refuses to play the movie in his theater, the consortium threatens to destroy the theater. SpongeBob and friends must stop the consortium before the theater gets destroyed.

Krabs successfully motivates Squidward to work better, but soon Squidward gets too much ambitious and crazy. SpongeBob faces a driving test in Mrs. Puff's boating school, and he really wants to pass the test.

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A first cousin of Plankton and Clem, Robert Plankton, or called Robert Planky, comes to Bikini Bottom and wants Plankton and Clem to fix the wrecked condition of the other cousins, who are now dreaded enemies. SpongeBob and Patrick go back in time to stop Napoleon from participating in the Battle of Austerlitz.

However, SpongeBob feels miserable as a manager and wants Mr. Krabs back. After returning to the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs introduces multiple foods and drinks which leave the restaurant's financial condition in shambles. SpongeBob celebrates 30 years of working in the Krusty Krab with friends, but Plankton is planning to destroy them all.

When the president of Bikini Bottom, Frederick Josephus, resigns due to a judicial scandal, Krabs and Plankton run for the presidency, and they each make a website, writing lies about their respective competitor. This version of Pineapple of Horror contains more gore, supernatural influences and an even more intense and deeper violence, including more vicious monsters and ghosts. Several violent scenes were deleted on Nickelodeon, at the orders of the United States government. SpongeBob and friends go years to the future, except for Sandy, who is disciplining James for poor scores in Poseidon Elementary School.

Krabs uses his two employees to face a skilled critic and a smart inspector. Squilliam buys the Krusty Krab from Mr. Krabs, and treats SpongeBob as a great hero and Squidward as a slave. In this non-canon episode, Bikini Bottom is buried in a snowstorm which followed 6 months of winter, and its citizens were evacuated, except for SpongeBob, who dies of excessive hypothermia. SpongeBob decides to become a pirate, and joins Mr. Krabs' grandfather Redbeard; Patrick and Mindy teach Colin archery and taekwondo. SpongeBob's parents want to go to Botdale City to buy clothes, but SpongeBob worries that they will be taken away by gangsters there.

When Neptune falls sick due to a curse, Patrick serves as a regent. However, he begins making ill-prepared laws which bring Atlantis to a fall from existence. When Bikini Bottom is thrown to chaos due to the government collapsing after a legislative scandal, Mr. Krabs declares jungle law, and soon, people in Bikini Bottom begin fighting to gain absolute control of Bikini Bottom. Masuraki leads 15 skilled assassins to kill both Squidward and Squilliam before taking over all of their properties. After an accident in the Krusty Krab, Squidward thinks that he is a prophet.

However, Mordecai also thinks that he is a prophet, and they, both claiming to be the only prophet from Bikini Bottom, fight in the SpongeBuck SquarePants Baseball Arena. Karen is infected by viruses, and Plankton and 99 scientists from France try to destroy the viruses. The writers get lazy with Pineapple of Horror and start a new saga called Large-Numbered Pineapple of Horror, set to begin next season. But what happens when the writers accidentally release new horror? More guts and gore than ever before!

This is not for anyone under SpongeBob and friends are tired of SpongeBob's Greatest Adventures workers, and set out to kill them, causing the show's future to be put in jeopardy. All equipments used to make episodes are stolen by SpongeBob and friends, and this causes worldwide media frenzy and anger from Nickelodeon executives. SpongeBob and friends are captured by the United States government, and in front of the Supreme Court, express extreme anger over the show workers. After a series of negotiations, the producers, the government and Nickelodeon reconcile with SpongeBob and friends, and SpongeBob's Greatest Adventures is maintained.

With Patrick and Monkoni, he rides off to Vitch's castle and saves Pearl. Krabs' health decreases due to his frail condition by fanon years, Krabs would be 90 years old by that time , and he is hospitalized after a collapse, where he senses that his time has arrived. After recovering from the previous episode's collapse, Krabs returns to the Krusty Krab.

Plankton and Karen turn to E. Plankton hires Monkoni's long-time nemesis, witch Ankone, to steal SpongeBob's time so that his schedule would be thrown to chaos and affect Krusty Krab's reputation. SpongeBob holds a witch duel between Monkoni and Ankone. Plankton tries to cheat, and it's up to Patrick to stop Plankton's plan from realization. A look into Sandy and Plankton's scientific knowledge from their friends and enemies' point of view.

SpongeBob and Patrick's friendship turns into hostility after a fight, and they declare war on each other. Squidward is neutral, and is given the task to stop the hostility. When SpongeBob and Patrick find and buy a used copy of the PC hit The Sims, when they are playing it, Plankton comes in and gives them a new computer monitor.

They take it, install it, and continue to play, but the monitor is really a device Plankton made to suck them into computers, now Plankton can control them through The Sims! Can Sponge and Pat escape? No more cuts could be made after that. The completely uncut version is banned in all countries and the United States' Idaho.

Mcb came back on this episode. A debate with Mindy and Triton drives Neptune crazy, and he wants to kill them. SpongeBob and Patrick must stop them before it's too late. Plankton sues Mr. Krabs for making fun of him. After an incident during a court session, in which SpongeBob is Krabs' lawyer, SpongeBob sues Krabs for acting with no dignity and sues Plankton for deeming SpongeBob as a disturber. Then, Squidward sues Krabs for being cheap, SpongeBob for being too annoying, and Plankton for making fun of him. Pearl is celebrating her birthday, and she wants her father to be generous to her, or she will leave his house.

SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick's parents are coming to Bikini Bottom, and they all hastily prepare a party for them.

Big Boss Man: My Adventures in Mismanagement

Krabs narrates the story of his remote ancestor, King Krabazzin of Bikilon a parody on Babylon , who embarks on a holy quest to defeat the tyrannic Plantashih from the land of Patoreto near Antarctica. Plankton replies to the counterattack by sending giants. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Colin become hackers. While hacking various codes and passwords, they gain access to NASA's Deep Space Network, and begin controlling the antennas, turning it away from all spacecraft and artificial satellites.

The Krusty Krab's profit goes down, and Mr. Krabs launches multiple overdubbed promotions for the Krusty Krab. After graduating from high school, James SquarePants is assigned by his father, SpongeBob, to Mordecai's theater, and he becomes Mordecai's employee there, along with John Wulzebus and Milton Marmur, who quickly become James' friends. Krabs' cousins attack the Chum Bucket, but Plankton's cousins successfully push them back. SpongeBob, Squidward, Patrick, and Sandy's cousins arrive to help Krabs, but Karen's cousins offer them tight resistance.

Plankton buys Nickelodeon, and forces the company executives to cancel all SpongeBob-related shows, so SpongeBob and friends fight for their rights. Monkoni makes a sightseeing tower in Bikini Bottom, the Monkoni Royal Tower, but when the tower collapses and causes destruction in its close vicinity, Monkoni faces lawsuits, and SpongeBob defends him. King Kong, who is still alive and now with the ability to live underwater, invades Bikini Bottom, and all of the show's heroes and villains unite to fight King Kong, just as they face a new threat named Godzilla, who aims to kill King Kong and destroy Bikini Bottom.

The Flying Dutchman's ship is found near Nauru, and is brought away to Iwo Jima, where people from around the world gather, including SpongeBob and friends, who set out to rescue the ship. Mordecai and his employees, James, Wulzebus and Marmur, go to Atlantis, but they disappear when Cuban terrorists attack Atlantis.

King Kong and Godzilla, who are kept inside the Isaac Newton Institution, regain consciousness after falling to coma, and cause another chaotic mess in Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob and friends are once again tasked to stop them both. Plankton strikes oil, and he becomes very rich. Krabs is jealous, and set out to steal Plankton's oil. A television movie about SpongeBob and friends finding the lost treasure of Genghis Khan, located somewhere in Atlantis.

Neptune, Patrick and the Lord Royal Highness, Neptune's royal advisor, are involved in a game of gambling, but legal issues ensue and causes all of them to be unpopular in Atlantis. King Kong and Godzilla returns to cause chaos, but now in Atlantis. Krabs and Plankton are killed in a car accident, and their friends and enemies give a military funeral to them in a single tomb, with Squidward erecting a monument adjacent to it. Under Plankton's intrepid command, E. SpongeBob and friends chase after E. With Monkoni's guidance, SpongeBob and friends escape and chase E.

Finding the Krusty Krab under siege by Plankton's evil robots, SpongeBob and friends smash the robots away and use Krabby Patties to defend the restaurant against enemy attacks. Plankton appears, and SpongeBob battles him on the roof. Finally, Plankton is thrown off the roof, and SpongeBob wins. They encounter Dark-Eyed Vitch while on a hunting mission to the base of E. Vitch is quickly imprisoned, and SpongeBob and Patrick take over the E.

SpongeBob is kidnapped by Bowser, who is a director of E. Patrick, Sandy and James go rescue him. Colin Neptune sues James SquarePants for disturbing the Atlantean royal court, and in the Bikini Bottom courtroom, Colin and James begin smashing each other using many things.

Karen and Blondi, now upgraded also to Windows 7, compete in the Bikini Bottom Computer Duel, and in the final match, they battle each other and try to smash their respective opponent out of the stage after executing complex codes and commands. With their smashing power, SpongeBob and friends must rescue Mordecai and take his theater back. SpongeBob gets kidnapped by Plankton, and his friends are unable to offer assistance, so SpongeBob must set traps and smash Plankton alone.

Due to unknown reasons, SpongeBob loses his smashing and brawling power, and becomes very weak. So, Mr. Krabs decides to give SpongeBob new smashing and brawling power. SpongeBob tries to do his activities as usual on Sunday, but witch Ankone messes up with his schedule, so SpongeBob is forced to battle with time, so a smashing and brawling training session is delayed and cancelled.

This episode combines elements from the Sponge Smash Brawl special season and the new Large-Numbered Pineapple of Horror series, to make a cooler yet horrifying version of the Large-Numbered Pineapple of Horror series. However, future revival of the Pineapple of Horror series is possible.

Several violent scenes were excluded on Nickelodeon, and the uncut version airs on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. SpongeBob is tired of Ankone, so he forces Ankone to face Monkoni in a witch duel, with the smashing and brawling styles. With Larry the Lobster and Sandy, Patrick makes a new police organization, Star Defense Organization, with smashing and brawling styles, and many people join the association.

SpongeBob and friends are tired of smashing and brawling, and search for a new style, but always stumble on smashing and brawling. SpongeBob and Patrick are forced to face hooks from the water surface in the vicinity of Bikini Bottom, with smashing power.

1. "Career advancement/promotional opportunities."

Krabs and Plankton are involved in a boxing match in the Chum Bucket. The electricity goes out, but they decide to continue the match. Plankton gives Karen and Blondi a small but powerful power source deep inside the core system of the computer, which enables them to be active without electricity, but this makes their rivalry even deeper, and they try to knock their respective enemy out of the Chum Bucket.

After SpongeBob teaches how to surf safely and how to use sunblock safely in Goo Lagoon, he becomes popular there, and Larry is jealous. He wants to kill SpongeBob with his own smashing and brawling skills. Krabs begins to teach SpongeBob advanced smashing and brawling styles, before sending him to Viktor Vincenzo of Old Kelp City, the master of all martial arts.

Vincenzo teaches SpongeBob various styles of smashing and brawling, and also taekwondo; Mr. Krabs, Squidward, Sandy, Nico, Flonty, and Patrick become Plankton's slaves, and Sandy wants to remove Plankton from power with her improved karate and melee power. A parody of Tintin in the Land of the Soviets. Under Vincenzo's guidance, SpongeBob begins mastering taekwondo and archery, and improving melee skills. Krabs discovers that all his frozen patties has been exchanged with cheap, rotten patties by Plankton; Vincenzo realizes that his battle equipment has been stolen and exchanged for cheap, broken equipment, so he searches for the thief with SpongeBob.

SpongeBob faces a group of cruel gangsters, and fights them with karate and taekwondo skills; Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy appear in a Krusty Krab television advertisement. The witch Ankone joins E. SpongeBob tries to find a cure for Ando's great craziness. SpongeBob becomes impressed with espionage, and joins an espionage organization in London, where he uses his power to kill enemies of the organization. So far the most violent, goriest and bloodiest Large-Numbered Pineapple of Horror installment. This episode is more oriented to murder, evil domination, betrayal, and destruction.

Scary and violent elements are combined together to make the episode, and total darkness and scary sounds are available. Krabs and Patrick, while SpongeBob and friends put an end to what remains of E. SpongeBob and Patrick become sumo wrestlers, and after both join the yokozuna class, they must face each other. Krabs visits Hiroshima to promote the Krabby Patty, but he gets into trouble with Japanese citizens there, so SpongeBob goes to rescue him.

A football match is held between Rock Bottom footballers and Ukulele Bottom footballers, with SpongeBob as the referee. SpongeBob creates an animation studio behind his house, and soon, The Adventures of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy show producers use the studio. After profits in the Krusty Krab drops down, Mr. Krabs can get the Krusty Krab on track. He finds a loophole to avoid blocking, and the admins are stressed of this user.

Krabs for that day, but they can't respect Krabs' disrespectful demands. Colin buys a vacuum cleaner for use in Neptune's palace in Atlantis, but he and Neptune must learn many things to be able to use the cleaner properly. A well-received Pineapple of Horror installment, which marks the revival of the Pineapple of Horror series, a "low-end" series of the Large-Numbered Pineapple of Horror series.

After a horrible incident, Monkoni and Mordecai decide to fight, and SpongeBob and James are the referees. Soon, a three-way battle happens between Patrick and SpongeBob to vandalize more pages faster, and also for the admins to stop and block both of them before the vandalizing spreads. Squidward takes over all of Squilliam's properties and becomes very rich, while Squilliam becomes very poor. SpongeBob and friends decide to become pirates under Mr. Krabs' grandfather Redbeard, thus setting the stage for the next special season. Then when Patrick plays,he sets the difficulty to high.

Now SpongeBob has to fight the hardest opponents! Can he get out? Redbeard's pirate ship sails close to Goo Lagoon and runs over 3 surfers. Soon, the Bikini Bottom Navy is after them. SpongeBob and friends are involved in a battle with rival pirates, and get captured. Redbeard and Mr. Krabs, who escape, try to free them. When Argarg is sold to Redbeard's pirate allies for dollars, SpongeBob and friends are trapped. Redbeard and his subordinates are thrown to prison in the remote town of Aljuori by the Somalian Navy.

They manage to escape, just as the town is bombarded by enemy pirates and the United States Army, claiming ownership of the town. Redbeard's ship sails to Rock Bottom. While inside the ship, Mr. Krabs teaches SpongeBob how to be a real pirate. After causing problems, Redbeard and his subordinate pirates are declared outlaws by the government of Bikini Bottom.

This episode features pirate-themed scary things, and the Flying Dutchman becomes even more scarier and "ghostly" in his appearance here. After being given magical power by magicians, Redbeard and his pirates attack Gibraltar and takes over its government. After being declared a worldwide outlaw, Redbeard and his subordinates spend their times in exile. Finally, they land on an unknown island near Antarctica and create a camp. A rival pirate ship attacks the camp, so Redbeard and SpongeBob and friends retreat deeper into the island, where they fight wild penguins. SpongeBob and friends swim to mainland Antarctica, and create an even more primitive camp.

They fight more wild penguins with their power. Redbeard and his pirates return to Bikini Bottom to fight for their rights. However, they are captured immediately, and thrown to prison. Redbeard and pirates face their first court session, and they are accused of murder, mismanagement and taking forcible control. Victor Krabs a.

Papa Krabs becomes their defendant. Redbeard and his friends are freed from prison, and are given back their rights. However, they must do community service until July 1, The community service period is finished, and Redbeard and pirates embark on one last mission: to capture Captain Argarg and execute him. This is done easily, and Argarg is executed. The pirates are glad that their time under Redbeard Krabs' command has been completed, and they return to their eventful life. In this non-canon episode, Squidward dies, and Satan throws him to Davy Jones' locker SpongeBob and Patrick go to the locker to free Squidward.

After having troubles with his friends, James meditates in Goo Lagoon, much to Larry the Lobster's annoyance. SpongeBob gains the ability to freeze time! But when he abuses it, everyone gets mad. Can he turn things around? Or will he get "frozen" in time? SpongeBob and Patrick's twins: Bob and Patty move in.

SpongeBob makes an alternate history novel about how civilization began in the place now called Bikini Bottom. Nico wants to turn the radiation-contaminated Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant into a massive castle for himself. Sandy's amazing inventions become a sensation, and she joins a science lab of the United States Army. The gang gets stuck into a house again! But when the new people Nico, Bob, etc. Will they get out, with their limited known knowledge on the house? After many attempts, the gang gets out of the house, only to find that Plankton and his cousins except for Clem have turned Bikini Bottom into a total wreck.

SpongeBob and friends pay a visit to the White House, but Plankton is going to stage a coup to take over the United States. Krabs' Windows 7 copy for himself. Squidward and Squilliam learn karate from SpongeBob in order to defeat their respective competitor. Plankton finds a bright and active comet, and wants to use its power to conquer Bikini Bottom, Rock Bottom, and Ukulele Bottom.

Bob and Patty run in the election for the Conch Street neighborhood leader, and they resort to cheating. Patrick becomes incredibly insane, and it appears that he needs a brainwashing service for himself to return to normal. Krabs wants to build an imitation statue of the Statue of Liberty, called the Statue of Krabs.

The writers get bored and turn all the monsters of the Pineapple of Horror and Large-Numbered Pineapple of Horror series into bunnies. Will anyone ever get a scare again? SpongeBob buys an old computer with Windows 98, and Patrick urges him to upgrade to Windows 7, but SpongeBob doesn't know the upgrade route to Windows 7.

Krabs suffers from a debilitating stroke, and feels that he will die. SpongeBob and Squidward, who actually know that Mr. Krabs isn't going to die, make a documentary movie about Krabs' life. SpongeBob, Sandy and their son James mess with time: they send Christopher Columbus to Moscow, where Joseph Stalin killd him due to SpongeBob's timeline interference, and Napoleon gets executed by Viking merchants in 20th century China, just as the Puyi, the last emperor of China, gets deposed. Due to Sandy's interference, Puyi regains his throne, but he gets imprisoned. SpongeBob's twin brother, Jake, visits and reveals that Bob is not SpongeBob's real twin brother, but he is.

Jake also joins the show. Patrick accidentally attacks someone, then the guy says he wants revenge. Can he get out of this sticky situation? Jake becomes the personification of Evil, and when he dies, Plankton's evil plans all fail. Krabs relentlessly attacks Plankton from all sides. Plankton flees from Bikini Bottom with a 16th-century Bikini Bottomite warship, and his cousin Clem chases Plankton on another warship. Plankton becomes the king of Bikini Bottom, and invades neighboring cities.

Now, SpongeBob and friends must stop him. To finish problems with people claiming to be SpongeBob's relative, SpongeBob's parents, Harold and Gretchen come and reveal to SpongeBob all of his brothers and sisters. Jake, Bob, Patty, and Colin, son of Patrick and Mindy, become astronomers and try to see Uranus with the naked-eye Uranus is visible to the naked-eye, but at magnitude 5, it is generally very faint.

Bob and Patty sue each other, and SpongeBob and Patrick defend their clones, resulting in their friendship falling apart. SpongeBob becomes a basketball player. SpongeBob and Sandy are horrified to know that their son, James, is going to die if his heart ailment is not cured within 12 hours. SpongeBob and Patrick are once again trapped in Rock Bottom, and decide to adapt to its strange lifestyle. SpongeBob and Patrick go to the Ultra Rock Restaurant, but they get into a problem with its employees.

Bob and Patty fall down to Rock Bottom, with Squidward tricking them saying it's a jellyfishing convention. What happens when two of the same kind get stuck in Rock Bottom? The four try to redesign Rock Bottom, but the other residents don't like it! Can the three make Patty not President? Patty is now really unpopular, and the citizens of Rock Bottom create a coup to depose him. And who leads the coup? Sheldon J. Plankton and his Rock Bottom counterpart and third cousin, J. Sheldon Plankton! Squidward takes a car-submarine hybrid ride to Clarinet Island near Bikini Atoll, but the bus crashes into a tree and ends up falling uncontrollably to Rock Bottom.

After an incident, Patrick and Plankton gets trapped in May 7, , the date Native Americans came to the city site, mated with local fishes, and created the town of Rock Bottom. SpongeBob and friends learn to live in the jungle, located on the bottom of the deep Rock Needle Cliff. Sandy comes to help her trapped friends in the jungle, but she faces a massive problem, between life and death. Krabs gets to return to Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob gets a letter from Nico, telling him that his father, Harold, is going insane.

From Rock Bottom, SpongeBob tries to help his father. Plankton's cousins come in a greatly massive scale as compared to the cousins in the episode Plankton's Army. Together, Plankton and cousins attack Rock Bottom. Krabs forces SpongeBob and Squidward to work without stopping for 2 full months to replace the time they missed while in Rock Bottom. Once the gang gets into a mega fight, it goes WAY out of hand! Can they get things back to normal? Will anyone be sane again?!?! When SpongeBob and his friends' parents give them credit cards, they all end up maxed out after the first day!

What will they do now? Continuing from the previous episode, SpongeBob and friends' reckless experience with credit cards result in the world being thrown into a chronic financial crisis, and gradually world governments begin to collapse. Feeling guilty, SpongeBob and friends go to rescue the world. SpongeBob and the gang must get him back to Bikini Bottom. Patrick and Plankton change lives, and Patrick conquers Bikini Bottom; evil clones of SpongeBob appear all over Bikini Bottom; Flonty and Sandy get lost in a desert; Plankton, who is made prisoner by Patrick, is sent to rescue them; Neptune is bored of Atlantis and wants to leave the city.

Can SpongeBob and the gang fix the situation? Or will they get destroyed by a mysterious spirit who is behind this "life twist"? SpongeBob and Sandy accuse each other of tricking, and prepare to fight in a great karate challenge. Krabs tells a complete story of his gruesome life before opening the Krusty Krab with his first fry cook, Jim. Puff is tired of SpongeBob and tries to kill him by perpetrating a boat accident for SpongeBob. SpongeBob and Patrick annoy Squidward with new, strange toys; Mr.

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