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The article shows sociological and moral dilemmas of modern liberal democracies resulting from the fact that liberalism has become radically secular. The author raises the issue of the origin of this state of affairs, as well as of paradoxes that arise while these societies search for justification of moral positions. Key words: liberalism, civil society, religion, morality, meta-axiology, Christianity For many centuries Europe remained internally united. In those times, it was referred to as Christianitas. Wars were fought in Europe, but they were civil wars [Cavanaugh ].

Independently of internal divides, Christianity constituted the linking element of Europe in religious terms faith , as well as cultural and civilizational. We will find this perception of matters for instance in Saint John Paul II, who used to say, that the borders of Europe correspond to the scope of evangelisation. This is one of the reasons why many Europeans deem Armenia or Georgia as countries that are closer to them than the geographically less remote Turkey.

Since that time many things have changed in the Old Continent. The attitude of the Enlightenment to religion is quite complex and we lack the time to discuss it in detail. Diderot to accelerate considerably. Why is the question about the foundations of social life of such great importance particularly today? Empty churches, empty school and overcrowded refugee camps. We are concerned that the western civilisation may be slowly petering away. And if so, the decline of what would it be? Because the pressure on traditional European culture seems to come from two directions: from secularism on one side, and Islamic fundamentalism on the other, the European Union might one day be re-named as the Post-European Union, or the European Islamic Republic.

What should we be defending in the contemporary world? People more or less know what the islamisation of the continent would bring about. Polygamy, minarets, kebab instead of pork chops, burkini instead of bikini, and so on. What, however, would secularization change in the organization of social life? In both cases, they are theoretical questions. Yet Benedict XVI pointed out in Regensburg that this does not concern any religion, because different religions cause different social conse- quences.

Lohfink says: their knowledge came to us through history. They were certainly not something obvious from the very beginning, always and everywhere. By no coincidence did John Paul II choose the Decalogue as the topic of his first pilgrimage to the then already free Poland in The point here is not strictly religious. Instead, it has pointed to nature and reason as the true sources of law — and to the harmony of objective and subjective reason, which naturally presupposes that both spheres are rooted in the creative reason of God.

In the first half of that century, the social natural law developed by the Stoic philosophers came into contact with leading teachers of Roman Law. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Get access to the full version of this article. View access options below. You previously purchased this article through ReadCube.

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Institutional Login. Log in to Wiley Online Library. Purchase Instant Access. View Preview. Learn more Check out. Abstract This article describes Elfriede Jelinek's complex relationship with the media. Citing Literature. Volume 57 , Issue 3 July Pages Related Information.

Close Figure Viewer. This is his final draft for a letter to be circulated via your email list to others interested in participating in a recall of Gunter Grass' Nobel Prize. Grass was a member of Himmler's SS during the Holocaust, is today calling on the censure of Israel for confronting production of a terrorist nuclear weapon by an Iranian regime openly declaring its readiness to self-destruct in service of the return of its messianic Mehdi, the Twelfth Imam.

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If the West is blind to the parallels of its appeasement of Hitler and its ruinous consequence, then certainly the Academy sees clearly that the Grass poem, either hypocritical or blatantly antisemitic does not represent the criteria or standards which the Nobel represents. I encourage all who agree with Georges and myself that this effort is worthwhile to copy the letter and circulate it throughout your email list. This year, more than in others years, it may be important to reflect on what this day can and should mean for Jews and for the world as a whole.

The recent years have seen an ugly politicization of the Holocaust. Yet, perhaps the most repugnant element of Grass' poem was his Freudian suggestion that Israel was contemplating an attack in order to ''annihilate the Iranian people'' Anti-Semitism masquerading as anti-Zionism has stolen a march in the early 21st century, albeit shorn of overt racism.

Instead, the world's oldest hate manifests itself politically via the bizarre demand that Israel, alone among the world's nations, must cease to exist in favour of a bi-national Palestine. For academic Philip Mendes, such fundamentalist discourse demonises ''all Israeli Jews and all Jewish supporters of Israel as the political enemy''.

There is, to be sure, a clear difference between the nuclear bombing of conventional sites and the conventional bombing of nuclear sites. So why is Grass being anti-Semitic when he morally criticizes the consequences of an Israeli strike, whereas Goldberg is not? Quite so. If Grass' poem is anti-Semitic, or foments hatred of Israel, then I suppose half of Israel's population consists of anti-Semites and self-hating Jews. Meanwhile Yishai has one-upped himself by calling on the Nobel committee to retract Grass' Nobel prize. The committee naturally declined.

Now that the dust has settled, we can marvel at how the avalanche of outraged squawks has sent the needle clean off the Richter Scale of Zionist paranoia. Two months ago, the industry publication Defence Industry Daily reported how Christian Schmidt, Germany's secretary-of-state for defence, had signed a contract with Israel to supply a sixth Dolphin-class submarine, with the German taxpayer chipping in a huge subsidy. The submarines have 10 bow torpedo tubes, four of which can launch larger cruise missiles. Rumour has it that Israel has tested a nuclear-capable version of its medium-range Popeye Turbo cruise missile from these tubes.

And I continue to do so! But then, in a twist that seemed to come straight from a Dickens novel, Grass revealed in that he had been drafted into the Nazi Waffen SS in his youth, a fact which has deeply undermined his moral and political authority. Were he a character in a novel, Grass might be labeled an unreliable narrator, yet is this not too harsh a verdict? Is being conscripted into the Waffen SS an inexpiable crime? It happened to renowned scholars like John Mearsheimer and Steven Walt for publishing a well-documented and supported audit of Israel's manipulation of US foreign policy through their domestic proxy lobby.

Richard Goldstone was so chastised, shunned, and punished by his own community for reporting his findings that Israel had committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza that he utterly discredited himself as a jurist by retracting his well-reasoned legal conclusions, which were nonetheless upheld by all his colleagues and by the international legal community. Among many abuses, they called him a capo and a self-hating Jew and he was prevented from attending his grandson's bar mitzvah. Those labels too have been hurled at intellectuals like Norman Finkelstein and Noam Chomsky -- the latter actually banned by Israel from entering the West Bank to speak at Bir Zeit University.

The list is too long for one article, but it stretches the full breadth of international thinkers, artists, intellectuals, clergy, moral authorities, and political figures. Nor should anyone marvel at the fact that this poem has created a political earthquake. Matthews Passion. Es geht in dem Gedicht nicht um das Judentum, sondern um die aggressive israelische Politik.

Das zum Ausdruck zu bringen, war Grass wichtig. Georg gefahren worden. Because of a poem condemning Israel's stockpiling of nuclear weapons, Israel has banned Nobel Laureate Gunter Grass from visiting it, declaring him persona non grata. The row brought to the fore the moral controversy of whether Germans, who failed to stop the Nazi Holocaust, have the right to criticise Israeli policies. Demonstrators, some supporting Grass and others supporting Israel, marched in Berlin's streets after the travel ban.

A moral watershed has been reached, one in which the prominent writer had to take sides. With his recent poem, Gunter Grass broke the implicit taboo -- so carefully internalised by German thinkers and decision- makers -- on criticising Israel. It is a taboo that has silenced German writers and politicians for years. Passover break or not, the story spun into a series of follow ups and analysis and opinion pieces, as well as a few unflattering caricatures. We know the problems and the solution, now we require the implementation.

This assertion consequently allows for continuous reproduction of the memory of the Holocaust in the daily discourse, at least for the sake of comparison, thereby rendering it as an ever-present reality. Implicit in this theory are two other ideas — since the sorrow of the Jews is eternal, you cannot but accept them as victims in perpetuity, forever vulnerable to the primeval forces lurking in us. From it springs the second idea: victims can never become assailants, not even the state that presides over the homeland of Jews — Israel. Comments by any Western intellectual claiming, as did Grass, that it is Israel, not Iran, which is a threat to world peace would have evoked criticism and condemnation.

The fact that they were made by a German raises the decibel level dramatically. And the fact that they were made by an individual who for decades concealed that he volunteered to serve in the Waffen SS, the German killing machine of Jews during World War II, brings the reaction to still another level. Georg hospital in the port city of Hamburg told AFP, without giving details. Grass, 84, who recently provoked a heated international debate after lambasting Israel in a poem, was admitted following heart problems, a hospital spokesman said Monday confirming a report by the mass-circulation Bild.

Never before has a modern day German citizen dared to write those 45 lines, awakening the souls of those good Israelis that will approve of the words once they read them. The writers association said it would ask International PEN, a worldwide body of writers, to "publicly distance itself from Grass' remarks and to come out against all expressions of delegitimization against Israel and the Jewish people. He merely points out what anyone who studies the Middle East knows: that Israel is trying to bounce the United States into war with Iran by wildly exaggerating Iran's alleged "existential" threat to Israel, regardless of the cataclysmic consequences.

Israel has nuclear weapons; Iran does not. Iran has not seriously threatened Israel: even rhetorically, the textual evidence of any real menace to Israel from Ahmadinejad is overinterpreted and exaggerated. Also, according to Gunter Grass, the danger is that Israel will annihilate the Iranian people and that of course, is complete nonsense because we are not talking about a nuclear attack on Iran, we are talking about measures at most, measure that might prevent the Iranians from manufacturing an atomic bomb.

So I really think that it is a pathetic poem, but it is in no way antisemitic. What I resented was that the Israeli embassy in Berlin immediately described this poem and in fact Gunter Grass himself as an anti-Semite and then prime minister Netanyahu said the same, and our foreign minister said the same…and they are trying to outdo each other.

But he also sees that if he does not speak out now — history might repeat itself -i. And as he said in an interview — if you hit a nuclear power station with a rocket you create a nuclear disaster too.

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So this poem is is about personal responsibility. History might repeat itself — in a new disguise. He also hopes for proper international controls of nuclear facilities and weapons in the region in the interest of all. Gunter Grass has been admitted to a hospital suffering from heart problems. It is not a song about politics but about what the people want in these times of world war fears, disinformation and big trading of weapons.

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It is not a song about politics but about what the people want in these times of world war fears, disinformation and big trading of weapons: The people want peace, unity, freedom, jobs, education and security for themselves and their children. Embodied in the concept of Free Speech is the right to counter-speech. No-one has the last word, and no-one has the right to have their opinions — or their poetry — go uncriticised.

Political Correctness is a form of counter-speech. One aspect of counter-speech I enjoy is when critics respond like-for-like. Have any been posted online? In Britain or the United States, poets opine and some of the people may listen - and then usually they move on. The chattering class might chatter a little louder, but the great sweep of politics is rarely changed. But in Germany, artists are taken very seriously and few more than Guenter Grass. It is not just his Nobel Prize, but the way his novels reflected Germany's Nazi past with brutal clarity. They were like mirrors that revealed the true face to those brave enough to look at themselves.

And if we want to take a little poetic license, an Israeli attack could expand in all sorts of directions with all sorts of weaponry and indeed lead to the erasure of the Iranian people, as well as the Israeli people and other people, too. Still, taken literally, that phrase is misleading. A Poem? It was triggered by Germany's sale of a nuclear submarine to Israel. While the poem generated a wave of vilification against the author from fanatic friends of Israel, there were also some sober and objective critics who advised readers to 'listen to the condemnation', for the poem does contain things that must be said, that can and should be said.

He comes out strongly against current Israeli policy, endangering world peace particularly with its variously expressed desire to annihilate the Iranian people. But now, he has come to see that silence as a 'burdensome lie' and a psychological 'coercion'. German peace activists lost no time to voice support for Grass who has been barred from entering Israel over the passionate 'poem' which accuses the superlatively belligerent, Jewish state of plotting Iran's annihilation.

Israel 'could wipe' out the 'Iranian people' with a 'first strike'. Iran has always maintained its programmes are for peace purposes. On the occasion of the annual Army Day parade, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vowed to respond with force to any threats to its territorial integrity. But he also said, loud and clear, that Iran would prefer to cooperate with its Arab neighbours to maintain security in the Gulf. What would the rulers in the region prefer? Unless their western patrons cast them aside after all the juicy pulp of the mango has been sucked clean, so to say the chances of cooperation to let Iran lead in the Middle East, are very, very dim indeed.

But Ahmadinejad is resolute about what should be done in the face of Netanyahu's threats.

Interestingly, Grass thinks the Iranian people are 'enslaved and coerced into continual jubilation by a loud-mouthed leader. What if the latter is the same dog that invariably gets wagged by the tail as has been proved in so many instances over the past decades? A letter in the Guardian newspaper of the UK puts it simply" Anyone who studies the Middle East knows that Israel is trying to bounce the United States into war by wildly exaggerating Iran's alleged 'existential' threat to Israel, regardless of the cataclysmic consequences.

Why do our commentators fall such easy prey to the machinations of the Israeli state and its supports, and denigrate a great and wise writer who, after all, is only trying to give us due warning of a disaster in the making? Another prominent German, Sigmar Gabriel, chairman of the Social Democratic Party, wrote just a few weeks before Grass's poem that there is an apartheid regime in Hebron. He too had to face angry responses. Another great author Jose de Sousa Saramego, who visited the occupied territories under Israel compared to what was going on there to Auschwitz!

They have learned nothing from the suffering of their parents and their grandparents,' writes Saramago. Die wiederum hat dem greisen Grass Einreiseverbot erteilt, obwohl Israel angeblich eine Demokratie und Meinungsfreiheit ein Bestandteil dieser ist. Prominente werden sich die Klinke in die Hand geben. April zugesagt. Oktober These works, along with his other dissident activities, landed him in jail from until This confession came seven years after Grass was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Yet it was Iran, whose government had signed the NPT and which granted access to inspectors, that was accused of building nuclear weapons and punished for it, although no evidence had been produced to back up the charge. Grass also spoke out against Germany supplying U-boats to Israel and cynically calling them reparations for the crimes of the Nazi dictatorship. Netanyahu ratcheted up his criticism of the Nobel laureate in the interview with the German paper, as well as defending Interior Minister Eli Yishai's decision to ban Grass from entering Israel.

Related: German author Grass defends anti-Israel poem Berlin politicians split over Grass travel ban The prime minister's comments highlight that the international row surrounding Grass' perceived anti-Semitic attacks on the Jewish state will not fizzle away in the short-term.

Critics in Germany and the United States, as well as Israeli politicians, asserted that the poem demonstrates hate against Jews and Israel. Yet it was Iran, whose government had signed the NPT and which granted access to inspectors, that was accused of building nuclear weapons and punished for it, although no evidence had been produced to back up the charge Pintura, dibujo, novela, poemas; su letra es grande y espaciada, pero incomprensible, y sus dibujos son concienzudos, como los trabajos de un escolar preocupado. Then usually the Jewish Lobby in the U.

Just recently the German government has subsidized four nuclear submarines for the Israelis. This poem was written because the author Mr. Grass fears the danger of a nuclear war. He questions the right of the country Israel for a nuclear first strike to annihilate the people of Iran just for a bad feeling that there MIGHT be a nuclear weapons program going on.

Grass also says that by questioning Israel one is automatically branded as an anti-semitic. Which BTW totally happened!! Why do so many people twist the facts and make Mr. Grass look anti-semitic? He has a point! I pray that the people in the Mideast will one day live peacefully without suppression and wars again. Tehran says its nuclear program is purely peaceful. The poll, published in Die Welt am Sonntag newspaper along with a lengthy interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, showed 48 percent of Germans thought Iran posed the biggest threat to peace while 18 percent said Israel was.

A further 22 percent said Iran and Israel were an equal threat to world peace. Pun aside, he has invited a holocaust! Like in the old story, he has declared that the Emperor has no clothes. And it demands a very strong response. I think what Grass said shows a collapse of moral clarity. Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai consequently decided to bar Grass from entering the country, a move that was widely criticized as exaggerated. He went too far toward untruths and toward slander. And I think that reaction expresses it.

And where the firefighter and not the arsonist is the real danger. Now the question is: Do people accept this or not? The condemnations arise from the bald fact that a man who until concealed his youthful membership in the Waffen SS has chosen to place on the same moral plane the Iranian regime and the Jewish state, whose existence results from the Holocaust.

The ambivalence arises because in the decades since the and Arab-Israeli conflicts, sympathy for Palestinians has grown, and, particularly in intellectual circles, there has arisen no limiting principle between criticism of Israeli policy decisions and overall condemnation of Israel — the implicit or explicit denial of whose right to exist would surely still count for many as rank anti-Semitism.

Will er, dass es Literatur ist und damit interpretierbar? Was ist da passiert? I myself am doing a summary that may be done by the end of the month. While I can empathize with the feeling Yishai expressed by his action, he might also have considered it good for your education if you would visit Israel, and specifically the little town of Sderot, where I live and write. I will be delighted to show you around Sderot for some educational sightseeing. It might do you good. You worry about what Israel might do to Iran, but I will show you what Iran has done to Israel through her ally Hamas.

Our first stop will be a pleasant square in the middle of Sderot. A musical statue presides here. Behind the square stands an unusual structure: a huge, curving piece of concrete that stretches over a local school. A thousand years hence, this outlandish architecture will baffle archeologists excavating Sderot.

No one will guess what function it might have fulfilled, unless written records of our time survive to explain this mystery. The curvaceous concrete is a huge bomb-shelter whose purpose is to prevent Hamas terrorists from killing the children who study in that school with the rockets they fire from across the border in the Gaza Strip. Gunter Grass has spent his last ink as if as a last minute confession of a dying man to relieve himself from the burden of concealing the truth.

By protesting the injustice and double standard perpetrated by the western governments, Grass has raised his image on a par with other leading figures of freedom who stood like Himalaya against the onslaught of colonialism and injustice. Long ago Josef Conrad exposed the diabolic side of the western civilisation by his novella The Heart of Darkness. Now the question is how long will we remain subhuman by being submissive before the falsehood.

Wake up before it is too late. Take a decision in favour of justice and truth. Come out of the cocoon of darkness to light and freedom. What a prankster. He recently wrote a poetic satire called What Must Be Said in which he stated that Israel was a threat to world peace because of its nuclear program, and that Israel and Iran are sort of, well, equivalent in the nuclear-arms field, except maybe Israel is guiltier because, oh, who really knows if Iran is building a bomb anyway.

Or something. What a side-splitter, eh? He meant it? Never mind. Well, actually, do mind.

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In fact, lots of folks already have. Grass, who hid for years that he had been a member of the Nazi Waffen SS during the war, released this verse stink bomb just before Passover, which, of course, is the traditional time of year for the spreading of anti-Semitic blood libels.

Der Literaturkritiker hatte das Gedicht in der vergangenen Woche als "ekelhaft"bezeichnet. Das ist nicht wahr. Aber es werden ganz eindeutig Vorbereitungen getroffen. Es ist auch unerheblich. Es gebe da keine Tabus. Grass soll am He was a kid! Now everyone rubs his nose in it. How cheap and nasty can you get! For this undertaking they have the backing of the Neo-Cons, of AIPAC, it is indeed a dangerous situtation, and there is no telling how that war would spread. Whether Grass or whoever is anti-semitic or was a Nazi as a kid, is entirely irrelevant, if they could not level those charges they would find other diversions, it is also entirerly irrelevant whether Netanyahoo or Avigdor Liebermann are Jewish.

First of all, they are both demagogues and are both gangsters, goons. They instrumentalize the Holocaust and use it as blackmail. One must mention that the Italian Repubblica did so, yet published critical articles next to it.

Like Grass, who is a part-time anti-Semitic poet, they are part-time anti-Semitic publications. Grass was heavily criticized in Israel for a poem he wrote in which he describes Israel as a major threat to world peace. Celebrated author Prof. Which criticism would Yishai wish to hear? Since when has he any relation to culture?

Did he ever hear of Grass? The prime minister should sack him due to his racist, primitive action, stemming from ignorance. The link between the banishment [of Grass] and poetry makes sense only to someone who knows nothing but the poetry of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef [the spiritual leader of Sephardi haredim in Israel]. Once we talk of Eli Yishai, we do not talk about poetry, and vice versa. This auto-anti-Semitic, Pavlovian reaction is not new to the Left, but each time it rears its head from of the feotid swamp of conformist Israeli literature, its rudeness reveals the racist nature of pseudo-Humanist intellectuals.

How did Yishai become the target for such harsh criticism, and not the poet and former Nazi? The leader of the Sephardi ultra-Orthodox party has invigorated the alliance between the secular Right and the haredim, enabling Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to maintain a sustainable government. While former Shas chairman Rabbi Aryeh Deri represented a moderate political figure — carrying forward the appeasement politics which backed the late Rabin in his peace plans, and in addition helped then-Labor leader Ehud Barak to form a government following his election victory — Yishai was more right-wing oriented.

Im Iran vermutet man, dass an einer Atombombe gebaut wird. Es ist eine Tatsache, an der man nicht vorbei diskutieren sollte, Vergessen sollte man auch nicht die Leoparden, die mittels der deutschen Regierung an Saudi Arabien, in ein Land, in dem die Scharia brutal praktiziert wird, verdealt werden sollen.

Thanks to a decades-old western policy of ignoring the development and possession by Israel of weapons of mass destruction, Israel has effectively become the Nazi Germany of the Middle East. The little-known Israel arsenal of unconventional weapons is widely believed to include, inter alia, hundreds of nuclear bombs and warheads, most of them trained at such Arab and Muslim cities in the Middle East as Cairo , Damascus , Istanbul , Baghdad and Amman. Israeli officials and propagandists would swear, in the strongest terms, that they are misunderstood and that they are the most peaceful people on earth.

But these are mostly oaths of lie and hypocrisy. The manifest lebensraum policy which Israel pursues in the West Bank, mainly at the expense of the indigenous Palestinians, leaves no doubt as to the Nazi-like bellicosity, proclivity for territorial expansion as well as ideological nefariousness characterizing Zionism, or Jewish Nazism.

The effective and never-exhausted Israeli propaganda machine, which extends from Sydney to California, would cite a thousand red herrings to divert attention from the real thing, that Israel represents the Nazism of our time and that the apartheid state, not Iran, or North Korea or even Satan himself, poses the greatest danger to world peace and stability. The Zionist mouthpieces of lie and disinformation, which includes seemingly respectable people, like Shimon Peres, Newt Gingrich, and Hillary Clinton, would cry Hamas!

Al-Qaeda, ignoring the fact that all these groups and regimes are resultant offshoots, or mere side effects, of Israeli oppression and aggression. The plans were formulated in The plan identified more than strategic targets in Iran, including numerous alleged nuclear-weapons-program development sites. His Administration "has also intimated it will use nukes in the event of an Iran response to an Israeli attack on Iran.

The new sanctions target Syrian and Iranian intelligence agencies as well as telecommunications and Internet providers for use of information technology to monitor and repress political opposition. The timing of this latest round of sanctions, coming on top of a whole series of unilateral US and European Union measures aimed at crippling the Syrian and Iranian economies, strongly indicates that Washington is merely using negotiations with both countries as a cover for preparing war and regime change.

Left unscathed by the order are dictatorial regimes that are US allies in the region. Zwei Attacken aus dem Hinterhalt von israelischen Soldaten bekam er als Jugendlicher hautnah mit, sah unschuldige Menschen vor seinen Augen qualvoll sterben. Die Deutschen waren schlechte Antisemiten, aber gute Nazis. April diesmal in Wien stattfand Sind, im Die hysterisch aufgeregten Reaktionen zeigen es. Und auch der Weltfrieden - ist es wirklich nur der "regionale Frieden"?

Kurz vor der geplanten Veranstaltung sagte sie den Raum dann kurzfristig ab. In contrast, Tuesday's campaign ad by Kerrey presents a harsher condemnation of a possible future Iran invasion than perhaps any made by a sitting member of Congress. I don't know what the numbers are that are disabled with all kinds of injuries. There's 80 million people living in Iran.

I mean, if we were undersized with , men and women going into Iraq, it's going to take a million to go to war with Iran. It darkens your day. I thought dying for your country was the worst thing that could happen to you, and I don't think it is. I think killing for your country can be a lot worse. He also denounces Germany's sales of potentially atomic-armed submarines, one after the other, to Israel and calls for international inspection and control of all atomic weapons in the area, whether present Israeli ones or possible future Iranian ones, in the hopes of saving the entire region - or far more - from catastrophe.

Except in one question. The new ruling powers in West Germany found very quickly that all those sins, not just those of the past but present and future ones, were mildly overlooked if they loudly and stoutly rejected open anti-Semitism while embracing any and all policies of the Israeli government. This rule, carefully watched over, provided the entrance ticket for an ascent into the so rewarding ranks of the western democracies. And this strategy, at first more a mask than anything else, soon developed into a close bond between all ruling parties in Germany and the far right forces in Israel, up to and including the openly racist Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Premier Benjamin Netanyahu.

Circumstances alter cases; life in Britain, indeed Europe, today is very different from life in the Third Reich. We used to have a haberdashery sales rep by the name of Zuckermann. As nice as could be and always gave a discount. Die Medienaufmerksamkeit war also gewollt. Nichts anderes will und erwartet Grass auch von seinen anderen Texten, folglich muss er bei diesem Gedicht auch damit rechnen. Der Text sei unverantwortlich und eine Verdrehung der Tatsachen.

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Nicht Israel, sondern der Iran bedrohe den Frieden. Rede von Ahmadinedschad Ahmadinedschad bestieg das Podium und begab sich zum Rednerpult, begleitet von den lauten Segensrufen der Anwesenden, welche ihm auch einige Briefe zusteckten. Safha ist die [Buch-] Seite oder das Papierblatt. Von der Bedeutung Schicksal abgeleitet bedeutet es ebenfalls im modernen Sprachgebrauch 'Lebensunterhalt'. Oktober mit "wipe Israel from the map" Israel von der Landkarte ausradieren wiedergegeben. Derselbe Absatz findet sich auch am Anfang der Rede.

It's brilliant, brilliantly mad! Grass habe das inkriminierte Israel-Gedicht kurz nach einem besorgniserregenden Spitalsaufenthalt geschrieben. Man sollte vielleicht etwas sorgsamer mit ihm umgehen. Dieser sei kein Antisemit. Er wollte offenbar sagen: Bitte, haltet inne. Es grenzt auch manchmal an Kriegsverbrechen.

Trotzdem zu sagen: So geht's nicht - das ist unglaublich schwer. Weiters argumentiert er unredlich, wenn er falsche Fakten zitiert und von einem Erstschlag Israels gegen den Iran spricht. Nachhaltigkeit nennt man sowas in Deutschland!