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Marketers often run the risk of suffering death by best practices. We get so focused on how other people have done something that we ignore the opportunity to do it better. Start with the conventional design, but try to validate it through experimentation. When you use agile marketing , you can release small experiments rapidly and regularly, making these kinds of experiments easier and less risky more on this later. Our past experience of what works does matter, but we should always be striving for lessons backed by data. Multiple teams — not all of them in-house — create customer-facing content, and as a result customers often get an inconsistent experience when they encounter content created by lots of different groups.

Agile marketing tries to break out of this cycle by turning the focus onto our customers. This lengthens improvement cycles because each team has to learn independently. Collaboration distributes knowledge freely, which means we can all apply it to our work and produce better, more customer-centric marketing. One of the best examples of Big Bang campaigns are old school marketing plans, the kind that took months to complete and were then fanatically followed for the next years.

After The Plan was in place, each campaign within it would be meticulously planned and executed. Some organizations would only release a single campaign per year. Adaptive campaigns , on the other hand, thrive on interaction with their audience. Adaptive campaigns require fewer resources to complete, which makes them less risky, which means we can do a lot of them very quickly, which means we can learn a lot in a short time.

The vehicle – CAPTURED – your attention.

Specific to this one is an emphasis on ongoing discovery of our customers. What do they like? How do they think? This stands in stark contrast to older approaches that made a grand prediction and stuck by it, no matter what. Surely the video itself was flawed. Or the timing was bad. You can see how this would become a problem. So, agile teams need plans, but they prefer plans with a little bit of give built in. When circumstances change, or new data comes in, or the market changes, the plan can adapt.

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Flexible ones are preferred over rigid ones. Along the same lines, agile marketers prefer to respond to change as it happens rather than blindly follow a plan. This one always reminds me of a robot exhibit that I went to with my four year-old son.

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There was an old computer program, whose goal was to get a digital robot from one place to another in ten steps. Speaking to CMOs at the sharp end of this trend reveals three major strategic issues with which the modern-day marketer is grappling:. The problem: will be the year of "mobile first". By , the average Brit will spend 4. Fewer than one in ten cited mobile as the challenge they were best-prepared to address. The strategic importance of the shift to mobile is not lost on them; it has simply come at a time when many are still trying to establish their digital strategy.

Their logic: sort digital first; tackle mobile later. CMOs have got their priorities wrong.

2018 Marketing Manifesto

A monumental competitive edge is available to fast-movers on mobile. First, understand the role mobile plays in inspiration, research and purchase for your brand, how it interacts with other digital and offline channels and the valuable touchpoints that could be formed with consumers through it. Next, make mobile the primary element of an integrated digital strategy — never an afterthought.

Your reward for making it your top priority: a powerful user engagement engine in the pocket of every potential customer. What the CMOs said: "It feels like we and our competitors are a long way from where we need to be on mobile. Whoever cracks this will clean up in the next few years. It is this insight that helps shape how we plan a campaign but also how we develop creative to ensure it is mobile-first. As data capabilities grow, it is also important that we are able to tailor our messages to our audience, to improve the relevance and value of any media investment.

Looking to the future, the key is to ensure marketing functions are prepared to adapt quickly in response to innovation and to use data to understand customers. There should be one approach to a marketing challenge: focusing on the right solution as opposed to a digital vs traditional strategy.

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But by the same token, we find irrelevant ads annoying and, when marketers get the right messages to us, at the right moment, we act. We click through, we buy the product or service and we recommend to friends. Not just because our roadmap or content calendar said so. Good marketing is showing, not telling. This is one of those things where you know it when you see it.

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