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The Spaniards! As soon as she was within easy call, Ramon told her that a company ofthe enemy was only two miles away. He had been very close to them. Hehad even heard them talking together while he hid in the bushes. They said that before longthey would starve us into giving up. I rather think they won't. Do youknow, Maria, I believe God will send us help if we are only patient. The Americans live so near us, I don't see how they can help taking ourpart, when they know the way we are treated. But come, we must hurryand tell father the news. He will know what we ought to do to get readyfor a visit to-day.

When Senor Diaz was told of the approachof the Spaniards, he said, in his gentle voice, "We would best have apicnic. He had often thought ofthe coming of the Spanish troops. He had made a plan in case he shouldhear of their approach. The house should be locked up; all the familyshould go down to the shore of a small lake a quarter of a mile backin the woods.

The path that led to this lake was so hidden that astranger would not know it was there. Ramon could lead the oxen; thefather thought that he was strong enough to guide the horse to thepicnic-ground. If the Spaniards found no one about the house, and no animals worthcapturing, they might possibly pass by without doing any harm. Senora Diaz and old black Paulina got a hasty luncheon ready. Mariasaid she must certainly take her sewing materials, for she was going toembroider some insurgent emblems.

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Her little sister, Isabella, carriedher pet kitten in her arms, and cried because the parrot must be leftbehind. Poll was left in the house. A big linen cloth was stretchedover the cage. If kept in the dark, he would probably be still, and notattract the attention of the soldiers, if they stopped and looked in. The black man servant, Miguel, stayed behind to shut up the chickens inbarrels, but would follow the rest of the party in a few moments. The path led in and out through the beautiful southern woods.

Therewere cocoanut-palms and ebony and mahogany trees, while underneath werecreeping vines and bushes, making a close thicket of underbrush. Therewas no talking. The family crept along as quietly as possible, lestthey should be heard and followed. For by this time the enemy must bevery near. IN a few minutes the lake was in sight. It was a very pretty sheet ofwater.

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A tiny boat rocked to and fro close to the shore, for Ramon andMaria often came here to row about the quiet lake. Ramon soon had two hammocks swinging between the trees for his fatherand mother. The lunch was spread out on the ground, as it was alreadypast the time for the noonday meal. There were some delicate whiterolls, that Paulina knew how to make so nicely. There was guava jellyto eat on the rolls; fresh lemons and newly made sugar from which tomake a refreshing drink. Besides these, there was plenty of cold friedchicken. Could any children have a nicer picnic lunch than this, evenif a long time had been spent in getting ready for it?

The guava jelly looked just as clear and beautiful as that which isbrought to America, and sold here at such a high price. Did you eversee it in the stores of Boston or New York, and think how nice it musttaste? Perhaps your mother has bought it for you when you were gettingwell after a long illness, and wished to tempt your appetite by somenew dainty.

Maria has several guava-trees near her home. Paulina makesso much jelly from the ripe fruit that perhaps the little girl does notrealise how nice it is. After the lunch, Senor Diaz stretched himself in one of the hammocksfor a quiet rest. He was very tired after his walk through the woods. He was also troubled over the sad state of things in his country, andwas worried that he was not strong enough to take a more active partagainst the enemy. His wife lay down in the other hammock for a noondaynap, after which she promised to help Maria in her sewing.

Paulina gathered the remains of the lunch and put things in order,while the three children rowed around the lake. Youcan listen, too, and I know you'll like my lesson to-day. No one had to urge her to study, for even her ownlittle primer was made up of stories about the war.

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She had tucked herloved book in the loose waist of her dress when she left the house. Noone had noticed it before. Of course the wordswere all Spanish, because that was the only language the children hadever learned. He fights to make us free. Doyou hear the cannon roar? Our men will bring victory. Long live Cuba!

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It wassuch a big word for the six-year-old child to pronounce. She looked atit again and again, repeating it slowly to herself. HowI would like to see it in great big letters on a silk banner! I'd waveit all day long. Long live free Cuba!

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I say. But come, let'sgo on shore, and play war. You and Maria can be the Spaniards, andI'll be the insurgent army. You just see how I will make short work oftaking you prisoners. They made a fort out ofdead branches which they gathered. This fort was to belong to theSpanish troops.

The two girls placed themselves behind it, and stoodready to defend themselves. It was not many minutes before Ramon tookthem by surprise, and dragged them to the boat, which stood for theCuban headquarters. The cowardly Spaniards don't dare to march veryfar away from those forts. They really don't give our men a chance tohave a good fair battle. They think by having plenty of forts they cankeep our soldiers from getting into the cities.

Then they will scarethe rest of us who live in the country from feeding them. In that waywe will be starved into giving in. We'll see, that's all. The insurgent emblems which Maria wasso eager to make were to be given to the Cuban soldiers. They were towear beneath their coats. Suppose that an insurgent should stop at anyplace, and ask for food and rest; how would the people know that hewas true to his country, and not a friend of the Spaniards? He couldshow his little piece of flannel with the watchword of the Cubansembroidered upon it.

That was the only thing needed. The people wouldbe safe now in giving him help. Maria did her work very nicely. She made a scalloped edge with red silkall around the white cloth. The heart of Jesus is with me. Miguel and he were bringinga large net full of birds. Of course, they had done no shooting.

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Thatwould not have been wise when Spanish soldiers might be near to hearthe noise.