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I have suffered with depression for many many years. I am on good meds, see a great therapist and am able to see the light again. I applied as a Foster on a Wednesday and had my first pregnant kitty on the Friday. My foster cats bring me joy and laughter and light and a purpose. Our biggest debts are for vet bills and cat food. If you or anyone is able to donate 5, 10 or 20 dollars you will help thousands of felines in need. Thank you for doing this again Jenny! You are a miracle worker every day. You bring light and joy and love to so many people!! Happy Holidays!!

Who does Project Night Night love? The Bloggess and her readers!! Thank you guys for stepping-in to help us at the holidays again. It breaks our hearts to think of children in homeless shelters at any time of year, but certainly at the right now. Tomorrow, we are putting together big boxes of Bloggess Bags our Night Night Packages underwritten by Bloggess readers and off they will go to kids awaiting them. We love ya Jenny. We love ya readers. We made a special page on our website once we saw this post.

Sending a night night and wishing I could do more — thank you for having such tremendous heart. Purchasing a night night bag—thanks for all that you do, Jenny! I also want to post on behalf of my brother and sister-in-law. My nephew, who had been struggling with depression for most of the year, committed suicide right before Thanksgiving. He was only They are devastated, and struggling with finding a way to memorialize him. They are also both on extremely limited funds, and have set up a gofundme account to try to raise enough money to take a simple road trip and spread some of his ashes every place he lived.

If you are so inclined, here is the link to her site. Thanks, everybody! Love this community. I added my email and updated the shipping address on the lists…Happy Holidays! I just did a Night Night bag in honor of a friend who lost her 4-year-old grandson last year. Anyway, thanks for the push to get outside of myself. Depression is drawing me down, but I think it will help me to help others. I just submitted a donation to Heifer International. Thank you so much for doing this each year and encouraging us to all come together and do something wonderful.

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Happy holidays! This is not for me.

This is for my son, who has three sons ages 2, 3, and 8. They have been struggling all year and have no money for Christmas. And worse, this year I am as broke as they are possibly broker, if that is a word. I made a wish list. Any help would be appreciated. I hope to be on the other side next year! Job loss, plus so many things piled on top.

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If someone would consider looking at the lists for my two, I promise to pay it forward next year. I would love to be able to do more in terms of gifts for our 7 year old foster son, who had endured more than any child should. He came to us with essentially nothing, and I want toakd this Holiday season magical for him. This is amazing!!! I personally am out of gifting money since I found out a domestic abuse survivor and her 2. Time to reach our hand out to her. Thank yiou for posting this tonight Jenny. I was working but started to get real sick and had to leave several times early to go to the ER.

So I lost my job. My Dr thinks I have lupus and hopefully the test results will be in tomorrow. The pain just gets to be too much sometimes and I breakdown. If anyone can help it would be so appreciated. I made an Amazon list real quick. Thank you for reading. I hope you all have an amazing holiday. Donated to Project Night-Night and bought a share of a goat. Just donated to Project Night Night! Thank you for everything you do to entertain us and inspire us and help us help each other! You rock, Jenny Lawson!!

The generosity and gratitude of people never ceases to amaze me. This is me, throwing my hope out to the universe, hoping someone can help us. I have three kids, ages 3,6 and 7. The past two years have hit us extremely hard. My chronic illness and medical bills, student loans, and just daily bills. I hope someone out there will be our blessings.

But the fact is he does believe. And I know he is going to be disappointed with how little will be under the tree. As it is, his birthday was just a few days ago and it was a struggle pulling that off cake and a gift at this time of the year. I know alot of people are going to be linking their wish list here, but I thought I would give it a shot anyway! I will be a faithful reader no matter what though. So thank you for all of those times! I am happy to pick some items off a wish list or two. If more of this happened in the world what an even greater place this planet would be to live in.

Happy Holidays whichever you celebrate to all. This is so awesome. I would like to give a shout out to Don Re in this forum. The kids are given some money, but Don kicked in some of his own, and asked his FB friends if they would be willing to contribute. Many did. I did. I hope your readers who post here for help get the same response. Don Re is an amazing person. Took me a bit to find it, but find it I did! This year has been really hard on our family.

Thank you Jenny for setting up something so beautiful so that my kids might have something on Christmas morning. Here is the link to our little wish list. To all the people that donate… you are amazing and the world needs more like you! One of my favorite posts every year. Some of my kids bathe in the bathrooms before school because they live at a shelter or with a relative and are overlooked… I have been buying soap, toothpaste, etc. If anyone would like to contribute to their healthy hygiene or a few other fun items I added in that I know they would love , I would be so incredibly grateful.

Thank you for all you do! Thank you for putting this up! I just bought honeybees for a special birthday gift. I was trying to think of what to buy to go with another present I had already bought and this was perfect! Payton, age 12, Avery age 9. Just saw the update, my email is ladygwendolyn gmail. Actually everyone in my family has been basically paid for early the joys of being Jewish I guess , but we did have a pretty big unexpected expense when my service dog had to have emergency surgery.

They all can get themselves what the want. Donating to charity is nicer. I learned about Project Night Night from you, Jenny. I am so proud of them for voting to support it. My mother works for River Oak, and we adopt a family each holiday season with the goal of fulfilling the needs and wants they place on a wish list. I am proud to say we have been able to do that again this year, but River Oak can use support year-round. A sincere thank you to anyone who takes the time to research this organization.

I would like to ask for something not for me, but for an old employee of mine, or rather her children. She was murdered this Thanksgiving by her husband, after attempting to flee and seek help for domestic violence. Her death leaves her two biological children ages 1 and 4 and her stepdaughter age 13 without a mother. The children are currently in foster care and cannot even return to their home to retrieve their belongings because it is where the murder occurred and is therefore a crime scene. Kelsey was an amazing mother and was attempting to secure a safe and violence-free future for her children.

It breaks my heart that she will not be able to do this for them, and I know that she would so appreciate any help that could be given to helping these children during their first Christmas without her. People sharing amazon wishlists, you need to enable your shipping addresses so we can buy you stuff.

Pretty please! Are people going into their list profiles and adding an address? I have not been able to send a gift to anyone. I only have the option to ship to my own house. If you add an address, Amazon can keep it secret for you, but we can still send things to the boys. I also tried to by something for someone from their Amazon list with no luck. Can we send you money via PayPal to contribute? Hopefully that will turn it to a URL. What a beautiful tradition of giving back! You also have the best readers- love your comment section!

So much love going around here tonight. Her wish list is here — books are her favorite thing in the world! My niece could use just a few things — her mom is single and on disability. I do what I can but the little stuff makes a difference. I sent a flock of ducks as a special holiday gift for that person that is impossible to buy for.

I love shopping. I just had a blast plowing through wishlists, sending ass ends of pigs and bees and goats and getting a mess of night-night bags. So I did! Jenny, this is the best idea ever! You ROCK! You are an inspiration on every level. I want to give you such a squeeze. Please stay on our planet for as long as you can stand it. You are truly one of the good ones. Purchased a Hope Basket and a Flock of Chickens on Heifer — been meaning to do this for a while, so Jenny thanks for the reminder. Like many here I have had a rough year but I still have my job, and my house and my cats and am financially stable so am happy to give to a good cause.

To those who want to help but are lacking funds, your best donation is time, babysitting, caring for a sick or elderly person and giving the usual carer a break, helping someone with cleaning or gardening, walking a dog, all those kind of things. Even just sitting and talking with someone and being there for them can have major impact, the little things matter more than we realise sometimes. I have three wonderful kids, my daughter, who is 6 and my sons who are 12 and Times are extremely tough right now.

Our car unexpectedly died and we had to use our Christmas money to put a deposit on a used one. Any help would be appreciated and I will pay it forward as soon as I am able. I am slightly broke this year and skimping a bit on my own Christmas shopping for my family, not for myself , but I was able to sponsor a Night Night Bag. I like to help when I can and that was a great way to do it.

Thank you, Jenny, for posting this. What a wonderful thing you are doing! For us, Christmas this year is going to the cats. We have fifteen wonderful felines who are being relocated to a cat rescue in Colorado next month, where they will be able to find loving furever homes.

We are also trying to raise money for this huge endeavor — which we have discovered is not all that easy at Christmas-time! If anyone can help, or just share this link, we would be so grateful, and so would the kitties especially the one who is grabbing the mouse right now. Thank you again — the world needs more of this!

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  4. The person that creates the Wish-List has to actually enter a preferred shipping address after the list is created. Amazon will NOT publish their address for the sender to see, just the name and city and state. To create a Wish List: 1. Hover over Wish List at the top of any Amazon. Click Create your Wish List. Your Wish List will be available and you can change its name by hovering over the list name and clicking the Edit list name link. Select Edit list profile from the List Actions filter at the top of your list to update your default shipping address, birthday, personal description and preferences.

    The shipping address you select will remain confidential. Gift givers will only see the name, city and state. Amazon will only use your birthday for Wish List birthday reminders chosen by the customer and to generate information on the site. You can update this information again anytime. Click Save and browse for an item. You can add items for sale by Amazon. You can add items available from sellers to your Wish List. Potential purchasers will see See Buying Options instead of Add to Cart next to the item, since the same copy of the item may not be available later.

    Grabbed a couple Night Night bags and donated some bees for my husband. He was super-excited last year. Let me know if I need to fix something please. All this love has made my horrible, awful Monday a little less awful. Working my way backward. Just got to it. Sent you a gift card. This has been one of the worst years ever for me and my little boy. I left their dad not long after. I checked myself into the hospital for suicida thoughts in March.

    My ex, my daughter, and ex-friend all lied in court and said I was a danger to my children so my ex got custody of my son while I was hospitalized. My heart is still broken from so much betrayal. I finally found a job I really like. My dream gift for my son is a tablet. I had one that we would read on the Kindle reader app and it was amazing. He also likes to play games.

    Willkommen im Apartment KRISTALL **** - Apartment KristallApartment Kristall

    I have no idea how much those cost. Can you help me? Thanks, Jenny! If anyone could help us, we would be so grateful. They are 10, 7 [8 in Mar. Apparently my default shipping address does not carry over to the wish list. Thank you so much!! So I click around and land on Project Night Night. And click there a little and they donate to a shelter in my city. You made my heart happy again.

    A message has been sent to the recipient asking to accept or deny the payment. Please note that it may take a little while for this payment to appear in the Recent Activity list on your Account Overview. I have 5 kids. I work very hard all year. My husband has uncontrolled seizures that started when my youngest turned 3. We barely keep our head above water. I receive no public assistance of any kind because I am just above the poverty level. I pay my bills and barely have anything left for groceries.

    I pay high premiums and copays. I have no credit card debt, but I do have a mortgage and one car payment. If anything comes up, it comes out of the grocery budget. This is hard for growing kids. I have 2 teenage boys, a teenage girl, and 2 elementary school age kids. I suffer from major anxiety. Trying to keep my family going takes a serious toll sometimes. I feel like I give everything of myself that i can. But there are no programs for people who are not on public assistance. I can stretch a dollar very far, but at Christmas it is impossible to stretch it far enough.

    I do not ask for help. I just do whatever I can to make it fun or special. But if there are any angels out there who wanted to help a worn out, stressed out mother of 5 that has no other options, I would be eternally grateful. I hope someday to pay it forward when I am in a better place.

    My kids are boy,, 17, Boy 17, Girl 14, Boy 11, and Girl 8. I put together a wish list, but it is truly just a suggestion. My kids are not picky and are grateful for all they have. Give it a look. FYI for Amazon purchases — if you use smile. I hate doing this, but this year has been tough for us, and your blog has made me smile when I was struggling to find a reason. A couple of times I went back and read from start to finish when I needed something to make me smile or get me out of a deep funk. Beyonce always made me laugh out loud.

    A little over a year ago I was in a near fatal car accident. We pretty much lost everything and wound up over 70K in medical debt due to the car accident, after insurance paid everything it would. I finally found work after an 10 month recovery and search only to step on a nail, get MRSA, and wind up in and out of the hospital for 3 months, my treatment complicated by my pregnancy.

    Obviously, not being able to work meant not keeping the position, and by the time I could reliably walk no one wanted to hire a visibly pregnant woman who was due at Christmas. One of my husbands 3 jobs closed up unexpectedly, without paying anyone, and another over hired for the holidays and after 5 weeks of few to no hours, finally let most of the staff, including my husband, go.

    Luckily his other job is enough to pay the bills, but Christmas is tight. Or if you know someone in the Upstate SC region who wants to buy some barely used tires our van engine exploded less than 3 weeks after we put on new tires we could afford to buy some gifts ourselves. I am not in the position to help out monetarily at this point but I did want to say thank you to you all for restoring my faith in humanity.

    The Bloggess, you started this ball rolling and continue to see that it keeps going. And, a heartfelt thank you to you all who continue to see how they can give to those in need. I just wanted to add my thank you to the pile. Thank you for this and your blog. I click on your blog everyday. Thank you! Comment 78 here. Thank you…oh, Thank you. And your sweet readers continue to contribute and fulfill items that I know my kiddos would absolutely love, and some that they very much need.

    Getting teased at school for unbrushed teeth or unwashed bodies is crushing for them. This community is amazing. My heart is so full right now. This Christmas is going to be a hard one for me and my family. My daughter is Thank you all for your amazing generosity and you all deserve so much praise. Oh my, thank you. Tears of gratitude and joy here, and not just for the gift card. I found your blog a couple years ago when my depression got really bad and it just helped.

    YOU helped me, with your up-front and humorous approach to this horrible thing I struggle with every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you so much for letting me know about that amazing organization. As stupid as this sounds coming from a year old man, you are kinda my role model. Hi all! No one deserves this…anyhow, trying to be advocate, not victim. Sent an amazon gift card towards the cause. Does your fan mail email address still work? Just making sure it went to the right place. Jenny thebloggess.

    Yes, but I only check it once a few times a month. We have had a tough year. I am amazed to be alive after a year of horrendous medical issues. My girls are wonderful and amazing and grateful. They said that they would like a surprise for Christmas from Santa. I know that they would love some board games to play together and some hats and gloves and socks. My 12 year old loves to read, my 6 year old loves to draw. It is hard to post this but I would love to have something for them for the holiday. No words can express the emotions I feel right now. A major weight has lifted itself off of my shoulders.

    You are truly amazing. From the bottom of my soul. I am stunned and grateful. I made comment number 55 about the non profit cat rescue. I only posted t because the volunteers there are truly selfless and work all hours to help save these cats and kittens. The volunteers there, if given the choice of money for Themselves or money for the cats, would choose the animals. Let me know if I should take it down and if you or anyone else does make a donation, thank you. My kids, while older, have been troopers these past two years. We lost our home, moved in with my mother, their dad has been ill and I have been fighting to overcome my agoraphobia.

    I crammed 4 years of High School math into my head in under two months, figuring out the angle of a slope almost did me in, and got my GED. I forced myself to go out and find work and did so only to be thwarted by the inability to leave the house the next day. The thought of walking onto the factory and being bombarded by the noise and all the people walking around me and behind me had me throwing up.

    Their dad has been ill and after four months was finally diagnosed, after being told he had everything from acid reflux to appendicitis, with a bad gallbladder that has to be removed. One for the gallbladder and the other for an ongoing bladder issue. As of right now, thanks to a friend that gave me a gift card for my birthday on the 9th, they each have a new winter coat for Christmas. I have made a wishlist for them on Amazon because they deserve something other than something they need.

    My oldest even told me that I better not spend my birthday gift on him. I did put frivolous things on there instead of things they need like boots too expensive for a wishlist or clothes because every kid needs a bit of fun. They both need a bit of fun and time not to worry about anything other than what chapter they are on or if that was their last life. They are both boys and are 15 and Anything book wise my youngest would love.

    Anything game wise either would love. All of us would be grateful. My fault on the comment numbers changing. Thank you so much, Jenny! For the card, but even more for being such a wonderful person. I am in awe. THIS is how we change the world! Thank you!! Also he loves to catch butterflies he caught over 20 in one weekend alone so I thought a field guide would be cool. And he loves Legos. Also, if I may ask for something for myself?

    I was grateful but stupidly I still feel embarrassed about it too. That is to say, a bright light in the darkness. Husband took a pay cut to keep his job and my hours got cut. So this year I had to explain to my 7 year old her only gifts under the tree this year would be from Santa which we got at the dollar store. Lil is in to mine craft, doctor who, and twilight from my little pony. She loves art and creating and building things. Kat will be 16 months on christmas.

    She loves music and things with lights. I work for gymboree so I get a discount there if anybody wants to send gift cards for that. The girls could use some new clothes. I asked for help the first year and helped the next two. Thank you if you can, and if not the on you for those you could help this year.

    I feel so awkward even doing this here. I have two boys and we are recently on our own. The kids eat and have a safe, warm place to sleep. They are such kind, compassionate kids. I feel lost. It breaks my heart at times that a 3 and 6 year old know so much so soon. You are doing so much. Please help those that have nothing first. We have food and a roof and we are so incredibly thankfully for that small comfort these days.

    Thank you tons, and merry Christmas to you and your family. You have helped me embrace my own sense of crazy and love who I am. I hope I can join with the rest of you next year! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Thank you for the reminder. We can get so caught up in our family drama during the holidays, we forget the most important things, like helping others. I wish I could help. My husband has been working his butt off, but we are really struggling. I cannot work, and have been fighting with Disability for a while now.

    They see no need to help in a timely manor. We have a crib, a stroller, and a car seat. Plus a bunch of used clothes. But, that is it. I could use as much help as possible. So, in desperation, I am posting here. Merry Christmas! Jenny, I am in shock. Thank you so incredibly much. The stress you feel when you cant provide some very basic things for your children overtakes every aspect of your life.

    Willkommen im Apartment KRISTALL ****

    I am a single mom to an amazing 10 year old with autism, adhd, asthma, seizures, CVID and a bunch of other medical issues. We have been barely getting by since I made the decision to move to Denver so that he can recieve better medical care. He is such a sweet child despite everything that is going on with him. I have been waiting for a stipend to come in from school so that we can finally get a place of our own and there seems to just be one delay after another. He still believes in Santa and it kills me that the odds of me actually getting my money in in time to be able to get a place, let alone presents, seems to be getting worse.

    He has been through a lot lately and deserves to have some good happen for once. I made a lst of things he has specifically asked for and some things I know he likes and will love to get. The peanut ball would be great for helping him relieve some stress and I know he will love it. I added options for some of the things he likes such as the art suplies. I know it is a big list and I by no means expect him to get even a quarter of whats on there but I am greatful for any help I can get in making sure he has a good Christmas.

    My son turns 11 next Thursday. He loves minecraft, Transformers, My Little Pony really! I was pointed here by a friend. Im a long time Bloggess reader, but lately have been concentrating on school and rebuilding me and my kids lives. Its our first Christmas in a new town, new apartment thats so much smaller than where we had to leave from. Their father left them 3 years ago, and hasnt spoken to them since. He doesnt support them, contact them, or anything.

    I recently graduated from college and found a wonderful job, but getting us into this apartment drained every cent I saved and its taking all I make to pay bills and manage to at least get a tree. Ive struggled so much to make Christmas good for them, and theyve understood but I want to surprise them this year.

    My son is 13 and super into Minecraft and video games, and my daughter is really into reading and fashion. Their father always promised to get them each their own Kindle when they started doing well on AR goals, but I could never afford to keep his promise. I know these are games they want very much, but refuse to ask for because they know I cant afford them right now and it makes me so sad. I let them each pick a few things off Amazon to share with Santa.

    These kids have been the hugest motivating factor in me getting my associates, they deserve to have some happiness. When your 13 year old son brings you a plate of mac and cheese because you are studying, and your 12 year old daughter washes the dishes so you can keep studying, you know you have amazing kids. And I want them to have the Christmas they deserve. My God, you guys are amazing. Those who asked for help and those who helped and those who left kind words when that was all they had to offer.

    I am so incredibly lucky to know you. Thank you for giving me my Christmas present. Either way, know that you are loved and that there are some really excellent people in the world… This comment section is proof of that. Last year an amazing human no names! Both my son and I volunteer at our local animal shelter and somehow wound up with a special needs kitten and puppy…. My business will not generate an income until March yay for beta?! My son inspires me to get up each morning, to get things done. I am keeping us afloat with freelance work, but did have to file for bankruptcy.

    A commercial for a blanket with eyes came on today, I asked him if he liked it. It costs money. We need to buy food. What truly broke my heart is what he actually asked Santa for… he asked for our two dogs to come back from heaven both lost to illness last year , and he asked for a daddy.

    Cheese Rolling Championship: A Tasty Cheese Roll

    Both things I cannot give him. He knows this, but he also has that beautiful belief that Santa can make miracles happen. Compassionate beyond belief. Hates to read books for some reason, but loves to make up and tell me stories! I stand on my own two feet, without any family assistance. But this boy — this child who is my source of strength. Oh how I want him to feel just a bit of magic this year. I understand we are in a better spot than many, and for this I am honestly thankful. I am so excited to be able to buy bees, chicks, trees and a project night night package.. My early Christmas present to myself was your C Rock travel mug…it gives me something to laugh about at work.

    There ARE some really excellent people in the world — this entire post is proof of that. Everyone here is amazing and I am just so touched and happy to be a part of it. I would rather be on the giving end — and because of the kindness here, I will be! Check it out! I am raising my 7 yr. We get by but money is terribly tight and not much left to buy Christmas.

    He loves books and anything Minecraft. I made a list with a book for each and diapers for the youngest 2. Also some body wash for her. I hope I did it right. This is the best! Or think you have a nice stalker. I ordered Thera Ledet comment number the Groot Figure for her son but shipping says it will not get here until after Christmas which sucks. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this and hoping everyone has a good Christmas. This is amazing. I want to help and I can — a little- but I can! Add shipping addresses please!! Xxx and merry Christmas. I love reading these posts, and love reading everyone helping each other out.

    We, my husband and 3 kids, live in a two bedroom apartment. My husband works full time and goes to school full time getting GI benefits. We are living paycheck to paycheck, and praying our van makes it to tax season. We will be making Christmas from a church friend buying our kids a present, and help from family. Especially when they still so strongly believe in Santa.

    This is for my niece 10 and nephew 8. Basically, due to, well, how do I put this? Their mom is having serious issues, and just lost her job. My nephew, James, is now living with my mom his grandma , away from everyone he knows. His sister, Lizzy, is at home with her mom, but her year has been seriously rocked, too. Anyways, really rough year for both of them. I made an Amazon wish list for each of them.

    He does have Mine craft. Here are the lists. Jenny, you are an awesome person who leads others into being awesome too. I would love to help again this year but I just lost my second job this year due to depression issues. Anyway, thankfully my adult kids and my grand kids are all good for Christmas and so far things are fairly ok for me too.

    If any of the tribe would like to email or if they live in the Portland, Oregon area and would maybe like to go out for coffee or wine! My email address is dani. Donna — I wish we did. I hope you find someone fabulous to talk to, drink wine with and giggle alongside. Kristina — have chosen a few things from your list for Lizzie and James but both sent to Lizzie for ease Merry Christmas to them and to you. I made a wish list for her daughter that includes things she needs like cloth diapers and special little things like board books to read to her new baby.

    Things have been really tight for the last few months. We welcomed our son in November and I worked until the Saturday before he was born. My midwife wants me out an additional month more than I planned. I was only working part time but it covered daycare for elder son — a situation we were forced into in September when free family daycare became unsafe. To say Christmas will be modest is an understatement. I had to make arrangements with our auto finance company to offset a payment just to keep the other bills from falling too far behind.

    My husband has been doing work from home when he can to save on commuting costs so we can have something under the tree for the kids. I put together a small list for the boys here. The baby is well, a baby and we are fortunate to have many things from his elder brother. Just FYI. But, I want to share a story about being on the receiving end of anonymous kindness. Three years ago, we were foster parenting two little boys, ages 1 and 3. We were able to buy all the gifts for them and our son at once, so I placed much of it on layaway. When I went to pick them up right before Christmas, I found out that someone had anonymously paid off the layaway amount!

    It was so, so heartwarming and such a blessing! Luckily, those sweet boys are now adopted into their forever family and will have a lifetime of sweet holiday memories. Thank you for all you do, Bloggess! You are like that layaway angel, giving without expectation of return. Your kindness touches us all. The happiest of holidays to you! Well, see how you are Jenny… wonderful. Mostly I give to Heifer — love them goats! We made it to the other side of long-term joblessness; homelessness, and we are still adapting to our new normal.

    Thankful for those who helped see us through our rough patch. Grateful for the likes of you and this extraordinary community. Thanksgiving Day? We are there — this is our family. Our family is happy to absorb the cost and we volunteer our services to cook, serve and enjoy the residents and their families before we clean up. And, for Christmas?

    EVERY single resident in the facility receives a gift. It has become an amazing labor of love — we save up throughout the entire year and do our best to ensure that we have sufficient supplies. There are a few residents who have caring family members who will pick them up on Christmas morning and spend a few hours with them and then deposit them back at the facility. But, there are dozens who have no visitors…noone to care for them.

    We stuff gift bags full of hotel-sized toiletries, combs, brushes, socks, gloves, scarves. Fruit, candy, crackers, snacks…. I know it may be difficult, if not impossible to help — if you have the ability to help, the amazing residents at Nolan Nursing and Rehab will benefit from your gift…. There are some amazingly beautiful souls and fantastic stories nestled in these lovely people.

    Love this idea but it says there are no public items on your list. Not sure if they were all bought already or if you just need to fix your settings so that people can see the wish list. Just an FYI. Thank you so much! But thank you! Anything helps, even a dollar. Brooke Waligora recently posted Late notice. Would you send an email Christmas card to my amazing 10 year old autistic son. His name is Alex. My email is spncrombrg hotmail.

    Things are starting to turn around for us. My son is amazing. He took his money he earned from recycling bottles and bought all of his friends gifts from the dollar store for Christmas. His response was life was great and in his eyes it is. We lost our home and then our truck. My son and I share a bedroom and moved in with a family friend.

    I told him that there was no Santa claus this year and while disappointed he took it well. We talked about gifts being slim this year and that it is more the thought that counts so emailed cards to him would be awesome and make both our Christmases. I struggle with the guilt of not being able to do a lot with because of the depression and he deserves so much.

    This is hard for me because every year we struggle to make sure our kids have memories of joy, laughter and Santa spirit under the tree. Earlier this year however, my husband was stationed over seas and so our bills doubled trying to support 2 lives, so to speak, on the same income. Over the summer I had to uproot the kids from our home at Ft. Hood and move back to Ohio to save money and try and make ends meet. In that process I sold most of their toys because space was so limited. We are far from Army resources this year, making things harder. It was too touching to me that they cared so much still.

    I had to do it. And Jenny, thank you to you and all of the others for your kind hearts, love and spirit not just in the holidays, but all through the year. From the 11 th of November until the 4 th of January the walkway will be lined with 80 wooden chalets selling all sorts of Christmas goodies. There will be handmade items such as wooden ties and fake snow for you to fill the stockings with, mulled wine and traditional German snacks.

    If you want to escape the madness of the busier Christmas markets then head to the Illuminated Trail at Kew Gardens. Take a walk through the illuminated trail as it makes its way through the world-famous botanic gardens. For the third year running, the people behind the Dusty Fingers Market are giving their Christmas event a German Christmas theme. There will be gluhwein to get you into the festive spirit, tasty treats to fill your tums, German gifts, clothes swaps, cake decorating and the chance to buy your Christmas gifts by the kilo.

    And, even from a Kiwi, there is something quite special about London at Christmastime. You may also want to have a look at the Top 10 Christmas Things to do in London in German Christmas Market with Dusty Fingers. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More.