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Amery J. Levantar la mano sobre uno mismo, discurso sobre la muerte voluntaria. Valencia: Pre-textos; Cano JA. Durkheim E. El suicidio. Madrid: Ediciones Akal S. Estudio retrospectivo en la Universidad de los Andes, — Informe Regional. Washington: OPS; Moya DM.

Comportamiento de lesiones de causa externa, Colombia, Forensis, datos para la vida. Salud Mental ; 23 2 — Villalobos FH. Salud Mental ; 32 2 — Micin S, Bagladi V. Tuesca R, Navarro E. Factores de riesgo asociados al suicidio e intento de suicidio. Estudio aproximativo al suicidio en universitarios javerianos. Suicide in Oxford University students. BJ Psych ; 1 — Del Pino J. Harvard lucha contra los suicidios. Jacobs DG, editor. The Harvard Medical School guide to suicide assessment and intervention. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers; Schwartz AJ. College student suicide in the United States: — through — J Am Coll Health ; 54 6 — Jelin E.

In: Jelin E. Los trabajos de la Memoria. Madrid: Editorial Siglo Veintiuno; Antipoda ; 4: 76— Benea caballo blanco De los que benea el rey En su mano la derecha Una lansa lleva el. Young man, oh young man Oh young man so gentle If you are going to France Give greetings to my love. What sign do you give me madam That I may recognize him He is as tall as a pine Straight as a beam of light.

He rides a white horse Like the ones the king rides In his right hand He carries a lance. Bin el barach welyum l'wila ya machlaha bi ha farach marrum oula manansaha. Yalilit l'barach netsa krak el yum biha kalbi farach para aliya n'um. Ki eshmera Shabbat el yish meireini ot hi l'olmei'ad beino uveini. Between yesterday and today O small and beautiful night I am very happy and in love I hope to God I will not forget.

O divine night I remember you my heart is happy I have lost my sleep. If I safeguard the sabbath God will safeguard me it is an understanding between Him and me. Like the rose in the garden And flowers not yet in bloom There lies a young maiden At the hour of death. That day, sad were the hour As she fell ill Like the queen on her bed She lost her strength and fainted. The tears of a mother God will soon feel them Though you now feel pain. Her grace and her look Were my consolation. At my side she would sit Her hand on my heart. Open the doors and windows Come to my daughter Those who saw her crying Those who saw this angel die.

Se acerca la madrugada Los gallos estan cantando Compadres van anunciando Que se acerca la jornada si. Trabajo de sol a sol Y ahora quiero descansar Que se acerca otra vida que si. Dawn is approaching The roosters are singing Our buddies which announce The approaching day. I work from sun to sun And now I want to rest For another life is approaching, yes.

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Today I love you, today I forget you To better remember you tomorrow For another day is approaching, yes. Dai de cenar al despozado Dai de cenar que no ha cenado Dai de cenar al despozado, Dai de cenar sopa de nabo. Parala novia una gallina, Y para el novio una sardina Parala novia pan sobado, Y para el novio de salvado.

Dai de cenar al despozado Dai de cenar que no ha cenado Dai de cenar al desposado, Dai de cenar sopa de nabo. Serve dinner to the groom, For he has not dined yet. Serve dinner to the groom Give him a turnip soup. To the bride -- a chicken And to the groom a sardine To the bride a soft bread And to the groom what's left. Well, well, there is no place to go Postpone the loving till the night. Well, well, no rush, Wait for the morning for love. According to the Din Tora Postpone the loving till the night. According to the Din you should not rush, Wait for the morning for love.

De las altas mares Traen una cativa Cubierta en el oro Y en la perla fina. From the high seas, They bring a captive Covered with gold And fine pearls. On her forehead A sapphire stone Which gleams brighter in the night Than the sun at midday. The king was young and handsome And was to fall in love.


The queen was a maid And would be jealous. Salid tu madre y me dijo No tengo hija hermosa. Hermosa sos en cantidad honestedad no tienes. At two o'clock I will pass by With all my friends I will stand under your window Playing my mandolin. Your mother left the house and said I do not have a beautiful daughter You are very pretty But you lack honesty. If you gave me millions my family does not want you Come, come my friends You shall be dressed in black since my soul. De avrirte, avro mi lindo mancevo Non te doy la mano Si non te conosco. Sleep, sleep, beautiful maiden Sleep, sleep, without worry nor sorrow Your slave with ardor wishes To see you sleep with great love.

Listen, my beauty, to the sound of my guitar Listen, my beauty, to the sorrows of my song It has been two years that my soul has suffered For you my beautiful lady. Durme, durme hermozo hijico Durme, durme con savor Cerra tus luzios ojicos. Sleep, sleep my beautiful son Sleep, sleep with pleasure Close your brilliant eyes. Durmite mi alma Durmite mi vida Que tu padre viene De onde mueva amiga Muevo amor. Me fui detras de el Por ver ande iba Videque se iba Ande la mueva amiga Muevo amor.


Sleep my soul Sleep my life For your father comes From his new friend New love. I followed him To see where he was going Isaw that he was going To his new friend New love. I ventured further To see what was there I saw tables set With delicious foods New love. Durme, durme mi angelico Hijico chico de tu nacion Criatura de Sion No conoces la dolor Porque nombre, me demandas?

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Porque no canto yo? Ah, cortaron las, mis alas y mi voz amudicio Ah, el mundo de dolor. Sleep, sleep, my little angel Little son of your nation Infant of Zion You do not know sorrow Why do you ask my name? Why I don't sing? Alta va la luna Cuando empesa a amanecer Hija hermosa sin ventura Nunca allegue a nacer. I cry throughout the day At night I cannot sleep Asking again and again When will my suffering cease. High goes the moon When it begins to rise Beautiful girl without happiness Never asking to be born.

What do you seek young man At this hour in these parts I come to see my love For tomorrow I must leave. I love you with such ardor And such is my pain That better it is to die Than to lose all hope. When the evening wind Murmurs at your window Remember my beloved The sweet moments of our love. The first time I passed by I saw you on the balcony The glance you cast my way Burned in my heart. But tell me my love Why you always speak to me like this You must know That I think of you always.

Such an answer I did not expect I would rather die Than consent to loving you. Eso son las balas de la municion Esa es la escopeta Con que cargo yo Alalan y alalan…. Quiso que no quiso arriba subio Con aguas de rosas Lavaranselo Con toallas de holanda secaranselo. Ciento veinte cunas, todas en un corredor Menos la de la cocinera Que en el techo la colgo Cordon del frailecico, que rico cordon. Brother Peter was sitting in the sun Wth his white underwear With hands on his rope And alalan and alalan….

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The nuns watched him from the corridor: What is this rising from your pants Brother Peter? It is the shotgun which I pack With bullets for ammunition. Reluctantly he stood up With rose water They washed him And with towels from Holland they dried him. On a scale of gold they weighed him One hundred-twenty pounds and a quarter At midnight the charge exploded to impregnate women Minus the cook which he had forgotten.

And after nine months They all gave birth to girls Except the cook to a boy And alalan and alalan…. The King of France had three daughters One of them embroidered and the other sewed The youngest one was making a tapestry While working she soon fell asleep. At the door I saw the full moon appear before me At the window I saw the star Diana appear before me At the well I saw a golden bowl appear before me With three little birds pecking at the gold. El rey por muncha madruga El rey por muncha madruga Onde la reina iba Onde la reina iba.

A la reina topo en cavellos Peinandose sus destrensados. Con espejo de oro en sus manos Mirandose su bel galano. El rey por burlar con ella El rey por burlar con ella Le apreto el lado Le apreto el lado. Estate Angelino El mi primer enamorado Dos hijos tengo tuyos Y dos del rey se hacen cuatro. The king, who rises early in the morning The king, who rises early in the morning Went to see his queen. Went to see his queen. He found her with loosened hair Combing out her tresses. With a golden mirror in her hand Looking at her beautiful body. The king in jest The king in jest Touched her on her side Touched her on her side.

Be still, Angelino My first lover I have two sons by you And two by the king makes four. Having uttered these words she turned her face Pardon me my king I must have been relating a dream. You may have been dreaming But I will explain it to you With a white dress And a red necklace. En la mar hay una torre En la torre una ventana En la ventana hay una hija Que a los marineros llama. Dame tu mano palomba Quero suvir a tu nido Maldicha que durme sola Vengo a durmir contigo. Si la mar era de leche Yo me haria vendedor Caminando y pregundando D'onde s'empeza l'amor.

In the sea there is a tower In the tower, a window In the window a young girl Who calls out to the sailors. Give me your hand my dove I wish to climb up to your nest Cursed is the one who sleeps alone I am coming to sleep with you. If the sea were milk I would become a fisherman And fish for my sorrows With little words of love.

If the sea were milk I would become a merchant. Travelling and asking Where does love begin. Do not kill me with a knife Nor with a gun Kill me with your love For in your arms I wish to die. Strolling amid the orchards Amid the jasmine I saw a very beautiful girl In front of me She was beautiful and so graceful That she made me tremble. I approached her side I saw her crying Tears upon her eyes Shining pearls I asked her what is wrong, what troubles you Who made you suffer.

This mountain in front Is on fire and goes on burning There I lost my love I sit down and cry. Little tree of jasmine Planted at the door I made you grow and flower Others are now enjoying you. Young blossom of jasmine I made you grow in my arms I made you grow and flower Others are now enjoying you. Esta noche es alavada De encender luzes de maziadas La criatura sea guadrada Con Eliyahu hanavi. This night is praised Lights in our houses are kindled The child is safe With the prophet Elijah.

As she was walking one day With her ladies in waiting She met a young man Who treated her amorously Awed…. He sent her a letter Declaring his love He sent her a ring Which was costly as a half town Awed…. He sent her many gifts Precious jewelry with gemstones more precious than gold Awed…. Would she return the gifts? For Rachel was married And the jealous governor Knew of everything Awed…. The furious governor Walked to his home And with his famous fist Knocked the door at once Awed….

At the entrance He found the young man. And with his famous fist He beat him at once Awed…. Confessed of my wrongdoing In this world But, he, with his famous fist Cut off her head at once Awed…. Estavase la mora En su bel estar Venia la moxca Por hazerle mal La moxca a la mora Mezquina la mora Que en los campos mora. Estavase la moxca En su bel estar Venia la abezha Por hazerle mal La abezha a la moxca La moxca a la mora Mezquina la mora Que en los campos mora. There was the Moorish girl In her happy state Along came the fly To do her harm The fly to the girl Wretched is the girl Who dwells in the fields.

There was the fly In its happy state Along came the wasp To do it harm The wasp to the fly The fly to the girl. Wretched is the girl Who dwells in the fields.


There was the wasp In its happy state Along came the spider To do it harm The spider to the wasp The wasp to the fly The fly to the girl Wretched is the girl Who dwells in the fields. Esturulu does not eat meat As she wants a house apart Esturulu Mama's Esturulu May trouble never come upon you. Esturulu went to the well To see her handsome one Esturulu… Mama's Esturulu May trouble never come upon you. Fel sharah canet betet masha La signorina aux beaux yeux noirs Come la luna etait la sua faccia qui eclairait le boulevard.

Volevo parlar shata metni Because her father was a la gare E con su umbrella darabetni En reponse a mon bonsoir.

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The girl with beautiful dark eyes Was strolling down the street Her face, lovely as the moon Lit up the boulevard. I wanted to speak to her, but she insulted me As her father was at the train station nearby With her umbrella, she hit me In reply to my greeting. Avrijme galanika que ya va amanecer Avrij, ya vos avro, mi lindo amor La noche non duermo pensando en vos. Toda la noche, toda, vos estuve asperando Con las puertas aviertas, cirrios arrelumbrando. Six in the evening I stroll With all my friends I stop by your window Playing the mandolin.

Hija mia mi querida Aman, aman, aman No te eches a la mar Que la mar esta enfortuna Mira que te va llevar. May it take me, may it pull me down Aman, aman, aman Seven fathoms deep May a black fish swallow me up To save me from love. Una hora en la ventana Otra hora en el balcon Que lo sepa la mi madre que yo tengo mucho amor. An hour by the window An hour at the balcony My mother knows How much I love you. Yes I did my daughter But I did it with love I am not like the young women of today Who are forsaken and left to grieve. Great voices and thunder On the mountain were heard To see fire and wondrousness The Jews are confused And Moses with his brothers Asked God for mercy.

Moses went up To receive the Torah Awestruck and nervous Afraid he would fail in his task And not knowing what to do He asked God for mercy. Buenas comidas La rosa linda salio a la mar Ay sarica, linda y hermozica Traeme agua. No me prema mi que me merques tu Padre tengo mercader muy grande El me mercara zapatos del capan. The pretty rose went out to the sea Oh, my beautiful young girl Bring me water.

I cannot bring you water I am barefoot, the dew has fallen And I will freeze. Take off your slippers, put shoes on If the great God helps me I will buy you shoes at the market. Do not lavish your gift upon me My father has a very large store He will buy me shoes at the market. Entre la mar y la arena hay un arvol de canela echate a la mar y alcanza.

Between the sea and the river There is a quince tree Throw yourself into the sea. My wife is bathing Dressed in red Throw yourself into the sea and reach for me. Yes, I would throw myself into the sea If the mermaid allowed me to catch her Throw yourself into the sea and reach for me. My wife is in the river Dressed in yellow Throw yourself into the sea and reach for me. Between the sea and the sand There is a cinnamon tree Throw yourself into the sea and reach for me.

La soledad de la nochada Muy dezolada, ah, me vo morir Mi alma es triste y dolorosa Nunca repoza, ah, del mal sufrir The loneliness of the night So desolate, ah, I shall die My soul is sad and in pain It never rests from this awful suffering. I feel like a viril young man I feel on top of the world Without a lira to my name I feel like a millionaire.

The stars in the sky my dear They are the ones shining Yet in them there is no steadiness Young maiden of my heart My passion for you is enough already. The first time I saw you my dear You entered my soul And you gave me rays of sunshine Young maiden of my heart In my eyes you shone brightly. Have patience with yourself my dear In these days you await your future May they be brilliant for us Young maiden of my heart My love is centered in you.

Los bilbilicos cantan Con sospiros de amor Mi neshama y mi ventura Estan en tu poder. Mas presto ven palomba Mas presto ven a mi Mas presto tu mi alma Que yo me vo morir.

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The nightingales sing With sighs of love My soul and my fate Are in your power. The rose blooms In the month of May My soul darkens Suffering from love. Come quickly my dove More quickly come to me Come, you my soul, For I will surely die. Los caminos de Sirkedji S'incharon de arena Para pasar y vo tornar y verte a ti morena. Morena tu, moreno yo Ven mos frecuentaremos Si no te place frecuentar Ven mos esposaremos. The paths of Sirkedji Became filled with sand To pass through and turn around And to see you, dark one.

When we first met Over beers and sparkling water We ended up drawing apart With words of ice. Porque no engraso los ejes me llaman abandonado. Es demasiado aburrido seguir y seguir la huella. He andado tantos caminos sin nadie que me entretenga. Porque no engraso los ejes. No necesito selencio Yo no tengo en quien pensar, No necesito selencio Yo no tengo en quien pensar. To high mountains we shall go To live our days happily We will build a little house It will be our little piece of luck.