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Please subscribe to sign in to comment. You should receive instructions for resetting your password. Nearing the last day he was finally desperate enough to make the first move but luckily his phone rang around sunset, saving his pride. Park Jimin from the party The breathing hitched on the receiver. He didn't bother to take the Corvette. He was faster than that car could ever be He was standing in front of 7B with a few minutes to spare. He knocked. He heard shuffling on the other side.

The lock clicked and the door creaked open. Yoongi took a moment to study the boy's face again. Yoongi's memory of the boy hardly did the real thing justice. The Jimin that stood in front of him now had glowing skin, pink cheeks, and bright eyes. He was even more beautiful than before Jimin lifted a bag up which probably had the sweater in it. Yoongi didn't make a move to accept the thing so they just lingered for a moment. Jimin was momentarily pressed up against the wall to make way. It was cozy Yoongi lived in a 4, square foot estate But the way the room smelled was It was like a hazy summer afternoon under an apple tree, a cozy night curled up with an old book Yoongi inhaled deeply.

There were two beds, one that was messy and the other that was perfectly made. Yoongi knew right away that the messy one was Jimin's He lazily tossed himself back on it, hands behind his head. I get you anything? Yoongi opened his eyes and looked at the boy The young boy's eyes were raking up and down his body until their eyes met.

Jimin looked away embarrassed that he had been caught. I guess This caused Yoongi to shoot up from his sitting position. His eyes were downcast. Yoongi could have sworn he sounded dejected. I mean just look at you Yoongi didn't really understand what the boy meant.

Well, yes I just did a lot of research before hand I mean I wasn't going to just enter into a contract blindly. But he shrugged it off. Jimin sat on his bed, on the edge careful not to touch the ancient creature currently on his sheets. Especially since said creature had recoiled from touching him before Jimin hadn't missed that. Donors were usually in an exclusive contact with one vampire. They had blood tests done and occasional physical exams.

The vampire counterpart would set a price, and drink from the donor at a safe rate. Vampires usually had four or five donors on file. Everyone was happy. And if everyone was not happy, the contract would dissolve and everyone would be legally inclined to move the fuck on. Infrequents weren't in an exclusive contract with one vampire. They gave blood only when the vampire called, selling blood by the quarter pint.

This was the most unsafe kind of feeder, the kind that ended up on the news. Even pit donors were a step up from infrequents. Yoongi could not believe his ears. This sweet looking boy was tempter He turned his head to side, his face was beautifully flushed. Yoongi's hand automatically reached out, stretching the collar of the boy's sweater, so that it exposed his shoulder. The boy shuddered but otherwise remained static.

His head was still turned away, and the flush deepened. Gently, Yoongi's fingertips ghosted over the boy's skin. He carefully took off the gauze to see the state of the wound. It was clean, Namjoon had did a good job sewing it up. He sighed and carefully put the gauze back on and dropped his hand. Mortician told me how to take care of it. Yoongi ruffled the boy's hair He gritted his teeth and endured it. Then with a small nod he left before he could do something he'd regret. A young teenager was kicking a rock around. He had a spray paint can in his hands and he was absentmindedly spraying the cars parked on the curb.

He heard footsteps behind him so he quickly turned to look at who was coming. But there was no one there. Yoongi felt listless. He was lying motionless on his bed, eyes closed. It had been a week and now he felt his insides were beginning to shut down. He wanted to go and see the boy but his pride told him to stay put. But what if Jimin had now given up on him and was on to the next rich plus-five. He heard rustling outside. His eyes shot open. He quickly went to the security room and eyed the cameras. His expression relaxed immediately.

His brother Jin and his nephew Jungkook were standing on the porch, arms crossed. Yoongi knew that this was just a pretense to show up at his house. He had been dead to the world for a week now. He laid his head down on the armrest of his chair. Jin was nearing a thousand but he was also every easy going Jungkook on the other hand was barely four decades old He wore a serious expression all time. It was perhaps because his change was relatively new.

His sister and parents were still alive In truth he really would have died from TB had not Jin luckily been there at the time as the hospital owner. Then ten years ago when Vampires came out Jungkook went to see his sister who was now in her fifties and his parents who were in their eighties. It did not go well. His body was still rigid clearly showing how uncomfortable he was. Jin and Yoongi were not biological brothers, but because they had the same sire they were considered to be in the vampire community.

Though, they rarely thought about that terrifying old relic, who was now long dead. He was being polite … soap was repulsive to most vampires. Yoongi lightening fast got a pack out of his fridge and handed it to the boy. He drank it like a human would a capri sun pouch.

I just want to make sure you're okay. Park Jimin - Have you thought about it enough yet? I think we can make it work. Jin curiously eyed his younger brother. His demeanor had entirely changed in that half second. From a grumpy old man Yoongi shot up into an upright position. Yoongi looked up shrewdly. Jin realized he had pressed a bit too hard. A small shy smile appeared on Yoongi's face. Jin's curiosity which was previously like an itch was now like a full on hive attack. But, he stayed in the same position with the same disinterested face.

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Yoongi looked up again from the phone then down again to type a reply. Yoongi - Before we sign anything Jin saw his younger brother smile at his phone. A full on smile Who was he texting right now? Jin had to know at all costs. But he knew that if he pushed Yoongi would just clam up. I'm worried. But he wasn't worried anymore Jin had worried over his brother for a long time. He was alone. Even Jin himself had managed to sire a few sons and daughters despite lacking a mate His son also got up. They began to walk out. Yoongi walked over to the dusty thing.

He pressed down on the keys And he had not been referring to the mysterious kid that had affected his brother so deeply. He was referring to his brother Who was this kid sitting beside him? A mother was carrying groceries on her shoulder. She was carrying a lot for a women of her size, onions, carrots, strawberries, two pounds of spare ribs, and a watermelon. But she was strong She felt herself trip backward She looked up at the terrifying beast. Yoongi sat at the bar drinking his beer. The bartender was eyeing him curiously, not even trying to hide it.

The glass would be streaky and continue to be streaky no matter how long he stood there wiping. Yoongi looked over to the basketball game playing on the big screen. It was Miami and Oklahoma City The bartender's attitude was ten degrees cooler than a moment ago. Jimin pulled out his student ID. The man looked at it for a longer time than needed and then gave it back to the boy. He fished out a bottle of Soju and disappeared behind a door. Jimin sat down on the stool next to Yoongi and noticed that his glass was empty. He automatically picked up the Soju bottle like he was about to pour but then he stopped and looked at Yoongi.

It took several seconds for the vampire to realize the proper etiquette … he picked up his glass rather clumsily with two hands to receive a helping. He had forgotten basically everything about Korean drinking costumes. Jimin nodded, eyes downcast, lips in a half smile. He turned to the side and sipped his drink. Yoongi's eyes bulged out of their sockets. He forgot about that turning to the side thing as well. His side profile was His Adam's apple bobbed up and down as he drank. Thunder's doing okay Westbrook's still hustling. Yoongi was used to it He looked around now aware that everyone was staring.

Albeit it was only a handful of people, it was 6pm on a Monday night for god's sake. The barkeeper looked disgusted but nodded. The room was cozy, with floor pillows and a low set table. There was a karaoke machine in the corner. Yoongi leaned back And Yoongi would not fall for it. He was going to calmly talk to the boy, ignore the proximity they were in, ignore the privacy that they had, ignore the smell coming off the boy, and ignore that fucking hypnotizing Adam's apple. I'm pretty dangerous like all vampires It makes sense. Yoongi scoffed. It wasn't the blood. Yoongi had seen gallons of blood, when humans still killed each other with sharp pieces of metal.

He would get covered in it. Yoongi had cooled off young and blood had lost it's fanatical appeal a long time ago for him. But the kid I'll be in and out if you want Jimin nodded then took a generous gulp from his glass. Before long, he was leaning over the table, head resting in his hands. He was contentedly drunk. Yoongi wished he could get drunk Yoongi's eyes turned bright purple. He really wanted to Yoongi pacified the kid and led him back to the dorm. He could take the boy home, blindfold him The next day Jimin texted no less than eight apologies to Yoongi Yoongi waited impatiently for his guest to arrive.

He had cleaned the entire house, and windexed the UV light blocking windows. Then he sat in his living room and waited. He even bought human food just in case Jimin got hungry. He was dressed warmly, a bright red scarf wrapped around his neck several times. The house was filled with warm light. Yoongi usually sat in the dark but today he had decided to clean out the lighting and put in new bulbs. It was a much more luxurious place then his cramped dorm room.

Yoongi shrugged and placed the bag on a table He didn't forget the bag last time. He purposefully left it there. He was banking on it because now It was a vicious lie Jimin was the only human ever to step into this house on his watch.

Forever Young: Forever Young, Book 1 (Unabridged)

Anything in the fridge now was there specifically for this one guest. Jimin curiously eyed the piano in the corner It was now dusty free with sparkling keys. Yoongi raised his eyebrows Vampires usually had two or three donors on the payroll for when they didn't get enough for free His voice had a bite It was clear now that this boy wanted a lot more than a standard contract Yoongi reached out and touched the now almost healed thing.

Jimin didn't flinch back, instead he turned his head so that Yoongi could have better access to it. After a moment longer Yoongi withdrew his hand. He had forgot that this was all about a contract. Yoongi caught on quickly Donor contracts could also include sexual favors, this was due to the fact that vampires found blood to be the ultimate aphrodisiac It was a win-win.

Jimin's face turned even more red than before. He gulped down his water in an attempt to cool off. It didn't work. Yoongi waited patiently for the boy to reply. Jimin kept looking him in the eye but he didn't say anything. The silence was getting frustratingly long. Yoongi leaned forward cupping the boy's face. When he was dangerously close to those inviting plump lips, the boy whispered something. Yoongi felt electricity on his fingertips. Jimin was testing him Yoongi took a very shaky breath and leaned back, releasing the boy.

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Jimin looked up at him apologetically. It was extremely difficult for Yoongi Jimin took another agonizingly slow drink of water and Yoongi was sorry he ever offered the drink to the boy. But finally Jimin carefully put the bottle down. Yoongi felt his gut pool with heat Was this really happening Did he save the world in his past life? I mean that other vampire I'll stop if you want me to stop. And it was good It was sweet and slow Yoongi's body was on fire.

His mouth was on fire.

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His fingertips were on fire. But, he reluctantly stopped to gauge the boy's reaction. Jimin opened his mouth to say something, was he going to ask to stop again? No that wasn't it Yoongi again gently pressed his lips against the boy's which earned him a soft groan. Yoongi stopped pressing him back, wondering what he would do if there was no resistance. Jimin hungrily lunged forward, kissing him, pushing him back into the couch so that now he was straddling the vampire. What was that whole thing about stopping and being gentle?

The boy was literally on top of him, grinding against him. Yoongi swallowed thickly Yoongi laughed and turned the boy around so that he could spoon him. At first the boy struggled to turn back around to continue his ministrations. But Yoongi's arms became like iron, keeping the boy in the current orientation. Yoongi kissed the boy's neck to stop his further fighting, then he gently grazed his teeth across the younger's earlobe. They stayed cuddle up like that for a while, Jimin resting on his chest His heart slowed down, and eventually he started rubbing small circles in the vampires forearm with his thumb absentmindedly.

I mean I want to date I mean Yoongi laughed But in his defense, he had just found the boy to be so sweet. Sunlight streamed in Yoongi hissed in pain and stumbled back. Jimin realized immediately what happened, he closed the door quickly then ran back over to the Yoongi, who had his forearm over his eyes I get rejected and then I try to kill the guy The boy leaned down to kiss him. A child was wandering around a mall. The little girl had lost her parents. She had gotten distracted by pretty Christmas lights and suddenly Jin was extremely agitated. There was a rogue out there, dropping bodies at an increasingly disturbing rate.

And what was worse He was fucking smart. There was no pattern to his victims It was a shitty time for a vampire serial killer to be on the loose, especially now that vampires were lobbying for suffrage. And why not His baby brother never called him. Jin had been slouching in his chair, after that sentence his body shot straight up.

Jin eyed his desk calendar He had an important appearance to make at a integrated night school at that time. He crossed it off, Jungkook could go in his place. Her earphones were in. She couldn't hear anything except some fantastic rapper who spit fire over a sick beat. Her dog pulled her forward It was dark and cold and inconvenient.

There was silhouette of a man in a cap. He turned to her. She felt afraid When she looked up, the man was gone. Jimin was standing on line. There were vampires in front of him and vampires behind him.

It was a long wait until he finally made his way to the front. Yoongi and his brother hadn't arrived yet, since they had decided to meet up beforehand and arrive together. So Jimin was given the task of getting a table. I'm sorry but Maybe you could try across the street. Their meatballs are to die for or so I've heard. I know they're not tables for three but The other vampire looked terrified and turned his head from one to the other. Yoongi the Plus-Fiver Jin the 1K-er Yoongi the covering cherub He was screwed But damn it, because even a fool has one lucky day. Jimin grabbed Yoongi's sleeve.

He reluctantly stopped looking at the offender and over to his boyfriend. He shouldn't have because his anger waned considerably after seeing Jimin's face. Jin turned to the hostess and before he could say anything, she quickly grabbed three menus and led them to a quiet booth. How about we take care of the bill today Jimin knew full well who this guy was This was Kim Seokjin I want to know what his favorite color is, which superhero he likes the most, his birthday Jimin turned scarlet Yoongi remembered everything.

If Jin could blush Yoongi didn't even move, and just kept examining the dessert menu. They had gotten into a comfortable pattern. Jimin would come over some days to hang out. On the weekends they would explore Seoul. They'd watch basketball and soccer games together.

After romantic dinners, Yoongi would play on the piano while Jimin leaned his head on his shoulder. But of course there was the problem with their sex life In fact they hadn't gotten past second base yet. Surprisingly it was Yoongi - the Hong Kong king - that wanted to take things slow, that would gently but irresistibly push the boy away. And the other problem was the blood, again it was Yoongi - afraid he would hurt the boy. This was a big deal to Jimin because he knew that if Yoongi didn't get blood from him he would eventually have to get it from someone else.

And so Jimin had shrewdly hatched up a plan. He would make dinner, and then while chopping onions, he would 'accidentally' cut his finger. Yoongi grimaced, it was a six year old girl this time. His stomach turned. That was when the smell of blood filled the air. Yoongi looked up from the dining table at Jimin.

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Yoongi was next to him in a matter of seconds. He pulled the bleed digit into the light. The cut was straight The smell of it Yoongi felt his fangs come out against his will. His black eyes turned purple. And slowly The taste was like water after a week in the desert. To this day, I have to say that I loved that more than any past time, hobby, or sport in which I ever participated. Next to being a husband and father, it was the high point of my life. I love to write and I thoroughly enjoy creating characters and developing them to where my readers can get a feel for not only how they look, but how they tick.

Developing a plot and filling it with shocks, surprises, humorous events, and tenderness is what I strive for; and I love to fill my stories with the full range of human emotions from true love to extreme hatred, from warm companionship to extreme rage, and from laughter to tears. Surprises and the full range of human emotions should be liberally sprinkled throughout the length of a good story in my view.

My goal is to transport the reader to a place where he cannot otherwise go simply by the power of my words. I hope to refine the skills that I have long admired before I ever turned my hand toward becoming an author. Words: 13, Language: English. Published: December 12, Reveals and tells exactly where pertinent words that apply to the text of the Bible appear, spelled at equally-spaced intervals.

Both the London Royal Statistical Society and later the American Statistical Science printed articles about this and the latter admitted that the odds were 50, : 1 against this being coincidental. The name of Jesus appears in many books of the Hebrew old testament.