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In such a situation, one of the objects or points poles has more electrons than the other. The pole with relatively more electrons is said to have negative polarity; the other is assigned positive polarity. If the two poles are connected by a conductive path such as a wire, electron s flow from the negative pole toward the positive pole. This flow of charge carriers constitutes an electric current. In physics, the theoretical direction of current flow is considered to be from positive to negative by convention, opposite to the flow of electrons.

The movement of electric charge carriers inevitably produces a magnetic field. Conversely, any magnetic field is the result of the motion of charge carriers. In a permanent magnet, a magnetic field is produced by the composite motions of electrons in geometrically aligned atom s. A magnetic field is characterized by poles called north and south. Magnetic polarity refers to the orientation of these poles in space. In digital communications, data is composed of short-duration pulses called bit s binary digits.

There are two possible states for each bit: logic 0 also called low and logic 1 also called high. In a closed circuit, these logic elements are represented by direct current voltages.

Learn How to Manage a Polarity’s Ebbs and Flows

A high-speed data signal varies rapidly between the low and high states. If both voltages have the same polarity, the signal is called unipolar; if the voltages have opposite polarity, the signal is called bipolar. Please check the box if you want to proceed. If, however, you would go into negative emotions, it would be difficult to return to a positive state. Usually, in the normal beta state of consciousness, we are able to focus only on one state of mind and we do it subconsciously as if on autopilot.

Using ‘polarity thinking’ to achieve sustainable positive outcomes

Changing awareness from negative to positive by invoking appropriate images or associations is one of the techniques used in Tibetan Buddhism. Only in a deep alpha state we are able to simultaneously experience with our mind both of the reverse states at once: the positive and negative, and feel harmony and tranquillity at a deeper level of our senses.

Emotional Management Method works on enabling you to resolve your negative emotions on a deeper level. One of secrets to entering the deeper areas of your alpha awareness is your breathing, which becomes deeper and calmer. Normally emotional states such as anger, anxiety, and excitement are accompanied by quick and shallow breath. Slowing down your breath helps to switch the brain into alpha state. According to Buddhist psychology the breath results in the ability to access to a variety of emotions and our emotional history, and just by breathing, we can heal these emotions on a very deep level.

Polarities have always existed in nature. Just like night and day, cold and hot, sun and rain, sleep and wakefulness, sea inflow and outflow, the phases of the moon, birth and death. For example, notice your breathing. There is always a polarity of inhaling and exhaling.

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If you focus on breathing for a moment, you will discover how the unity of these two polarities of inhaling and exhaling influences your whole existence. The first session began in the evening. When silence was announced, the whole group sat in the courtroom to begin the first meditation. It seemed simple, because the exercise was just to observe breathing, but I had never done it before. When I began to focus on my breath for the first time in my life, I almost panicked thinking that I would be short of it. It was so hard for me to endure a pause between inhaling and exhaling.

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I was afraid that if I exhale, I would run out of air. Instead of observing my breath, I began to control it.

Using ‘polarity thinking’ to achieve sustainable positive outcomes

This pause between inhaling and exhaling reminded me of another important polarity - life and death. When I went from the unconscious into the conscious, instead of relaxing, there was a struggle. There was anxiety, rather than calmness. I had to listen to the breathing of other people around me to calm down and feel safe again.

The polarity of inhaling and exhaling has a great impact on our life. Every day, with every single breath we start new life, oxygenating our blood and letting the heart beat. With each exhalation, we get rid of what is unnecessary for our body, all the toxins are cleared out from our respiratory system and blood. Inhaling and exhaling are polarities in themselves similar to our nervous system that works likewise. Our nervous system consists of two reverse systems: the parasympathetic system and sympathetic system.

When we are in the resting phase, the parasympathetic system is activated, responsible for relaxation and improving digestion. To help, we as learning leaders can begin to bring to our organization a new way of thinking and leading. In the article, they outline three key shifts in mindset that leaders need to bring to paradoxical challenges:. Another great source of tools and practices to manage polarities comes from the work of Barry Johnson, who developed a simple yet powerful system for mapping and managing polarities. I recently worked through a polarity mapping exercise with a team of field technical leaders to help define how to balance centralized and decentralized management of their technology platform.

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As they worked through the process, it was as if they started to see the situation clearly for the first time and understand why all their previous efforts had failed. Paradoxical leadership feels very different to the uninitiated. What polarities are masquerading as problems in your organization, and how might you reframe them with your leaders? Email him at larry. Bring us your leadership development challenges.

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