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For me it was really important that I learnt how to nourish myself in a real and sustainable way as I believed this was really important to any chance of lasting good health. Before she started my program, Kate really wanted to regain her health.

Chrissy Metz Talks Kate's Challenging, But 'Relatable' 'This Is Us' Pregnancy Journey (Exclusive)

I jumped on your no excuses program in February after sending my youngest off to boarding school. In my eyes the timing was perfect. After years of teaching my kids School of the Air joining your program allowed for a positive pivot point in my life.

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Every bit has been worth it though as I have learnt so much and I now feel fabulous and my health is the best it has been since I was I really doubted if it was possible to do your program in the middle of nowhere but I need not have feared, the food is real food and the private support group is just amazing with so much heartfelt support and sharing from all the ladies in there sharing the journey with you and the wonderful Kim Beach ladies that support the groups.

Kate in Sydney earlier this year at my KB superstar lunch!

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I have also lost and maintained a total loss of 15kg. A care giver. A curious mind and a social soul. And now--a bike rider!

Kate's Journey to Recovery!

Her character is strong, charismatic, and infectious. She is one who puts relationships before profits, and life experiences before personal success. Miss Maggie is a person who thinks deeply about our world and culture we live in. Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon. She is riding her bicycle across the country this coming spring of Maggie has experience with bodybuilding and fitness competitions, but she has never attempted such a feat as this.

Fundraiser for Katherine Higgins by Linda MacCorison Hanson : Kate's Journey to Recovery!

She does not consider bike riding her strong suit, so this will certainly be a test of physical and mental endurance; and a huge victory if she completes it. Although a challenge, she is confident in her competence because of her reason. She is doing it for everyone BUT herself, driven by a selfless cause. Everyone has a mountain to climb.

A Tale of Two Lives - Kate & William - 1/2

Everyone has a wilderness inside. This courageous act of bravery is to raise funds and awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. This subject has affected everyone, one way or another.


We've all got a story of our own, we've all got a battle, a wilderness inside and a mountain to climb. And that's what I can get passionate enough about to ride a bike for two months across the country to raise money and awareness surrounding the topic of mental health.

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Helmet tight, feet on the pedals and hands on the handlebars, her first stride is due to kick off on May 5th, This puts her at roughly miles per day, cruising through the middle of the United States. If she keeps up with her planned schedule, she will roll into Portland, OR approximately June 20th, Exposed to all the elements. Every winding road and steep upward hill, day in and day out for a month and a half she will inevitably meet rain, wind, dust and maybe more.

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She does not have any other bikers riding alongside her, but will have her Father riding behind her with a support vehicle. We agree, but there is no denying that there is passion in her heart, and a fire in her belly. A Go Pro will be strapped to her and she will be an active blogger during her ride, sharing her adventure with anyone tuning in.