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I'm trying it out now, but it seems like I need to be near a book to take a picture and post? That'll be tough to use in those spare moments at work. I'll figure it out soon enough. Good for beginners, but I was looking for slightly more in depth information.

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I don't know why I was hoping for this; these books are all about 20 pages long and filled with illustrations. When she goes to claim the money due, the duke has a different offer. As a spurned and scarred guy back from war, his options for securing his estates against his scheming cousin are slim without an heir. He offers her a marriage of convenience - money and a home for her and an heir for him. This book is hilarious! And not in a terribad way, either.

It seemed like a writer was given a list of things to include in her next book, and she managed to include them all! Unicorn vomit, a mangy cat, a quote from Elizabeth Warren, 'fake news', etc. It certainly does not make for an accurate historical novel, but does it matter? Just go into it knowing you will not be reading a Regency romance, but a humorous kind-of-fantasy romance. Also, so much smut. Thanks to MickyFine to the recommendation! When she goes to claim it, the current occupant refuses to leave.

He suspects foul play from his solicitors, since he never signed any paper to sell the property. Izzy starts working as his secretary, since the duke is unable to read his own mail to figure out what's going on. Not quite as funny as The Duchess Deal, but still an amusing romance. Another list of odd things being included - a trap door and hidden skeleton, a fan club and roleplaying, girls dressing up with penciled in mustaches, etc.

I'll probably keep reading more of dare's works, but might take a break between them, since the details of each work tend to get smushed together since the stories are so similar.

She goes to her fiance's brother to get him to sign the 'divorce' papers. She inherited a castle and has no need for a husband now. These titles slay me - humor in titles is the best. She writes him fake letters addressed to fake addresses, etc. Her scheme goes well and she finally kills him off in war so that she can continue on a spinster. She has a castle now, so why bother? Until her made-up guy arrives on her doorstep one day. Still humorous and ridiculous, but it knows it's ridiculous so that makes it even better. This series is called "The Wanton Dairymaid".

I'm serious. How can you not love a book in that series? Lucy is crushing on a soon-to-be engaged friend of her older brother. To cause jealousy and interest, she convinces another friend Jeremy to pretend to court her. Jeremy goes along with this to spare Toby, Lucy, and Toby's intended awkwardness. This book wasn't as solid as others by Dare. It seems broken in two - while everyone is courting and when everyone is married.

The second half is nowhere near as fun as the first. It's too dramatic and full of people's issues. I moved on to a contemporary novel, Hot for the Scot , and I keep waiting for the joke. I hope it's coming. Crofter's huts? A guy taking you on a gallop on his black stallion after pulling you from a lake?

A famous athlete asking you out just because? Still waiting I think Dare' books got me used to being in on the joke. Based upon the plots, it sounds like Ms. Dare should write scripts for soap operas! She gets on a ship to the Caribbean to become a governess. On that ship is a bunch of former privateers though, including one named Gray.

The plot is terrific. You know how some romances seem like random words strung between the amorous scenes? This was NOT one of those. In act, the naughty bits were kind of slim in the one. That's ok with me; the book was terrific. The characterizations were fleshed out - even the secondary characters were lovely. She decides upon Toby, Sophia's jilted fiance, or rather, Toby decides upon her. Eh, not really feeling this pairing, but it was nice to have the characters from previous novels come into play.

He promptly falls for the 'leader' of the town. Not terrible, but I certainly wouldn't recommend these to anyone who doesn't need something fluffy and easy to read. Today is Marguerite Henry's birthday - her th! She was born in I don't know why, but it doesn't seem like so long ago that her books came out. Are her books timeless? Am I just getting old? My favorite was probably King of the Wind. I collect her books; I have some signed first editions, but some are so dang hard to find that all I have is recent paperback releases. The problem is that she has joined the Royal Geologic Society by using her initials instead of her first name, and now that she wants to go present her findings in person at a conference in Scotland, she needs an escort.

Women aren't allowed, you see. She knows doing so will ruin her, so she decides to use the local rake to escort her to be extra sure she is considered ruined by normal society. More of the same. Cecily has been pining for Luke while he was at war, but now that he is back, he seems different.

Should she marry her childhood friend Denny instead? Ridiculous frivolity. That I can't stop reading. Other topics, like potting material, pests, etc, have a few pages each. It contains clear photos and basic info that a newbie like me needs. I only wish it was slightly more in depth, since it was so clear and easy to understand it made things less intimidating.

I got this one at the Michigan Orchid Society show; I don't know if it's available in general. Is he a French spy? The mother will make her into a duchess - she is sick and tired of Griff lazing about without producing an heir. Griff picks Pauline, the barmaid. Griff and Pauline come to an understanding - she will get some dresses and some time in London in exchange for humoring his mother for a week and failing to become a suitable partner for him.

In a fit of rage one night, she wrote a long letter to the suitor who left her, and it became a best seller. However, the weather does not cooperate on her way to town, and who does she end up sharing a coach with? The man the pamphlet is about. The only way to save Charlotte's reputation is for them to get engaged.

Charlotte is not OK with that idea. I love that I need to look up a word or so in each of these - that ever happens anymore. The romance is usually pretty nice, and the humor is on point. They are all well written romantic fluff. I am dreading running out of Dare's books - there is a book hangover waiting for me soon. Somehow I missed a few of her books in my childhood. I finally read Brighty of the Grand Canyon last year. Although, as an adult, it is a different read than as a child.

When I was younger, I was in love with the idea of just you and your colored horse running across the wilds with no one else around. San Domingo tells the fictionalized story of a pony express rider named Peter and his beloved paint mustang San Domingo. There are some more adult issues that I didn't really pay attention to as much as I do now - some murder, harsh parenting, family members who deal with other adversities, etc. My other favorites, Black Gold and Justin Morgan, are recommended too, but really - I would recommend any of her books. I am so tired that I had typed a paragraph summary of the wrong book just now.

I can't even remember really the characters names for this one. I do remember that there was very little passion in The Passionate Endeavor which I had searched for in vain as The Passionate Embrace, btw. I stayed up way past the time I was tired reading last night. Another book, not this one Charlotte is nursing the Duke when his son comes home from the war. They seemingly fall in love, but a long time ago the son had vowed to never marry. The ratings and automatic recommendations on Barnes and Noble placed this book a bit higher than it deserved, I think. It wasn't terrible by any means, but the romance wasn't there, nor did I care a whit about the characters.

The language and style was based off Austen; it even included quotes at the beginning of each chapter, but Austen it was not. Since then, she has had few suitors. For the sake of his other daughters, her father adds a nearby property to her dowry to entice more suitors. Unfortunately, it entices the fallen-from-grace, gaming-hall-owning earl that Penelope grew up with. I was really missing some humor in the last book, and this one delivered with humor and romance. Originally posted ETA: series number. Seems like instagram but for books?

They have an exhibit on the Black Stallion books! I took a few pictures and will post them when I go through all the vacation photos. In the mean time Jill is frightfully realistic about things - aside from the luck of living in a time when ponies could be purchased for a few hundred dollars and kept in your backyard and shed.

There is some humor, even reading it for the first time as an adult. It was a dream this weekend - reading this book for a few hours while I waited at the Head of the Lake for the cross country to start. It was a bit chilly, but other than that, heaven. You were at the Three-Day Event?!? I volunteer there every year! Glad you got to see the Black Stallion exhibit - it's wonderful! What did you end up doing this year?

I missed stopping at a lot of the other park attractions - the breed barn and the big barn horses were all turned out and we ran out of time before seeing USDF and USHJA hall of fames, but we stopped by the museum and gift store and walked through the hall of champions. It's ok though; I'll try to see the 3-Day again next year or so. We went on a tour of Maker's Mark on the way home and bumped into an outrider. She even offered to pass my name on to become one! The flowers were all beautiful along the course.

I think you hit the high points of the park though and I'm glad you got to tour Makers Mark - I haven't visited that particular distillery yet. Next time you come, we should meet up! And kudos for driving the grooms around. As a former groom, I wish it were reversed.

Do you have other recommendations to visit? We get out to KY only about every year now, but I try to go more frequently if possible. Oops, forgot some!

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I finished this a few weeks ago and can't really remember. Pippa is very bookish and wants to be prepared and knowledgeable about things. She's engaged to a gentleman who is nice, but nothing special to her - he offered and she is not financially able to decline. She's OK with this, but she wants to understand the vows she's supposed to say in her wedding. How can she make those promises if she doesn't know what love is and doesn't know what really goes on in the bedroom? So she goes to her brother-in-law's gaming hell to ask one of the bosses to teach her.

Pippa is terrific, but Cross seems a bit too overwrought for me. Not terrible, but not recommended unless this is your genre. Then she turns up in front of his house one day. There was little humor and the heroine was unsympathetic, so I didn't really like this one as much. The only redeeming thing about this is that there is a mic drop of epic proportions at the very end. What will you choose? Who will you choose? I finished it by taking it to the end via 2 similar paths, each with a different ending - as a spy or with a Scottish rogue.

I did note that there were a few options that SEEMED like options, but no matter what route you took, it took you to the same place. Others took you to the other option - your 'choice' ended up as simply what you read first or second. There were large portions of the book I didn't reach, and will save for different choices at a future rereading. As for the actual content of the book, it was really more of a satire than actual romance book: full of hilarious euphemisms, little character development, unlikely happenings, etc. Book : 57 Title: Dirty Rats? When the topic changes to why rats are not nasty, the author features different species of rats that don't look so off-putting to normal people.

I thought there was missed opportunity to show brown rats as the heroes instead of other species. Kudos for trying though! A wealthy lord comes up and asked for her help finding someone in her neighborhood. I was hoping this one would be better than it was. For some reason, I have lower standards of books when they are e-books on my Nook opposed to book form - the same material that seemed great online was not so great in print. Hoyt's written so many works though, it would be great if I liked them, so I will be giving the next in the series a try.

On a trip to the West Indies, he captures a Spanish ship with a Spanish lord and his daughter. Beauvallet vows to marry the daughter, but only by showing how daring he is - by first dropping the daughter off safely in Spain, and by then returning to Spain to woo her, even though he is a wanted man. It wasn't terrible, but I guess I was expecting a bit more from an author that so many people love. I will try a Regency novel next, since those are supposed to have been her specialty. When their bosses open up a new position, they are now in direct competition.

Why did I wait so long to read this one? I guess I appreciated it more now than I would a few years ago, and I don't have quite as long of a wait until her next book comes out, but this is a good one. This was not like it at all - just a straight up romance or even a rom-com. It's a bit explicit, which i was not expecting.

The banter was nice though, and there was no obscenely crazy plot twist like in lesser romances. The prince lives in her dorm. They become friends and start dating. It's the prince, though, so there's drama. So realistic even involving a prince that it was almost a bit boring.

Just normal relationship stuff mostly. Read it since it was recommended for fans of The Hating Game. Not bad, but not great. Not even that romance-y, more like chick lit. Annabelle needs one with money. Her friends agree to help set her up with a particular lord, but of course that's not who pursues her - a rake that kissed her and left her years ago. I really had to think hard and read some other reviews to even remember this one, but it was so 'eh' that I went to another author instead of finishing the series.

I might go back to them later. Georgiana selects a man who used her and left her years ago. She endeavors to teach him to not use others - by using him. So this one also took awhile to get me really hooked or hooked at all , but when it did, it really got me. There was such an unexpected plot twist that I dropped the book and bounced around the house gasping in laughter. Covers like these make me so glad for my Nook. Evie selects a man who is on the board of the orphanage she wishes to patron. This one took me in much sooner than the first in the series.

It made me sad that the next is not so cheap on the Nook. I migth have to raid the nearest used book store for a cheaper option. The duchess Hero is all set to marry the perfect man - good breeding, etc, and who cares if there isn't love? Then she meets his rakish brother. I loved how some side stories continued - Silence and the orphanage, the Ghost of St Giles, etc. The mysteries continue!

All these romances are starting to blend together, TBH, but each one is a good read. I will also look for the next in this series. Lots of color photos back up a fairly light text. Wish there were more flowers covered. There were some really nice tips. I think I resent this book only because for class I had to completely rewrite and format my resume to match his style instead of picking and choosing what I'd like to rework. He recently returned to England after a tour of the world and all of the mothers in society are pestering him about their daughters.

To get some peace, he decides to partner with his friend's sister - she will seem more in demand if a duke is interested in her, and he will get the debutantes and their mothers off his back. Too bad Daphne starts to fall for him, even though he has vowed to never marry. This made me feel squidgey. There were some tropes that were just out of my comfort zone.

Kind-of rape? Kind-of entrapment? Plus some things that needed to be worked out between the characters Eh, not my cup of tea. The cop assigned to her case, Colton Anders, is an acquaintance from high school. I shouldn't have saved this - I should have just read it when I was reading the series.

I forgot most all of the side characters. Throughout this period, every so often, she runs into Mr Wright. I can't even remember this book. At all. As she's running, she hides in a nondescript building. It's a matchmaking service. Thinking fast, she grabs a file of a girl set to meet her match across the country and pretends to be her. What she doesn't know is that the matchmaking service caters to paranormals. She's all set to meet a vampire, but she doesn't know it - doesn't even know vampires exist.

Author: Tessa Dare

This is a read as light as the title. Which is good, because I bought it simply because of the title. I'd probably continue reading the rest in the trilogy if they weren't so pricey on the Nook. There was no big gossip or anything nor any significant tips about acting.

A burly dude comes into her life telling her that they both have supernatural powers and need to hunt down a stone that inspires gluttony to prevent the world from exploding. She goes along with this. This is exactly Stephanie Plum but with supernatural bits - exploding car, odd pet, hot dude that provides money and cars, and tracking things down included. I almost abandoned the series after this book, but the last few paragraphs got me back in. It was a little madcap for awhile.

Notice a theme here? This one was much more engaging. The characters seemed a bit more rounded as opposed to simply checking off random plot points as the other book left me feeling. I'm interested in where the Wulf plot line will go. Too bad it's the last of the written series so far A boy finds a newly-born foal stuck in a gopher hold and helps him stand for the first time. They become friends until the boy's father sells the horse. Later, the boy and the horse find each other again.

The layout and design was a bit hard to follow at times, but it was doable. The book didn't rock my socks off, but there was nothing particularly 'wrong' with any aspect. It just wasn't my cup of tea. Someone new starts at work and they find a gentleman that had collapsed in the street. I have no idea why every review and blurb called this insightful and hilarious. It is not a fluffy book. It is not chick lit. It is about a mentally disturbed woman who was abused as a child, represses memories, and drinks. Not funny-drinks-wine, but is an alcoholic. I guess people are amused with her insight, but they are the exact thoughts we've all had.

She goes through her day like many of us do. I am baffled why people think this is a funny book. Not what I was expecting at all. Other than that, it was readable and nothing was terribly wrong with it. Raised by her pagan aunts after her anthropologist parents were killed when she was a child, she has a fairly quiet life.

That is, until she bumps into a vampire in the library.

Supernatural creatures are interested in a manuscript she found - so interested that they're willing to kill for it. This book! The descriptions of place, time, etc were detailed and evocative. I am by no means a foodie if I could eat kibble for humans, I would , but here food descriptions had me wanting to try new things and had me drooling. It's like that for everything. The smells and lighting - you get a great picture. The plot was interesting and driving too - the book is over pages and it still didn't fit enough in. I had to take away a half star - the characters weren't really fleshed out as they could be.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Duchess Deal’ by Tessa Dare—4 Stars

I kept waiting for more romance, but alas, just longing glances and protective vampires. I made sure to go out to the book store to get the rest of the series before I reached the end of this one. I don't want to say much more for fear of spoilers. The beginning section was a bit much for me - there are lots of famous historical characters that I was unfamiliar with and it took a hundred pages or so before I sorted them out well enough. There was really no romance or plot for that brief section, so my interest started to drop a tiny bit, but it picked up immediately in the new section and flew by.

This series is not one you can finish in a day though - each book is hefty with a large amount of text per page. While it was a drag holding up a heavy book in bed at first, by the second book I got used to it. The covers are on point en pointe? Now on to the third! I couldn't believe that everything was tied up so quickly after all of that. It wasn't rushed, but there was only about pages left in the book and given how in depth the rest of the series was, I doubted it could be done.

All done. Looking forward to the continuation of Marcus's story this fall. Two acquaintances in college become more familiar with each other via text after exchanging numbers to use as each other's emergency contact. Decent read, nothing bad, nothing earth-shattering. She bears it, but misses her deceased mother. She falls in with her father's old war horse and brings him back to health while working on a recipe to prevent being burned by dragons. She goes on a quest to save her nation can't really say more without getting spoilery.

Nicely done. I have so many romance novels to read for book club, but can't stomach anything so bare yet. I'm going to stick with kids books or fantasies for the moment. Paul and Maureen want a special wild pony so badly, they work all spring to save up money to buy her at the annual auction of wild island ponies. They manage to get her into the auction along with her little foal Misty.

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I get a bone-deep happiness and a feeling that all is right when I read Henry. Me too! We were planning on going for a vacation one year but never got around to it. Kyle brought it up again this year, so maybe that'll be next year's trip. I also really want to go on a week-long trail ride down the Bright Angel trail where Brighty roamed, and visit the UVM horse farm to see the Justin Morgan statue!

So many vacation ideas through pony books! Wow - those are great vacation ideas!! On the other hand, I don't know if Dennis's softer images would match the text as much as the line ink drawings by Lougheed. Do you have an opinion Dawn? I see it was published in , so maybe I was reading other types of books?

I recall first reading JRR Tolkien around that time. Mustang was always my favorite - I was so shocked that beautiful mustangs would be treated that way!! I've actually got a book about Wild Horse Annie on my bookshelf waiting to be read. However, San Domingo was right up there in my favorites. I think Misty is the gateway drug to the rest of Henry's works :. Spinning Silver is recommended too. There were a few pages on stirrup irons and spurs, but most of it was on bits. A chapter or two was on anatomy and why fitting bits is important, and a few chapters were on the different bits HS produces.

While the chapters on fitting were no more enlightening than any other book on tack, it was nice to know why the metal they use in their bits is so darn special and expensive. It was also good to know that they make their bits in millions of sizes - width, thickness, and ring diameter - which begs the question, why does no tack store carry more than one or two? I know no one at my current barn cares about properly fitting tack, but doesn't the rest of the US?

Why can't we get that selection here? Just some musings One woman witnesses some lost vampires feeding on someone and gets entangled in the vampire world. So I started a smutty book club at work since so many coworkers read romances and other fluff. This was the first month's selection from Janice. I didn't care 2 figs about the characters, but the plot points were very interesting, as was the concept of breedmates and the vampire set up. I just wish the romance were more fleshed out. This was almost like a poor man's Black Dagger Brotherhood.

It did take a bit for me and others in the group to get through the first half. Was able to squeeze in a few episodes of season 3 last week and wanted to pick this up again. Hopefully I'll be able to finish season 3 before season 4 comes out Claire is transported back in time from s to s Scotland. One of my favorites. The batch of letters to 5 in all gets sent out by her little sister. In book two, another of the recipients comes calling. In book three, Lara needs to decide where to go to college.

In honor of the Netflix adaption, which I think is one of the best book-film adaptations I've seen, I re-read the series. From Susanna through to Charlotte, it was a perfect series in all ways — funny, engrossing and always leaving you wanting more. As the opening of the books reveal — Welcome to Spindle Cove, where the ladies with delicate constitutions come for the sea air, and men in their prime are… nowhere to be found. Or are they? And also where there are no eligible men.. Tuesdays, sea bathing. Wednesdays, in the garden.

Susanna finds her match in Victor Bramwell, the new Earl of Rycliff, who has invaded her haven with his makeshift army. Needless to say they find love even though she is determined to save her personal utopia and he quite hell bent to create a militia amid the village. He lands unconscious at her feet during a ball at Spindle Cove and the story moves on to their clearing up past misunderstandings and declarations of love, with some intrigue, spy games and shooting pistols all thrown in.

Week to Be Wicked , is actually Book Two about a devilish lord and a bluestocking. Minerva Highwood, is a confirmed spinsters. She is plain, bookish, awkward, and she has to get to Edinburgh for a symposium of Royal Geological Society of Scotland within a week. For this task she decides to get Colin Sandhurst, Lord Payne, a rake of the first order, to take her there.

In the week that it takes them to get there they fake an elopement, fight highwaymen, lie their way through situations and do manage to reach Scotland after falling in love along the way. This story had me laughing out loud with every situation they found themselves in. Unknown childhood friends they land up in a fake engagement and work through unravelling their past and finally ending up in love.

Through all the trails things do work out well for Kate as she finds her happily ever after. No noblemen in this one.. Any Duchess Will Do , actually turned out to be my favourite book of the series. Griff is handsome, he is debauched, hot and terribly witty. Another book where I was giving odd barks of laughter every once in a while!!

Pauline Simms, even though a barmaid wants to better her life and open a bookshop. She is pretty, loyal, humble yet saucy and is just simply loveable. Any natural we have the most unlikely pairing and they fall in love and live happily ever after … at Spindle Cove! Griff and Colin, Bram and Corporal Thorne, are by far the best parts of this book! These four just make you do that. Her companion in her travels to Spindle Cove is none other than Lord Dashwood himself, who finally seems to have noticed her and now wants her as his own.