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Le Sleepyhead - Support de tête pour siège d'enfant

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This is how to convert PowerPoint to We use cookies on our website. You are free to manage this via your browser setting at any time. If still somewhat damp, lay flat to dry. It is not necessary to wash the pod before first use.

The materials have been washed in the production process. If you experience a lot of accidents, we recommend placing a thin muslin sheet under the baby. This will save you from middle of the night cover changes.

Slide & Fly Water Slide at Adaland

How do I care for the cover? Like every single part of the pod, the cotton cover has been rigorously tested and proven free from harmful substances. As opposed to synthetic fibres, all natural fibres shrink a bit when washed the first time. Thanks to special finishing and pre-washing procedures we have taken, we have reduced the shrinkage to about 2. This shrinkage has been taken into account when cutting and sewing the pieces for the cover. Can I buy a replacement cover? Yes, in fact parents love switching up their covers!

"sleepyhead" in Norwegian

We have many chic cover options, such as zebra print, chevron and toile. Babies love the change of scenery, too. Why are the covers so small? The design of the Deluxe cover was made to create a sturdy and firm pod. Firstly, the bumper needs to be firm enough to prevent children from rolling out, as well as preventing adults to roll onto the child when bed-sharing.

Also, it must have the right bearing capacity to serve as a good tummy time aide. Additionally — the air-permeability testing aside — we wanted to give all parents the physical in other words ocular and tangible reassurance that the bumper is safe and there is no smothering risk whatsoever. In other words, we designed a pod with a high density bumper. The fit of the cover is purposely very tight for this reason. The bumper density of the Grand is substantially lower.

An older child can use the sides as a pillow, should he wish.

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Hence, the softer bumper. How do I change the cover? When fitting the cover back on, one will see that the bumper in fact is longer than the bumper compartment of the cover. So, when putting the bumper back into the cover, one has to firmly push the bumper tube into the cover as evenly as possible. In order to be able to close the zipper somewhat comfortably, one must gather the two sides of the fabric along the zipper in advance so to speak. The outer material of the bumper tube is a thin non-woven, selected to provide great air-permeability and to not harbour heat.

Once you have done this a few times, you will get the hang of it for sure.

How do I care for the mattress pad? Always avoid folding and creasing the mattress pad.

Sleepyhead™ Tropical Reef™

Do not squeeze the pod into too small spaces, such as small bassinets or strollers. We strictly advise against machine-washing and tumble-drying the mattress pad, which can cause irreparable folding and creasing of the pad. Can I purchase spare parts? Yes, you can purchase replacement items.

Bassinets & CoSleepers

For example, you can purchase a replacement mattress pad or bumper tube for both the Grand and Deluxe pods here. All materials used to make both the Grand and Deluxe pods are breathable and washable and therefore hygienic.


All filling materials are sourced from world-leading suppliers of materials with hygienic and non-toxic properties. Day s. Hour s. Minute s. Second s. Sign up for your chance to win Copper Topper! Copper Infusion. Memory Foam. Bamboo Blend, No-Slip Cover. Satisfaction Guarantee.