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Being dead yourself is a surprisingly good omen. To dream that you are dead indicates feelings about yourself in connection with how you approach your life. Death is often referred to in terms of giving more attention to the physical life than the spiritual life. It means your spirituality has died and it is time to resurrect it. This dream also indicates that you might encounter some significant changes in your life.

A woman being closer to menopause usually dreams of her death. Death is normally connected to a difficult event. It can often be a symbol of birth. It can show a need for confrontation in order to approach life in a more spiritual way and accept that there will be new beginnings in the future. Seeing more than one dead person, animal, or plant in your dream, foretells you will be cheated in some way by people. To stop this you need to find sincere friends. Seeing dead people means that you are influenced by negative ones in your waking life and you do not stay around those that have a positive influence on you.

You could undergo material loss. It could also be a signal that you should end your worries about a particular dead person.

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This dream also indicates a mind with innumerable apprehensions and suspicions. The dream can include negative business prospects and sorrowful tidings.

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To some degree this may also lead to a number of money problems in the future. A dead baby normally indicates something is likely to end in your life.

If you see your parents dead and you speak to them in the dream, such a dream reflects your fear of losing them or the fear of not coping with their loss. A dead brother or relative in the waking life but alive in your dream suggests that you miss him and that you are trying to resurrect the time you spent with him. If you dream that your partner is dead, this is a sure sign that your partner in the waking life is not able to keep promises for the time being. If you are a woman, this dream denotes a loss of confidence due to other people putting you down.

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If you only see the head of a dead person, it is a warning that you have enemies around you. It is likely that you will experience an unsettled period of time in regard to your work life. Seeing dead people in your dream warns you that you are in the wrong circle of people in your waking life. In the books of Kabbalah it is explained that this is the sign of the eternal life of the soul. This is because the soul of a person is eternal and the soul of an animal that dies is gone and no more.

On the other hand there are dreams of people deceased if a person thought about them during the day. Either way it is a good thing to do a good deed to elevate the soul of the person you saw in a dream. For example, you can pick a resolution strengthening something good, a good quality or benefitting the public with a merit, saying a psalm for the soul of the deceased or a man can learn a Mishna for him Mishna and Neshama-soul both have the same Hebrew letters. Rabbi Papa explains this pertains to when the dead person removes shoes and sandals from the house.

That is a sign that the people in the house will follow the dead person or that their steps will cease to walk in the marketplace. Ashley is dying of cancer. Her last wish was to get married to the love of her life Lionel. Their wedding is coming together but she is not able to afford a honeymoon. Luckily, I am skilled in the travel department and I would love to plan a surprise honeymoon for this courageous young woman.

Her cancer has spread to her kidneys and her time is limited. I will be handling the funds and will plan something for her ASAP! Thank you for your time and consideration. Here is her story: A few years ago Ashley began feeling sick and had many surgeries and tests before being told that she had two unrelated stage four cancers at the age of Ashley has been fighting harder than anyone her friends and family has ever seen going through cancer. She did a series of chemo, then a series of radiation and now chemo again.

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  6. Ashley was recently told that her cancer is spreading and there's not a lot more doctors can do. She is the mother of a 12 yr old son, as you can imagine, her friends and family are all devastated.

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