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A few simple casting techniques should be all you need to get your fishing buddy casting on their own! If you've got your preferred method, teach your child that. Here a few pointers:.


Fishing can be an exciting activity when there is a fish on the line, but in between those moments, it is necessary to patiently sit quietly, which can be tough for a child for long periods of time. Here are some tips for keeping kids happily fishing. From damselflies, to deer scat, to rat snakes to dragonflies, to painted turtles — there are so many things waiting to be discovered while you and your child look for signs of wildlife and critters that are connected to lakes and streams.

Want to begin a great tradition?

Raising Kids that Love to Fish

Start an angler diary with your child. Each time you go fishing, keep track of your catch, record conditions and what lures were successful, and take notes about the trip.

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Angler diaries are a great way to keep learning how to become a better angler: what fish were biting during the spring? What lures worked best on cloudy days? Did fishing early in the morning at your favorite lake make a difference?

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It is also a wonderful way to remember those special stories. You can make your own journal, or download our Angler Diary Form and keep them together in a special binder. And again.

Catching is key

Indeed, studies show that most people who fish on a regular basis today were first introduced to the sport by the time they reached age 12, and the majority of children are taught how to fish by an adult family member. Well, you get the idea.

Ensuring a fun time

As a dad, angler and professional educator who conducts kids fishing clinics at sport shows across the nation, I offer my Top 10 Tips for you to keep in mind when you have the opportunity to introduce a child — of any age — to angling. See also How to Teach a Dog to Swim. Many fish eat baby fish for food, so fish lay thousands or even millions of eggs at once so that at least a few of the fish have a chance to survive and grow up.

The gases in the bladder keep the body from sinking. Common fish like bass and sunfish usually live about 6—8 years.

How to Teach Your Kids to Fish: My Advice - Take Your Kids Fishing! (TackleJunky81)

Catfish and carp may live 20—40 years. Sturgeon can live more than years. In fresh water, the largest fish are sturgeon, which can weigh more than 1, pounds. See also Passing Down the Family Cabin. Start at home. Begin the fishing lesson at home, even days prior to the trip, by visiting a local tackle store with the child, allowing the child to be a part of the entire process of selecting tackle and asking around for a good place to go fishing.

A visit to the local library to check out books on fishing is another good way to begin the process. It can strengthen the relationship between you and them, and teach your child some valuable lessons about life. If you would like to teach your kids how to fish, the guidelines below can help you take the right steps. Before you can go fishing with your kids, you will need some kid-friendly fishing equipment.

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This equipment is quite easy to find because any dedicated fishing store will have some simple, basic fishing rods that kids can use. You can also make the trip to buy the fishing equipment a learning experience. Teach your kids the names of all the equipment and explain to them how everything works before you go fishing. This will help build the excitement. Finding a good and safe spot to fish is also essential, especially with young children.

Getting a peaceful spot is also good to catch fish because noise can scare the fish away! Putting the bait on the hook may be quite complicated and dangerous for young children, so you will want to put the bait on the hook for them when starting. Be sure you show your children how they can put the bait on the hook and let them try if they wish to do so. It is also important to be patient and not get upset if your child does not get it right from the start. Using the fishing rod also requires some skill, so you will have to show your child how to hold the fishing pole properly, cast and reel.