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Summary of Events

The financial services sector has long been characterized by a dichotomy of open plan offices and hidden hierarchies. This was done simultaneously with a financial restructuring, a change in staff working, and a preparation for a digital revolution in banking. At Credit Suisse, the Smart Working programme has a mandate for all non client-facing areas: eliminating assigned desks, reducing the emphasis on job titles, installing a floor with project zones, quiet, home and garden zones— which have more plants, and privacy, with space intending to foster collaboration.

This can be risky, leading to a pitfall of absolutes. It is counterproductive to press people into operating in a uniform way without taking different personalities and preferences into account. McDonald had been working to improve landing conditions throughout China. Flights and had now arrived in Shanghai. McDonald had no other options, so he ordered Greenwood and Michiels to Kiangwan. At Lunghwa, McDonald ordered the ground crew to pour strips of gasoline along the runways and light them, to make up for the dim beacon now failing to penetrate the fog.

McDonald talked to Greenwood as best he could through the faulty radio, calmly guiding the pilot in. Trying to spot Flight , Reynolds had climbed up to the hangar roof, and as he listened to the aircraft make low passes over runway, he began reliving his own crash.

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The only sound was that of the plane in the distance, getting louder and louder as it approached the field from the southwest…. I was shaking so hard I could hardly conceal it from those around me. The impact exploded from the wet darkness with mind shattering force. Hoey, rushed to the crash site. When the rescue team arrived, it was too late to save most of the victims, but Hoey and his staff waded through heavy rain and mud to reach several passengers. Reports on the number of fatalities differ, but the most realistic indicate that of the 30 people on board, 10 survived. Captain Greenwood did not make it.

His recently arrived wife and children would return to the United States with his body. The people in the tower had been able to see his forward landing beams for just a moment, about 50 feet off the runway. Reynolds had gone back in the tower to wait. The Lunghwa Pagoda and chimneys of a nearby cement plant were serious hazards in the soup that hid them…. He was calm and confident…. The fog had seemed to lighten a little.

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When it seemed he was nearing the inner marker there was a sudden, dull-like sound and then again that awful silence. It took rescue workers hours to find the wreckage. The airplane had crashed short of the airport in an area criss-crossed by canals, so naval craft were used to reach it. The C had hit the ground, then skidded into a schoolhouse—fortunately empty—and started a small fire.

The wreckage was massive, and the personnel who reached the scene declared that all 31 passengers had died. Preus survived, but with disfiguring injuries that caused enormous pain the rest of his life. He was sent back to the United States for treatment, and had his left leg amputated a few months later. Seven years later he developed leukemia, and died in In the Lunghwa tower, the catastrophic events of the preceding minutes had left everyone stunned, writes Kliene.

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  2. Maelström (Thriller) (French Edition);
  3. International Space Station | NASA.

Landed Kiangwan Over and out. Francis Joseph Michiels was a big man, well thought of by all, but after Christmas he was judged a real hero. When he reached Kiangwan that night, his radio was able to pick up the ground instructions as he nosed his C toward the runway. He knew about the GCA system but had never used it.

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Michiels died in While the four flights known to be en route to Shanghai were now accounted for, there was one more flight that remained a mystery. Carrying 10 passengers, it had filed a plan for Shanghai but had never reported in, and for almost 24 hours it was feared lost. Finally airport staff learned that it had turned around and returned safely to Chungking.

The final count of those who died on Black Christmas, as it came to be called by CNAC pilots, is difficult to calculate. Records are incomplete, eyewitnesses disagreed, and the aftermath was so horrible that confusion overtook record keeping. Three of those killed were occupants of the houses near Kiangwan. While the battles were good, it was the political aspect of the show that was the most intriguing, as the premise focused on a space station created to serve as a neutral ground for peaceful deliberations between alien species — whose battles often took on a Shakespearean feel.

But there were also religious overtones introduced, warring telepaths, a Earth government which becomes increasingly totalitarian in scope, and some badass standoffs. Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news!

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