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Finally, any driver that is been in an accident will pay more for insurance as well. There is some relief from all of the charges that an insurance company will pile on you: If you have a good driving record in your country of origin, you may be able to get credit for it in Germany.

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The way to prove this is through an official document from your insurance agent in your home country. However, be forewarned that there are some insurance providers in Germany that do not take this into consideration at all. If you run into one of these agents, keep going until you find a company that does take your good driving into consideration. Germany is well known for having highways with incredibly high speed limits, and even some thoroughfares with no speed limit at all.

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However, this should not that he driving laws in Germany are lax in any way. In fact, there are many sectors along the German highways that have strict speed limits. The speed limits are posted in a prominent fashion, and German police are on the lookout for tourists who do not follow the rules.

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There may even be speed limit postings in wide open spaces around the German highways. Because of the advanced surveillance that German police have, there does not need to be an officer on the scene in order for a driver to receive a ticket. In most cases around these wide open spaces, a speeder will be caught by a camera rather than by an officer on the scene. The ticket may not appear for three months, and the driver will not find out about it until he or she opens his mail to receive the surprise.

There are special cases of highway noncompliance that can instantly cause your German drivers license to be suspended. If a driver exceed the speed limit by more than 30 km, that driver may lose the right to drive for up to three months. There may also be a fine incorporated into the punishment. It is never advisable to run a red light in Germany, even in the most rural areas. Cameras are set up in various locations to find people who run red lights, and the system is becoming more centralized by the day. A blinking yellow light that a driver must come to a complete stop at an intersection; this is different from many other first world countries.

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All German vehicles are also required to have seatbelts in the front and back seats of each vehicle. Anyone who is caught not using a seatbelt will have a fine issued on the spot. Children under 12 must ride in the backseat, and they must be transported in a car that is certified by the German government specifically. This usually does not include cars that do not come with backseat seatbelts. If the lights on your vehicle are in any way broken, you should try not to drive at night in Germany.

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It is strictly prohibited to drive with parking lights alone in the country. All cars driving in Germany must have a first aid kit as well as a portable red reflective triangle in the trunk of the car. If a car is stopped on a German highway, the triangle will immediately be placed behind the vehicle in order to warn oncoming drivers. There is also a specific length that the triangle must be placed behind the vehicle depending on the nature of the roadway.

The rules about passing at intersections can be quite difficult to understand in Germany. This is usually one of the portions of the written test that many foreigners will fail. In most cases, drivers that are coming from the right have the right-of-way in Germany.

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However, this rule can be overridden by a diamond-shaped sign that details the priority roads at intersections. Your Store.

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